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Peta Natanielu

Can't wait to see my sister & niece!!!

7/11/09 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
Thank you to everyone who has supported us in any way through the loss of our precious Baby Natanielu. We feel as though we've been carried by you all through what's been the most difficult time of our lives. Still, we move on from strength to strength, by the grace of God. We pray for the richness of God's blessings upon you & your families.

Sharing my life with my husband Ken & our 4 precious children; Natanya, Leilani, Caleb & Nathan, who have made our lives so much more interesting and spontaneous!

Might have done a couple of things different in life, but wouldn't re-live it for anything! Love God with a passion - grateful for where He has brought us from and where He is taking us to......

"As for me and my house we will serve the Lord"

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  • LORLAN....

    Hey sis - it was great catching up with you today - but time went by too quickly. We love you & Anna-li heaps & pray for God's blessing and favour upon you both.

    Peta Natanielu 0 Replies

    sole how are you guys,whats happening,hows the whanau,and the olds...sole se toaga ma vili mai pe email mai..outou ea aua galoina mai matou..alofa tele atu..JJ MAIYAH TINA TONU

    JJ Maiyah 0 Replies

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  • Luzy Zini
    Luzy Zini

    Hi Peta, Keeping baby in our prayers for a quick recovery... admired the way you and Ken team up to care for Baby. Enjoyed our time yesterday. Our beautiful children are the ones who keep us up & running. Will catch up again on Monday arvoMan Sonny is a kaa? Saturday beach? Its too much to pack the kids.. I will see how we go with my Dad/Uncle and all. I doesnt look good how Im out & about all the time leaving them home. God is our strength & we pray for the richness of His blessings up our children & families alway. love to you sis

  • Czem
    luv Czem

    hi sis i got the invite in the mail today... thank you... yup i will be there..... will yous?

  • luv Shantell Poleta

    Oh thats good wish our services started earlier 1 oclock is too late and finish at 3 lol. Oh true I know its so close to nearly finishing. oh you too Peta take care of yourself. xO

  • luv Shantell Poleta

    Hey peta how are you? Oh i miss seeing you at church lol when you and visit. And calebs always pulling faces at me lol. Oh hope all is well with fam and life. tell ken i sed hi and send my love to the family. Hopefully ill see you soon lol. xO

  • Czem
    luv Czem

    hi sis i heard our babys outtah hospital... dats great news... now we know she gonna be okay. :) :) how was your mothers day???? what yous get up2???? i havnt been up2 much just work and course. oh yeah i got the job at maccas!! hehe would you like fries with that??? so i gotta go now scrub the bathroom my day off today and uncle fred gone to work on the car so i couldnt go course. so now stuck with the house work!!!! love you sis!!! pass my love to the famz

  • Czem
    luv Czem

    thanks sis... well i have adminstration and buisness in may. right now im being prepared by doing a computers level 3 till then. i got job interview on tuesday for mc donalds till i crack tha big money earner :) wish me luck. :) so have you had baby yet sis?

  • Czem

    Hi sis... just wanted to stop in and brag bout myself. lol So.... I graduate my course tomorrow. i finshed it early.. its a 10 week programme and i completed it in 1... yeah i surprised myself big time. so im going into this other course on Monday already made my appointment. this is to register for the buisness and administration course, also gotta apply for student loan on monday too. the course dont start till May though. so hopefully i get the job at mc donalds to keep me busy. i got interview with them on the 27th. ive applied for so many jobs that if i were to get paid for each job i apply for id be close to being a millionair. its a little frustrating but im still marching on. well gonaa get some sleep for my last day at course tomorrow.. yay love ya heaps and miss you just as much.. mwah

  • Czem
    luv Czem

    Hi sis... i heard we got a baby on his way??? yay!! you go gurl! hehe mwah i love you sis. miss you and even though its been a while since ive beboed. yous have never left my thoughts aye... please pass my love to the famz. oh yeah im on a course.. ive got plans sis and theyre all falling into place now... :) oh and heres a picture of me and your new brother hehe. his names carlos. he a loveable chap. :) :) :) :) please excuse my sign... i had been drinking. carlos was my body gaurd for the night. :)

  • Nai Fasavalu-Faamausili
    luv Nai Fasavalu-Faamausili

    Hi Cuz, just doing my rounds.. lol.. too many aiga up in hea.. lol.. hws ken and da fanau hpe all are in good health. darls is it any day now, omi omi mai dates.. much love have a safe week, and if you go to mom and dads say hi for me..god bless 2 u ken and da fanau

  • Lorlan Chou-Lee
    luv Lorlan Chou-Lee

    Hi sis! I'm just on the phone to debraLee at the moment. She's doing really well sis! We should be really be proud of her. She's coming along really well. I hope yo all enjoy your weekend and get as much out of the time you have this weekend with the kids!

  • SErena Lemusu
    luv SErena Lemusu

    hi peta :) :) :) thanks 4 accepting my invite:) :) :) just passing thru 2 share sum luv 2 u and a family ..hope u r having a great afternoon ...

  • luv I'M Still Standing

    hey sis, just wanting to say we missed ya at study last night......(well just your cooking really)lol anywho hope all is well, and we maybe seeing our baby soon, been getting contractions since last night.....finally woohoo so will keep ya posted.......love to you and the kids....oh and i guess ken too...

  • luv I'M Still Standing

    Heya Sis, Jus wanted to know if you may be able to email thru the study for us, unfortunately enoch could not find his spare studies yesterday.....so umm pls can you jus make sure that it gets done today...lol......well sis have a great day and week, giv our luff to the family, and because your going to do that today i can hav a heart for all your hard work....lol

  • Rosemary Faamausili
    Rosemary Faamausili

    hey cuz hows it going?hope all is well wif u and the family sori havent kept in contact neva on bebo and busy wif work hope all is well just checkn up on use?hows mum n dad pls send my luv 2 them!!!cuz u have facebook??add me if so pls :) gtg bak 2 work but take it easy n pls send my luv 2 da aiga pls luv ya pega :)

  • JuSt Tamz
    luv JuSt Tamz

    Miss u all!! xOx

    2/26/10 via Mobile
  • luv I'M Still Standing

    I spy with my lil eye peta on bebo playing games......lol jus droppin in to say hey.....much luff da lehauli's

  • Nai Fasavalu-Faamausili
    Nai Fasavalu-Faamausili

    Hi Cuz, suga pls keep me posted on ur prego, and suga I need to know ur due date.. now keep in touch check ur inbox.. hw are my lil queens and my 2 king boiz.. hpe all is well.. send my alofaz to ken and da aiga.. much love going out ur way..

  • Czem
    luv Czem

    merry christmas my sis, ken and kids.... love yous all hope yous had a good christmas... mwah!!!

  • Czem

    hi sis... hows everything going over there?? hope all is good. christmas just around the corner huh??? yup.. lov yous heaps mwah!!!

  • Agnes Magele
    luv Agnes Magele

    hey sis hw u doin?? hope everything is all gud wit you nd hope baby is behaving lol..thanx for the chat the other nite..buh just wnted to drop n nd send the love..takecre nd thanx agen catch up 2moro much love meh mwa p.s SMILE ;) lol