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Kathleen Tierney

If you're truly a friend of mine you'll click Me Too to show how much care! Let's see how many people are in the circle ;)

5/7/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I love Brandy
anyone that sings about drinking
Don't have time to watch any as I am always in the pub
roller blading while drinking brandy
Scared Of
running out of brandy
Happiest When
I have had copious amounts of brandy

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I wish I could dance like this

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  • hey

    hey Kathleen,
    I'm grand as usual.
    Not much craic at all. i bought a new jeep there 3 months ago so i'm driving in stile. don't plan on bumping in to any lorrys either. hope u're great. i'm working here in athlone so it's grand. i don't have to travel to far. what bout u. how's life with you. h...

    Deirdre Cunningham 3 Replies
  • Hey hey
    Hey hey

    Well, what's the craic?

    Hope the blind date goes well on Thursday!!! Haha, he'll probably be small, bald and fat.

    Chris Duignan 1 Reply

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  • Nudge
    luv Nudge

    Course you can, rob away!!!

  • Loraine Lloyd

    hiya Magnolia This hot chick with huge tits is showing on cam! Hit up jane83kent@live.com on msn messenger before she gets off. Shes crazy!

    7/11/08 via Mobile
  • Therese Dooley
    Therese Dooley

    hey girl, how the hell are ya?

  • Sinéad Lynam
    Sinéad Lynam

    kathleen don't be shy put up a picture! any news?

  • Sinéad Lynam
    Sinéad Lynam

    you have no excuse no :L :L

  • Sinéad Lynam
    Sinéad Lynam

    will have your profile pic up shortly:L

  • Sinéad Lynam
    Sinéad Lynam

    come on kathleen you can't be that shy, put up a picture:)

  • Therese Dooley
    Therese Dooley

    well, hows it going?

  • Enda Minnock

    hey kate. long time no see. hows things.

  • Sinéad Lynam
    Sinéad Lynam

    no it couldn't be!! are you finally going to use this :L

  • Therese Dooley
    luv Therese Dooley

    Bebo me when you're online again!!!!! you can have my love for this evening!!!!!

  • Therese Dooley
    Therese Dooley

    oh my god, you're back in action? how are ya chick? any news for me? when you gonna cone to kk again? we'l have to meet up for a session soon. Hows the mr man???????????

  • Therese Dooley
    luv Therese Dooley

    well girlie, youre back in the world of bebo... give me news? hows gav? we have to, have to do a session soon... be in touch darling...

  • Therese Dooley
    Therese Dooley

    Happy birthday girl... Im home, when we gonna do a session again?...

  • Therese Dooley
    Therese Dooley

    hey darlin.... how are you? whats the update? whats did ya think of the news in kilkenny? you shocked? its fucking crazy shit... give me gossip!!!!!

  • Susan Guinan

    hey chick u heading out this wkend

  • Therese Dooley
    Therese Dooley

    oh my god i totally feel your fear, with the whole brandy running out thing!!!!!!!!!!!! trudy's great. you'l find her on my page. would give anything to be out there with her. so whats your news? work, men etc? No havnt been tappin much latelt. not since i moved home. work's a load a bollox at the moment! everyone leaving or wanting to leave. like me.... will hopefully be out of there soon enough. we have to meet up girl, for a catch up!!!!!!! chat ya later... T***