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Sweet About Mee

Holiday Boookeeeeed <3 x

5/28/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Killieee
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About Me

Loveeee Lifeeeeee ‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭♥
Me, Myself, and I
The Worlds A Better Place When Its Upside Downnnnnn ;)

I Fanceyyyy... Linsey sloannnn ;)
Victoria Jones
Jade Howie‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭
Cristine Finigan‭‭‭‭‭‌‭‭‭
Linsey Sloan <3 The Man Obvvv
Daro Shearer‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭
Katelyn Fleming ‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭
Ashleigh Andrews ‭‭‭‭‭‭‭‭
Mmmmm ;)
Costa Del Sol o8
14thAugust Awooo T Fuengirolaaa.. Sun... beach ... Drink An Ma Pals Cani Wait :D :D :D

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  • My Little Life =D

    FACTS..! <3

    * What Is Your Full Name? Kelly Anne Dowling
    * Birthday?: 01/12/89
    * Where Were You Born?: Spain
    * Your Sex?: Female
    * What School Do You Go To?: None =) Did Go To The Joes
    * What Year Are You?: None
    * What Is Your Star Sign?: Sagitarious
    * What Height Are You?: Emm Aboot 5.5 Or Sumit Ahaa
    * Single Or Taken?: Taken <3
    * What Does Your Name Mean?: IIm A Warrior Pmsl
    * What's Your Nickname?: Kell Bell
    * Do You Have An Innie Or An Outie?: Outie Ahaa
    * What Size Are Your Shoes?: 5
    * How Tall (Or Short) Are You?: In Between
    * Hair Colour?: Blonde
    * What Colour Are Your Eyes?: Hazel
    * Do You Wear Contacts?: Nopeee
    * Living Arrangements?: Me, Ma Mum + Dad And Ma Brothers And Sumtimes John

    FAVOURITES..! <3

    * Favourite Drink?: Original Lucozade
    * Favourite Alcoholic Drink?: Budweiser Ahaa
    * Favourite Month?: December
    * Favourite Food?: Chips + Cheese
    * Favourite Board Game? Monopoly
    * Favourite Clothing Brand?: PNo Bovad
    * Favourite Day Of The Year?: Christmas Defooo
    * Favourite Colour(s): Pink
    * Favourite Animal?: Puppies Eh Noo Pmsl


    * Do You Have More Boy Or Girl Mates?: Cudni Say Aha
    * Who's Your Best Friends?: Jade Howie Planpot Victoria an ashleigh
    * Are Your Parents Together? Ayeee
    * How Often Do You Get Together With The Family? Not Very Often
    * Do You Tell Your Parents Or Your Friends More?: Friends Obv
    * Anything Special About Your Parents? Erm... Nahh

    IN THE FUTURE..! <3

    * What Job Do You Want? Well Planin t Stik T Ma job Eh Noo If No Flight Atendant Or Suhin
    * Do You Want To Get Married?: Defoooo =D
    * Do You Want Kids?: Ayeep Wee Porridge An Oatis Pmsl
    * Where Would You Like To Live?: Bak t Spain


    * You're A Flirt?: Aye A Supose Ahaa
    * You're Slutty?: No But A myt look It Ahaa
    * You're Mean?: Nope
    * Kissed A Total Stranger?: Ayee
    * Got Reallyyyyyy Drunk?: Pmsll Obvv
    * Ran Away From Home?: It use t Be A Weekend Thing Aha
    * Broke A Bone?: Aye ma Wrist Wis Fukin Sare =O
    * You Like Someone?: Ayeeee <3
    * You Can Keep Secrets?: Ayep
    * You Sing In The Shower?: Aye Ahaa
    * You've Seriously Hurt Someone? Aye But Didnt mean 2 ...
    * You've Been Hurt Seriously? Ayep Still Do Get Hurt Sumtimes :/
    * You Get Your Own Way?: Sumtimes
    * You Willing To Try New Things?: Ayeeeep A get Bored Easily Ahaa
    * You've Cheated On A Test?: Prolly Ahaa
    * Who Was Your First Best Friend?: Bliss Green
    * Where Was Your First Real Holiday?: Tenerife
    * What Was Your First Concert?: Never Been t A Concert Aha
    * Blonde Or Brunette Boy? No Bovad Aha
    * What Do You Find Annoying In A Boy?: Liars Cheaters An 2 Clingi Or not Clini Enuf Pmsl

    RIGHT NOW..! <3

    * What Are You Wearing?: shorts, top n knee high soks pmsl
    * What Are You Listening To?: nuhin eh noo haa
    * How Are You Feeling?: gr8 Mood =D
    * What Are You Eating?: Jus had Sundaty Dinner Pmsll
    * How Many Ppl Are Online?: Am no Online But usually aboot 50 ahaa
    * How's The Weather?: Cloudy n depresin ahaa
    * What Books Are You Reading?: Nane Eeek Aha
    * What Perfume Are You Wearin?: Clinique Happy heart
    * What's In Your Wallet?: Muney n Cards

    * What Was The Last Movie You Saw?: American Pie Beta House
    * What Are You Hoping For?: A Chinki Ahaa
    * What Did You Last Dream About?: Me n John Went 2 Sea Life Under The Sea :O
    * What Was The Last Thing You Ate?: Tatties
    * If You Were A Crayon What Colour Would You Be?: Pink or purple
    * Who Was The Last Person You Talked To On The Phone? Emmm Ashley
    * Ever Had A Crush On A Teacher?: Aye Aaa
    * Are You Too Shy To Ask Someone Out?: Aye Quite
    * Scary Movies Or Happy Ending?: Scary =D
    * Relationships Or One Night Stands?: Relationships
    * Chocolate Or Vanilla?: Chocolate
    * Rugby Or Football?: Football
    * Do You Believe In God?: Ayep
    * Do You Believe In Mircales?: Aye
    * Do You Believe In Love At First Sight?: Duno Naw really
    * Do You Believe In Ghosts?: Kinda Ahaa
    * Do You Believe In

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  • x

    ((*- Nαмє:-
    ((*- Agє:-
    ((*- Sєχ:-
    ((*- Lσ¢αтισи:-
    ((*- Aяє Wє Cℓσѕє:-
    ((*- Wσυℓ∂ YoO Kιѕѕ Mє:-
    ((*- Wσυℓ∂ YoO Fυ¢к Mє:-
    ((*- Hανє YoO Gσт A Gf/Bf:-
    ((*- Wιℓℓ Wє Eνєя Gєт 2Gєтнєя(Agαιи/1Sт Tιмє):-
    ((*- Aяє YoO A Vιяgιи:-
    ((*- Hανє YoO Eνєя Sєєи Mє Dяυик:-
    ((*- Hανє YoO Eνєя Gσт Mє Dяυик:-
    ((*- Hανє YoO Eνєя Wαитє∂ 2Tєℓℓ Mє Sυмfιиg:-
    ((*- Hανє YoO Eνєя Tσℓ∂ Mє A BIG Lιє:-
    ((*- Gινє Mє Uя Nυмвєя:-
    ((*- Wαитє∂ Mσяє Tнαи Fяιєи∂ѕнιρ:-
    ((*- Hανє YoO Eνєя Tнσυgнт Of Mє Aѕ Gf/Bf Mαтєяιαℓ:-
    ((*- Wσυℓ∂ YoO Eνєя Cнєαт Oи Mє:-
    ((*- Wσυℓ∂ YoO Fσяgινє Mє If I Cнєαтє∂ Oи YoO:-
    ((*- Wσυℓ∂ YoO Eνєя Mαяяу Mє:-
    ((*- Wσυℓ∂ YoO Eνєя Hαтє Mє:-
    ((*- Wнαтѕ Uя Gσσ∂вує Mєѕѕαgє:-

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  • xX..playboy..Xx

    $$$$___________________$ $$$

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  • Adz

    Anooo a noticed :O 4 days or sumhn? Gt it sorted ;) Lol aye crazy kelly :L A wish a cud still go on bebo at wrk man :( gdgd :D Nah a cny handle gnty wrk still rekt. Its gd at the tym bt by 12 am fukkkkkedddd! A took yer warnin seriously :O Am no out the nyt. Gutttttttttttted xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Amanda Rollo
    luv Amanda Rollo

    Tell me about it I have loads of birthdays coming up, it's crap having sooooooo many neices and nephews!! He is now running around wearing my shoes :O !!! I swear he should have been a girl. Have a nice day xx

  • Gemmybear

    lol!! That pics old lol!! Ma hairs black now lol.. I jus cant put pics on the comp which sucks lol!! College an on the piss really lol!!! x x x x

  • Gemmybear

    Heyy!! Havent spoke to you in a while.. How you been..?? what u been up2..?? wb x

  • Amanda Rollo
    Amanda Rollo

    Nah just had a wee quiet night and watched What Happened in Vegas. Been up since 6 with the wee man so I'm just about to go and get ready so I can go into town and buy my mum a birthday pressie. I bet if it was you that "slept in" there would be punishment :L xx

  • Adz
    luv Adz

    Haveee summmmm loveeee :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Little Miss hip-pop
    luv Little Miss hip-pop

    and hows u been ma dear?? av not seen u in ages a think all us girls are needin a good nite out together 1` eh these wekens agin!!!lol well wee chik thought ad leve you a wee comment jus to b nice xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx heres lv sweetie pie av gave vic th lov anow am tht gid tae yous pair lol xxx

  • Emma

    rite i will remebmber that, i my car gets stolen lol, will just say kelly is just borrowing it lol :L :L :L aww my how did u guess that, of course i fancy u, thats y i see u all the time lol, im stalking u :P :P :P what u upto this weekend? xxxxxxxxxxxxx <3

  • Amanda Rollo
    Amanda Rollo

    This weekend I'm doing nothing!! Went into town today and got beach towels and shorts and t shirt for my man for his hol. My mum was in Silverburn and she bought me a pair of denim shorts but not sure if they are too short or not since I'm getting OLD!!!!! Are you out again tonight xx

  • The Hoff
    The Hoff

    Holaaaa, que tal ? :D Didd yoo have a good night last night misses :D What yoo doin today? wb x x x

  • Amanda Rollo
    Amanda Rollo

    Miss 100% percent in my test, just because you are clever does not mean you can skive, I seen your little photo's. I could find you more work if you have nothing to do :L !!! Mwah xxx

  • Emma
    luv Emma

    ano he was a strange guy lol :L :L nup we r the most sensible people that u would meet lol :L :L :L how is ur work? u still enjoying it? ive just been at college and work. school, i couldnt stand that place lol hated it and the people in it lol :D :L :L right now i will no who stole my car when i get it lol :L :L :L xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <3

  • Darryl Shearer

    Had Tae Go Hame! Needed Tae Watch Ma Wee Brers!:D Sounded Like Good Fun! Yeah Am Quite Xcited! Dunno If Am Goin To Hurs On Fridaii Though... Am Workin! Bt It Should Be Good.. Ne Matter The TurnOoot! Bt Am Gawn Doon Toon Early Saterdayy Mornin! Tae Get Hur Suhin! Av Never Shopped Fur a Lassie B4..So Am Baffled! LoL! Wb x x x

  • X.Jade Howie.X
    X.Jade Howie.X

    hieeeeee Kelly its meh Kirsti jade hinks she is kooool cause she is 9 days older and her b-day is on friiiiiii she loves me more thn u <3 <3 <3 i luv yah beeatych xxxxxxxxkirsti

  • X.Jade Howie.X
    luv X.Jade Howie.X

    a love you mora than cheese :D :D :D :D :D :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx