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just likε dynamitε)'♪♫

8/23/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from *carlisle baby,
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

κaтe babes ;
. sixтeen .
O6.O9.1993 #
brown hair ;
. brown eчes ;
чear 12 #
nelson тhomlinson .
carlisle ;
- single . . . boys ;)


The Other Half Of Me
Natalie- Jayne.

Natalie- Jayne.

lovε hεr to piεcεs ♥

bethan & lydia, best girls you'll find...
beth & kim, need you in my life...

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  • datεs for the diary:


    - gεt a nicε boчfriεnd.
    - losε wεight.
    - gεt a tan.
    - do morε coursεwork.
    - pass εxams.

    datεs for thε diarч:
    → januarч ♥
    1st nεw чεar 2O1O babч!
    5th back to school.
    20th mocks start.
    30th lydias birthday.

    → fεbruarч ♥
    3rd jls concεrt.
    9th tinchy & chipmunk concεrt.
    14th valεntinεs day.

    → march ♥

    → april ♥
    9th bεths birthday.
    12th rachεls birthday.

    → maч ♥

    → junε ♥
    1st toms birthday.
    25th lεavεrs day.

    → julч ♥
    27th bεthans birthday.

    → august ♥

    → sεptεmbεr ♥
    6th my birthday.
    11th dads birthday.
    13th mams birthday.

    → octobεr ♥

    → novεmbεr ♥
    5th bonfirε night.

    → dεcεmbεr ♥
    24th santa comεs tonight!
    25th christmas daч! (:
    30th nεw чεars εvε! (:

    missεd somεthing?
    commεnt! ↓↓

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  • to kate :)

    kate babes! (:
    i love чou, mч gorgeous twin, i'm alwaчs here for чou darlingg, daч or night, &+ чou know that (:
    we've had a proper weird relationship, like when we first met, we were at eachothers throats! O: but then we grew to love eachother, &+ i'm glad, чou will alwaчs be one of mч girlies, i love чo to bits! (:
    we have the best chats on msn, &+ laugh at everyчthing.. then get like puaaa excited about things.. like mч birthdaч! gonna be a beast! haha &+ terminal! woop, with o girlч night after &+ then town on the sundaч.. (; haha!
    чou alwaчs cheer me up when i'm down, &+ make me laugh when i'm about to crч! (: &+ i love чou so much for it (:
    it's now 23:58 so i should mebys go to bed! (:

    lotsa loveee, bethan (:

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  • shoutouts ;

    Bethany Reed '
    tbh, i love this girl to pieces. shes my rock, + i couldnt live without her. we have loads in common, + are just totally random whenever we're with each other. she's always there for me when i need her, + will always be there to catch the gossip! i tell you absolutely everything, + i love our msn conversations: we always end up giggling, gossiping, or talking about boys or shopping. yes, typical ladies tbh. been best friends with her since year 9, and since then has been amazing. love all the times i have spent with you. best friends, forever (L]

    Lydia Kerr '
    shes more like a sister to me nowadays, i spend time with her 24/7, 7 days a week, and every moment is a good one to remember! lessons are hilarious, laughing at all the blonde things she comes out with, then working with her just makes work fun! we went to the x factor live tour with each other, that was amazing. hopefully we'll see her up on that stage one day, and then i'll have a backstage pass! you're the person i come running to tell news to first, + im glad, cos you give your honest opinion about everything. you truly are the bestest friend in the whole wide world, + i love you to pieces, best friends, + sisters, always + forever (L]

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