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The Simpsons Kids

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The Simpsons Kids are made up of:

Bartholomew "Bart" Simpson: Only son of Homer and Marge Simpson, and is the brother of Lisa and Maggie. He is 10 years old. He is a self-proclaimed underachiever he is also considerably under motivated and takes great joy in disrupting the routine at Springfield Elementary. His best friend is Milhouse Van Houten.

Lisa Marie Simpson: Lisa is an extremely intelligent girl, one of the brightest characters on the show, with an I.Q. of 159 or so. She plays the saxophone. Lisa is also a Buddhist. Lisa is 8 years old (despite the fact that there have been 3 separate episodes which focused on her 8th birthday), two years younger than her brother Bart.

Margaret "Maggie" Simpson: She is the youngest at 1, and least-seen of the five main family members. Her hallmarks include her tendency to land on her face while attempting to walk, and a penchant for sucking on her pacifier, the sound of which has become her catchprase.

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  • Maggies Personality

    Like average babies, Maggie is impressionable and easily influenced by what she sees around her. She once hit Homer on the head with a mallet, shot a suction dart at his picture, and brandished a pencil in imitation of Itchy and Scratchy. See Itchy and Scratchy and Marge. Her talent for handling weapons is seen in Who shot Mr. Burns? and Papa's Got a Brand New Badge, where she is able to shoot a whole mob of gangsters with a rifle. Also, in The Monkey Suit, she holds up Marge for candy with a retractable knife.

    She is however keenly aware of her surroundings, and can usually be seen imitating the flow of action around her. Like Bart, Lisa and Homer, she is not fond of spending time with her aunts Patty and Selma, attempting escape from the family car when Selma claims to want a baby.

    Maggie appears to potentially be the real genius of the family. The episode Smart and Smarter suggests the possibility that she may have a higher IQ than Lisa (at least, she appears as extremely clever during the episode, even though her real IQ was unknown due to Lisa 'helping' her during the test as revealed at the end of the episode).

    At age one, Maggie could spell EMCSQU (E=MC²) with her toy building blocks- as shown in the season one episode Bart The Genius- whereas Lisa at age three could merely spell "STAR" with hers. She's able to answer complicated questions putting cubes together (Smart and Smarter), and solve complex IQ problems. She's also able to count. In "Treehouse of Horror V", Maggie managed to spell REDRUM without anyone noticing.

    She has also played Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker on her toy xylophone, and written her own name with an Etch A Sketch. In two respective episodes set at her aunts' house, she was able to change her diapers by herself (just as Lisa once could), and on another occasion donned a 'Patty and Selma' wig while she was supposed to be eating a Manwich. When prompted, she has been able to understand and identify an "octogenarian" and a credenza.

    Her intelligence and leadership are showcased in A Streetcar Named Marge, where she leads the other babies in a Great Escape-style revolt against the strict Ms. Sinclair. (In it, she grabbed a bag, slid up a Venetian Blind-cord, climbed into the duct, crawled above her desk that had the Keys to the locker where the forbidden pacifiers were kept on top of it, tied herself to a Krusty pullstring Toy (saying "Hey kids! I'm flame-retardent!" and "If I break, buy a new one!"), slid down using full milk bottles as weights, grabbed the keys, dropped the milk and slid upward, crawled back to the vent where she fired a corded dart gun thru the vent grating, slid across on a Krusty Brand Coathanger, unlocked the door, and threw pacifiers to the crowds. Also mentioned is that the other babies communicated signals to her by flapping blankets, rolling poppers, and opening pop-up books (showing Bongo from Life in Hell).

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  • Lisas Personality

    Lisa is quite eclectic in her knowledge and is notably more concerned with world affairs than her cohorts. Critics have also pointed out that Lisa's situation alludes to the plight of real children, who are often underestimated by adults. Lisa shares her intellect and overachieving personality traits with other female members of the Simpson family. (It has been revealed that Simpson males inherit a gene on the Y chromosome that prevents them from channeling their intellect). Lisa also possesses a lot of integrity, as demonstrated when she cheats on a test on The Wind in the Willows to attain her highest grade of A+++, but later admits her dishonesty to an unreceptive Principal Skinner. (She later re-grades the test as an F). Despite her intellect, Lisa has received detention, like her brother Bart, quite a number of times, often because of her rebellious and sometimes bitter attitude and anti-social behaviour.

    Although her rebellion against social norms is often constructive, Lisa can be whiny, cruel and self-righteous at times, similar to Bart. Notably, in "Lisa the Vegetarian", her increasing sense of moral righteousness regarding her vegetarianism leads her to proselytize, culminating in her spiteful disruption of a "meat-based" barbeque prepared by Homer (an act she comes to rue). At times, Lisa appears to resist certain situations merely for the sake of resisting them, not because of any genuine ideological opposition. This trait was most notably spoofed in the episode "Bart Star", when Lisa tries to stir controversy by joining the Pee Wee football team (originally) coached by Ned Flanders. When Flanders gladly welcomes her to the team (as there are several female players), a clearly disheartened Lisa tries another tactic, decrying the sport for using balls made from animal skins. This too turns out to be a non-issue as Lisa is told that the balls are synthetic, and that a donation is made to Amnesty International for each ball purchased. At this point, Lisa leaves, on the verge of tears. On occasion, her anti-social behaviors and points of view have annoyed teachers and fellow students. In one episode, her teacher (Miss Hoover) called her a "PC thug" (Lisa the Iconoclast).

    Lisa has gone through periods of rebellion. She briefly hung out with older girls who smoked in the school bathroom (although she never did smoke), and told her teacher, Elizabeth Hoover, to "shove it" after refusing to add glitter to her art assignment (a parody of the 1953 film The Wild One). Despite her intelligence, Lisa does have a childlike impressionability common to eight-year old girls. For example, she dreams of having a pony, loves collecting Malibu Stacey dolls, and enjoys her mother's homemade waffles (and is disappointed when they turn out to be square pancakes). Though morally opposed to violence, Lisa regularly watches the ultraviolent 'Itchy and Scratchy' cartoon with Bart. Her favorite movie is The Little Mermaid, and her favorite book is The Secret Garden.

    She also has a rivalry with Bart, arising from a mutual sense of superiority (age-wise for Bart and intelligence-wise for Lisa), which has escalated to physical confrontations and revenge plots. In some episodes like Bart of Darkness she loves glamour and let others work for her while she lies in a floating chair and look at her naked toes. But at other times, she has solved various problems around Springfield, often in tandem with her brother. She even had a brief rivalry with baby sister Maggie when it was believed that she had a higher IQ than Lisa, who jealously attempted to foil Maggie's intellectual performance. It was revealed later in the episode that Maggie was not actually smarter than Lisa, but that Maggie was performing so well because Lisa was subconsciously helping her. In "Blood Feud", Lisa was shown trying to foster Maggie's (brain) development.

    Despite her high IQ, Lisa does have typical childhood issues sometimes requiring adult intervention. In "Lost

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  • Barts Personality

    He is a self-proclaimed underachiever who begins each show in school detention writing lines on the blackboard, which are known as the Chalkboard Gags. He is easily distracted by almost anything, even, strangely enough, algebraic equations. He is considerably under motivated and takes great joy in disrupting the routine at Springfield Elementary. His pranks are often elaborately complex, while his actions and speech frequently show considerable mental agility, street-smarts and understanding; so he cannot be called "stupid" per se. His best friend is Milhouse Van Houten. His antics terrify everyone, including Springfield's powerful citizen Charles Montgomery Burns.

    Bart's interests include Krusty the Klown, skateboarding, reading comic books (especially Radioactive Man), terrorizing Lisa, playing video games/computer games, helping Lisa solve various problems (e.g. reuniting Krusty with his estranged father), and pulling off various pranks (such as mooning unsuspecting people and prank calling Moe Szyslak at his tavern).

    It had been also suspected for a long time by viewers that Bart had Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). It was later confirmed in the episode "Brother's Little Helper" that Bart is indeed afflicted with ADD.

    Bart getting strangledWhenever Homer finds out that Bart has said or done something stupid or bad, he yells out: "Why you little–!", and strangles him in anger.

    In his book Planet Simpson, Chris Turner describes Bart as a nihilist.

    Bart's character traits of rebellioness and disrespect for authority has been likened to that of America's founding fathers, rendering him an updated version of American icons Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, rolled into one."

    Bart is allergic to butterscotch, imitation butterscotch, glow-in-the-dark monster makeup, cauilflower, and shrimp.

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