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london tomorrow :)

5/4/10 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Becca Pop, Me, n Wee Zanny Fanny

Some trio! Canny wait for another night with those two and it aint going to be long! Woo woo!

I have the bestest life ever..well apart from STILL NOT HAVING A DRIVING LISCENCE...those people in the test centre no my first name and everything about me, there so pleasant..."Oh Hi Ashley, you again" I swear they just dont pass me cause they like to listen to my patter!! ha!

I am currently still a swimming instructor, 6years in the job, man alive...thats like forever! 4 more years n that will be 10! Ahhh! Also started running a duke of Edinbugh group on a tuesday night....any one of the age 14-25 feel free to come join me at the gateway centre! Doing some streetwork too...not the kind your thinkin....the kind that involves speaking to youths in the streets and asking them what can be set up to keep them from dyin of boredom...i no how they feel! I was that age last year! ha!


Summer Fun YEHA!!!! :)
The Other Half Of Me
Steph Doonan
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  • Karen Xx
    luv Karen Xx

    well hellooooo :DD :DD i am getn on gd thankx.. bit o back pain which feels worse than labour, so a think am ready :L :L :L : ano its been ageeeesss.. nt been up to much at all.. jst gettin ready for the baby to pop :L :) wat bout u? u america'in it this year? awww 11 weeks to go.... excitement is understatement hahah xxxxxx

  • Robbie Robinson
    luv Robbie Robinson

    u never even got to see me :( and u call urself a ginger !!! lol :) x

  • Becky McFarlane
    luv Becky McFarlane

    Ayr 2mos! wooopwoop! c u there for a wee drink! xxx

  • Cat

    Nopee loll x thursdayy hopefullyyy :DD :DD x yeahh am fine just keep making sure i have everything readyy loll x probz furget sumfin bt oh well :L :L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • luv Lauren Conway

    We need to meet us soon its been 2 long and not long till our holiday :) and ure big bday. xxx

  • Robbie Robinson
    luv Robbie Robinson

    6 more days there pretty ginger pal lol u gunna com have a bevy in stewy town on thursday?xx

  • Karen Xx
    Karen Xx

    stranger :O :o hows u missis? wat u bn up to xxxxxxxxxx

  • L J

    lmao wat ya like!lack motivation 2 get outa bed!wana go 2 life 2nite bt im barred lol there all cocks!!x x x

    4/1/10 via Mobile
  • -Street-Fame
    luv -Street-Fame

    lol yeah i was gonna but didnt fell i woulda benn welcome lol you knw how it goes :S ha same with me cant remember the last time i missed a wkend :D :D i dont have anything planned every just end up where we end up lol majorca??????? why you going there ya loser?????? pffftttttttt both of them have nothing on ibiza kid :D :D xxxx

  • L J

    haha i no, ur jus a alchy!!!!!!! xxx

  • L J

    och as good as can be expected....what about urself??? xxx batman lol wtf:P x

  • -Street-Fame
    luv -Street-Fame

    kl yeah i was gonna go but i didnt really get a invite i got a last minute come if u want lol :S feck it nope just getting smashed out my face :D my head is bangin i was out last nyt :D you???? you heading out tonyt ??? IBIZA BAY-BAY :D you heading anywhere??? xxx

  • -Street-Fame

    hapnin miss pash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x