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Me, Myself, and I
bEBO iS hOMO !
Riley Brian . x
7yrs little man. Cant Believe Ihts Been That Lonqq. lOve Youu Forever xx
Nanny&Poppop ; Aunty V ; Ray ; Aunty Bev . x
Not a day qoes by that we ddont think about Youu all. lOve && Miss Youu all so Much . xx   
Danielle . x
Forever && Always In Ourr Hearts. x
Memoriess . Withoutt Them We Equal Nothinqq . x
Dominoess. hahha! Pinkk Funness " Yehh, But Ihts Myy Shoess Untiedd " Colt 45 . . . lolz Byee Joe! ; Funniest Tripp To KFC!!. hhah! Hadd to be thrr. . . ." If You Have $3 You Can Get 7" Dolce Andd Yourr Mama! Inkle; Pinkle; Dinklee Doo Yehh;Youu qOt mOneyy For tHe Buss Dont Ya!.Im not usaly a muslim!
Bendoverr ; RollaBowt : ) Oh Shit, Oh Shit the bedd haHa Busstop! Oops ; We Shouldnt Tease qinqa`sz - Classic Tui : P qOOd One Dick ! Nahh Boii ; Your lOckedd Out : )

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  • Stolee. From Myspacee. lolz!.. updatedd. 14.09.09

    Say one thing to someone, no names?
    Miss You . x

    Did you get anything off your chest today?
    uhmm yehh kinda.

    What was the last thing you cried over?

    Are you good at hiding your feelings?
    yehh sometimess

    What is something that you're looking forward to?
    june 2010. gunaa be mean. && bein an aunty again.

    What do you hear?
    the clock ticking. me typingg.

    Do you like to cuddle?
    suree do

    Who did you last fall asleep with, when?
    slept nex to riki diks on sat nytt.

    What shoes did you wear today?
    black sandals.

    Is there someone you'd really like to hang out with and just talk about stuff?
    suree. all the timee.

    Is the last person in your top in a relationship?
    omgg wada mission to checkk lolz.. but nahh he not.

    Name a high point of your day?
    nothing exciting really.

    Whats the closest thing to you that is blue?
    lounge suite

    Want someone back in your life?

    Honestly, who was the last person to tell you that they love you?
    me mummyy. lolz.

    Do you think teenagers can be in love?

    Do you care too much or not at all?
    both.. depends on the situationn.

    Can you honestly say you're okay right now?
    suree. :)

    Why do you think so many people cheat?
    coz thyr stupidd.

    What's something you really want right now?
    $$ a jobb.

    Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?
    probzz my mumm. wass soo anrgy todayy

    Are you going on vacation this coming summer?
    want too but probz not.

    Are you slowly drifting away from someone?
    dunoo maybee.,

    Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?

    Do you find the opposite sex confusing?
    hahah yess sometimess.

    Is there someone you wouldn't mind kissing right now?
    not that i can think of. atm

    What was the first thing you thought of this morning?
    wenzz da bubba guna wake up .,

    Are there certain things that can't be joked about with you?

    Are you keeping a secret right now?

    What if you had a baby with the last person you texted?
    dont thkn so matee. not guna happen. she my sis.

    Did anyone you kissed have a tattoo?
    yehh lots.

    Do you think it is disgusting for girls to drink alcohol and get drunk?
    defzz not

    Is the last person you kissed and the next person you'll kiss the same?

    Have you ever kissed someone that was high?

    Who did you last go out to eat with?
    hungry jacks the other week after bowlingg.

    Who did you last text?

    Where was the last place you fell asleep other than your bed?
    matress ont eh floor.

    Are any of your friends taller than you?
    yehh somee

    When was the last time you laughed really hard?
    sundayyy .

    Have you ever gotten alcohol poisoning?

    Do you need to say anything to someone?

    What are you thinking about right now?
    not alott. lolz. goin to bedd.

    Do you look at old pictures of yourself and laugh?
    hahhha yehh all the timee.

    Have you ever been called a slut?
    dunoo. not to my face

    How do you feel when someone kisses you on your forehead?
    :D :*

    What are you planning on doing after this survey?
    goin to bedd.

    Do you wish someone would show up at your front door right now?
    not really. its latee.

    Have you ever met someone who is incredible?

    Does anyone disgust you?
    uhmm yeh thrz a few/

    Is tomorrow going to be a good day?
    not sure yet. prob jus be cleanin housee.

    Honestly if you could go back 5 months and change something would you?

    Is there something you need to tell someone of the opposite sex?

    Is there somebody in your life that you could not survive without?
    a fewww

    Will you talk to someone on the phone tonight?
    nah bro. not at this timee.

    Where were you at midnight thursday night?
    homee in bed.

    Slept with someone you don't know in a bed?

    0 Comments 213 weeks

  • S t o l e n . t h i n g y y !

    Are you dating the person you text most?

    2. What did you do at 12 o'clock saturday night?
    ummm was at cactuss

    3. What do you want?
    to be at home noww.

    4. Who was the last person you shared a bed with?
    umm cant memba

    5. Do you talk to yourself?
    uhhh yea all the timee..lolz

    6. Whats the latest you've stayed out ?
    hmmm til bout 6.30 am

    7. Who knows a dark secret or two about you?
    ummm duno really...prolly a cupl ppl

    8. How long is your hair?

    9. Do you like Batman?
    uhhh nehh

    10. Who did you last hug?
    kodzzz...she was sadd

    11. Do you swear at your parents?
    yehh..but only jjkinn.

    13. When was the last time you lied?
    sundaee...wen i called in sik at workk.

    14. When was the last time you cried?
    duno aee

    15. Is your birthday on a holiday?

    16. What instant messaging service do you use?

    19. Last thing you cooked today?

    20. Did you have a nap today?
    neehh slept till bout 10

    21. Whose house did you go to last?

    22. Do you like green beans?

    23. Where did you get the shirt you're wearing?

    24. Have any regrets?
    umm yea a cuplle

    25. Do you use alarm clocks?
    nehhh jus my fonee

    26. Where are you?
    at home

    27. Do you ever snort when you laugh?
    hahaha nahh..but msot of my family duzz..lolz

    28. What’s the first thing you notice on the opposite sex?
    eyes..and armss

    29. Is cheating ever okay?
    nahhhh!! neverrr/

    30. Do you want someone you can't have?
    ummm nahhh

    31. Do you wear underwear?
    yea ...corsss

    32. Who would you like to see right now?
    frends and famz bak homee

    33. Are you a social person or an antisocial person?
    in the middle...kinda shy sumtimess

    34. What radio station(s) do you listen to?
    92.9... and 94.5

    35. Are you afraid of the dark?
    only if im home by myself and hear funii noisesss

    36. Did/do you miss someone today?
    yuppp everyday

    friend confessions..x

    1. Are you jealous of one or more of your friends?

    2. Have you known any of your friends your whole life?
    summ of them since primary skwll.

    4. Have you ever been ditched by a friend?

    5. Do you have your friends' phone number's memorized?
    nahhh...i forget mine too sumtimess

    6. Have you lost or forgotten a friends phone number?

    7. Have you been to most of your friends' houses?
    umm dunoo

    habit confessions..x

    1. Do you play with things when nervous?
    yehhh...my hairr

    2. Do you have an odd obsession with knives?
    nahhh but fire is funn...well kindaa

    3. Do you sleep with the door open or closed?

    4. Is there at least one sound you cant stand?
    umm nah not that i can think off

    5. What is your worst habit?

    love confessions..x

    1. Who do you love?
    friends and famzzz.

    2. Do you want to kill one of your ex's?
    nopeee...thatss jus evill

    3. Do you get bored of your girlfriend/boyfriend easily?

    4. Has one of your crushes ever called you self centered before?

    personal opinion..x

    1. Abortion?
    hate itt..

    2. Are you against or think gay marriage is bad?
    nahhh....they can do wot they likee

    3. Is pink an ugly color?
    nahhh...its prettyy

    4. Needles aren't so horrible?
    yea they fukin aree..

    5. Do you have plenty of secrets?
    yehhh. a feww

    have your ever..x

    1. Have you ever fallen UP the stairs?
    hahhhahaha yup ...at my old house..not so funn

    2. Have you ever had a nail fall off?
    nehh...fuk thatt..painfull!!!

    3. Have you ever slapped someone across the face?
    nehh..dont fink soo...but i have wanted too .

    4. Have you ever killed anyone?
    hahaha yip suree.......

    nahh jkzz.lolzz

    5. Would you wear the same clothes twice in a row?
    yea if it not smelly haha

    0 Comments 234 weeks

  • hmmm found dis fingyy...so yeaa!!

    Today Did You...
    1. Talk to a boy/girl you like today?
    ummmm nup dont fink sooo

    2. Realize anything new?
    ahhaha that i myt be dumb but not deaff...lmao...still..:L :L :L

    3. Talk to an ex?

    4. Miss someone?
    yupp...alll da timee

    Last Person Who...
    5. Slept in your bed?
    besides mee..???dunoo.

    6. Saw you cry?
    my familyy!!

    7. went to the movies with you?
    ash and te ana..we seen alien vs preadtor..SCARyy!

    8. Went to the mall with you?
    umm..tarn k8 and aar0n..4 late nyt

    9. That made you laugh?
    tarnn....cos she gota bowl hair cutt!! lmao

    10. Do you have a crush on someone?

    11. What book are you reading?
    .not readin onee....besides cosmo!!

    12. Best feeling in the world?
    umm duno ayy.

    13. Favorite location?
    umm my bedd!!newea that i can listen to my muzikk!!..HOME!!!

    14. Piercing/tattoos?
    .Myy earss.

    15. What are you most scared of right now?

    16. Where do you want to get married?
    havnt really thort about it ayy

    17. Who do you really hate?
    umm tha dog lady.lol..dun really kno..cant think ryt noww

    18. Does anyone hate you?
    wouldnt have a cluee..possibly

    19. Do you like being around people?
    ummmm deoends wot pplzz....umm nah yeaa

    20. Have you ever cried?

    21. Are you lonely right now?
    not realllyyy....jus bordd

    22. Song stuck in your head right now?
    get like mee....

    23. Been on radio/TV?
    nah.. but wishyy has lol...funii shett

    24. Ever liked someone, but you think they never noticed you?
    ummm dunoo

    25. Ever liked someone who treated you like crap?

    26. How many beds did you lay in yesterday?
    umm 1

    27. What colour shirt are you wearing?

    28. Name three things that you do every day?
    shower.eat. and sleep.

    29. How much cash do you have on you right now?
    umm none..

    30. When was the last time you saw your dad?
    over a yr agoo...since aprill last yr

    31. Who got you to join bebo?

    32. What did you have for dinner last night?

    33. What web site do you visit the most?
    beboo..hotmail.and airNZ.

    34. Do you have plants in your room?

    35. Does anything hurt on your body right now?
    my backk

    36. Where was your last cab ride?
    cupl weeks agoo..to lazy to walk

    37. What's your favorite Starbucks drink?
    dnt have starbucckkss heaa

    38. What if ur best friend went after your ex?
    umm fuk kno'z

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  • Sharna.
    luv Sharna.

    Haha I shuld do that ae...And get way better than him.

  • Sharna.
    luv Sharna.

    Hahaha egg. I needa ask Damien 4 sum more words lol.

  • Sharna.
    luv Sharna.

    Ma Wahine!!

  • Sharna.
    luv Sharna.

    Lol probly ae. Haha waht ever!!

  • LOctowtcrip Bby
    LOctowtcrip Bby

    oh tru that aye mean betta cha its betta ova there then hea aye..FAR OWT I HAVNT BEEN 2 PUT FOR AGES AYE..

  • LOctowtcrip Bby
    LOctowtcrip Bby

    heyy gerl du u still stay in putarau..

  • Sharna.

    Haha yeh thats the same with Rylans clothes =] Hahahahaha im at ur house....And you only just woke up cos you wer PISSED as last nite hahaha. PISSHEAD!!!

  • Sharna.
    luv Sharna.

    Yeh lol. Well Rylan's already been there aswell lol. He sat on top of tha lil elephant even =] Oh i know. All my washing was on tha line for like 3 days just getting wetter and wetter. It suks lol.

  • Sharna.

    Yeh Perth suks ae. Never n e thing to du. Lol ive already been to tha zoo twice!

  • Tarnz
    luv Tarnz

    Exactly What ii Said Too Wish ! Thank's.

  • Tarnz

    mee Twoo ! Hahaa 2Moro ! Lol Fo Sho =)

  • Tarnz
    luv Tarnz

    thanks haha i need it!

  • Tarnz

    Recoqqnize ! hahaa x Damm Dont know y i Deleted Mhyy Paqe fo !

  • Tarnz
    luv Tarnz

    Shariinqq Thee Lovee Allows Youu too Have A qood Dayy :D Share iit back twiice:P

  • Sharna.

    Lol =] But ur still saying ur bord haha..

  • Sharna.

    Oh mean oi. You must be loving it lol.!!!