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Kelly Brown

I am a sandwich master (Y)

3/8/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

i made a cactus cake!
Me, Myself, and I
Ok so I'm Kelly BROWN!!!!!
and i am 15 and a half!
Im younger than samantha
but i dont care cos my toenails are cooler than hers :P

GAY (but not quite as gay as SAMANTHA)

I like pies lots and lots and lots
i also bum flamingos
samanta is the best
i luv re
i dont like stealing rocks
i did a talk about sharks and hippos without wetting myself
I love magical trevor woooooo!!!
I wrote a song about the moon
and I wrote a rap about a pig
I shouted coooooeeeeee and said gordon ram-Z :L

sam said half of tht

"i was milking my cow when this really old farmer guy came up to me, i had never seen him before and thought he looked rather odd. He then said "damn i lost the game! now you loose!" i was gutted."

profile hacked again! 11/12/08!
i love kellyBROWN and our random dances round the art room to gareth gates ;D
samanthaSUNBAR ;)
The Other Half Of Me
Lauren Ferris

Lauren Ferris

what a WEEDER :D

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kellyBROWN and Samantha being 118 men

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    If me and sam had a film this is what would happen - its imense. its called T'CURTAINS. (the stuff i sed is in bold - sams stuff is not bold)

    you cab be my roomate
    and we have orange t'curtains
    and we remeber how we used to hav white curtains but we had to wash them for our dead husband
    and then you fall over
    maybe t’curtains can try and strangle us but a floating tap forces it onto the floor with the force of the water

    and then we zip wire out the window
    you zipwire and ill ride on a french cow with a french duck on its head
    and then a posy baby cuts the zipwire and eats the cow

    then some hula dancers come in
    and batman
    batman should be in every film somewhere
    and then..........
    we cud all do a mexican wave

    and mr brown comes in
    and is somoe sort fo secret agent
    heee, has a lazer, and burns throught his key hols and kills someone whos waiting outside to attack us
    then he picks us up and takes us onto a boat
    n shoots alot of people
    y were they attacking us?
    they t'curtains were very valuable
    and they wanted them
    but we burnt them
    okay, but that ruins them
    then we can scale a wall like spiderman!
    with mr borwn?
    Yeah ehs out bodyguard
    mr brown gets eaten by a purple jelly baby thats cross because tinkywinky is purple and hes the crappest tellytubby
    and them we cry
    mr browns twin comes along
    and eat the jelly baby to free him
    so we have 2 mr browns!
    and they use their twin skiils so confuse the ememy
    i thought we ate the enemy?
    why would we eat people :L
    its a jellybaby
    ohhhh them
    mr brown kiled em didnt he?

    some of them
    theres lots
    awww, i know!
    they est the left over bits of jellybaby for energy
    but we poisoned it
    and they all die
    so where does the twin confusion come into it
    and we all drink tea
    whenw e thought mr brown dies
    thats the part of the film where we think were doomed
    i dont like tea
    neither do i xD
    so y do we drink it?
    it souded coool
    maybe we have another enemy hu makes us
    makes us tea?
    yes obv
    and then while were on a secret agent mission we wee ourselves and get sacked
    and then we need new jobs and we have to say goodbye to mr browns (this might be like the third film by now)
    wot job wud we get?

    on a stalll
    in a crappy town
    so we smell of fish all the time
    and then i turn into a fish
    and live in a shoe
    what about me?
    you join a nunnery
    because im ur one and only
    and then i turn into a person and we be singing nuns togethor

    the end
    (but there is cool rave music on the credits)
    can i dance?
    Like a gangster?

    2 Comments 246 weeks


    me and sam played word ascociation (the same day we spun leeks) and it finished on the same thing it started on and then we remembered the whole thing (cos were cool)

    MAGICAL TREVOR, pidgeons, tramp, lady, shoes, red, blood, needles, aids, team America, terrorist, turban, guy out of harry potter, purple, the queen, god, mrs lay, chicken hut, chicken run, pie, yum, chocolate, sauce, tomato, squashy, blu tack!, 101 uses, dalmations, spotty, polka dots shorts, itsy bitsy teenie weenie little polka dot bikini, beach, grandma, sofa, bum print, photo copyer, paper, trees, falling out, floor, carpet, smelly, sweat, pe, running, arm, people, clothes, shopping, topshop, topman, boxers, rave, glow stick, non edible, nail varnish, shiny, glass, glassers, case, guitar, hero, superman, blue, shoes, heel, grate, cheese, yellow, sun, sky, moon, bum, flamingo, gay, homo, marge, margarine, cake, oven, tuna bake, fishy, slap, slap noise, clap, dance, street, cars, bus, miss, mrs, married, ring, phone, banana, dried, prune, babies, poo, brown, Kelly, big feet, socks, immense, colours, rainbow, pot of gold, lepricorn, irish, large, beer, bleurgh, soup, slurp, slush, puppy, toilet roll, white, snow, father Christmas, magic, magician, MAGICAL TREVOR

    0 Comments 247 weeks

  • a rap about a smashed mini piggy bank

    well i wrote a rap because for gemma's birthday lenni got her a money box shaped like a pig but she dropped it in subway and it smashed. so we went to woolworths where we bought some stickers to hide the crack. and then i lost the stickers so were making the pig a skirt to hide the crack. so i wrote a rap about it

    Now this is a story it's quite poor
    About how i landed on the floor
    And I'd like to take a minute
    Just take a swig
    I'll tell you how i became the world's coolest smashed pig.
    In frenchgate cantre born and raised
    In new look was where i spent most of my days
    Chilling out maxing and gathering dust
    But then a kid brought me
    That's when i got bust
    It was when Elenya McCue
    Walked through the shop door
    She picked me up and threw me right to the floor
    I was very scared i needed sympathy
    But then Kelly Brown and Hayley came to rescue me
    They went in Woolworths and discussed some crack
    They asked a lady if she had a sticker pack
    She just said hey well kids I'll give you a hand
    You'll find all our stickers on our groovy sticker stand
    Stick-ers? Yo this ain't right
    Thinking about my future filed me up with fright
    Is this what the smashed pigs all go through?
    Hmmm what shall i do?
    But wait i hear them talking
    Superglue and all that
    Then tragedy struck in the place for the fat
    Oh my days now
    I deserve a cool jig
    Because I am the worlds most awsomest pig,
    Well, right at the bus stop we found out
    Kelly Brown had lost the stickers so I'll scream and I'll shout
    I ain't ready to go yet
    I just got here
    So they shoved me in a bag like lightening disappeared
    While they were on the bus hatched a plan
    If anyone can do it I know they can
    The plan involed plasters and a hula skirt
    But I was just thinking 'please don't let this hurt'
    They had fixed me up by 7 or 8
    I looked at my skirt, said 'love it see ya later'
    Looked in the mirror
    It was finally done
    Out of all of the pigs i am number one

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  • H'B

    top friends .. wheres me? :(

  • Samantha
    luv Samantha

    i love your skin :L

  • H'B

    I so have a video on my bebo of you and sam being 118 men :L xx

  • Samantha
    luv Samantha

    yours deosnt say it either! :L aye its been right good :D we went to the shopping thing to look for a dress, but all the shops were rubbish (n) so we ended up going into york (L) and had dinner in this alley thing :D it was amazing WOW! i totally would have loved her ;) what else you done this weekend? :) xxx

  • Samantha
    luv Samantha


  • Samantha
    luv Samantha

    oh and that lazer thing was amazinggggggggg! we have to go ;) and mum said she'd take us skiing there for my birthday :D x

  • Samantha
    luv Samantha


  • Samantha
    luv Samantha

    I HAVE 2 MAGICAL ELEVES (: & me & nat just did the katy perry dance ;) xo

  • Samantha
    luv Samantha

    KELLLYYBROWNNNNN i miss youuuu damn you for being away! untill today i didnt go outside for 2 days :O that so wouldnt have happened if you were here! but today sam taught me hwo to play pool ;D we should totally go one day (h) im off to xscape on thursday to that lazer thingymabob which is useless info to you cos i will have already been by the time you read this but i want you to have somethign to readwhen you get back :L oh and were having sushi too! yesterday my sister drank out of my giat mug, and i got rather angry with her so i stuck a note on the mug cupboard saying 'DONT drink out of samanthas giant mug!' (: MISS YOU xoxxox

  • Cat

    Lol it says i'm not authorised to veiw that whiteboard? D: I wanna see the hidden message :P :L

  • Samantha
    luv Samantha

    HA BUT IM STILL OLDER ;) im kelly and i kill golf balls!

  • Samantha
    luv Samantha

    lmao & 2 comments below :L and i see you found the vid? :L the one of me wiht the slinky didnt upload i dont think :/ x