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Emma Lloyd Formally McIlroy

RIP Grandma Bradley and Grandpa Mc. I miss u both

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  • Female, 26, Luv 153
  • from Barnsley
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 7,148
  • Member since: October 2005
  • Last active: 1/18/13
  • www.bebo.com/phun5t3r
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I will never be afraid again! I will keep on fighting til the end!
Me, Myself, and I
Yes I am .. and no you cant before we even start. I'm a lettuce licking, rug munching, saliva diva' that loves to go under water and only resurface for a little air before going down again. But you'll never get to find out what thats like.
To my wife, the lovely Flick. You've been with me over a year an I dunno how ... but I love you for doing it ... so much you will never know since you chose not to see it

* speak scottish*
* live scottish*
* be scottish*
* die scottish*

██████████████ 100% Dyke

♀ + ♀ = ♥
♀ + ♂ = ♥
♂ + ♂ = ♥
Everyone Has The Right To Love!



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----------///--------- PEACE
---------///---------- LAWRENCE
Truer Words Have Never been uttered!
I will never be afraid again! I will keep on fighting til the end! I can walk on water I can fly, I will keep on fighting til I die!
Resident Evil, Chucky, Rocky Horror Show, Fast and the Furious, Cat Burglar, Jackass, Torque, Saw, Grudge, Friday, Thelma an Louise, Madagascar. Yet again a huge varying collection.
Football (Celtic!!!), all the extreme sports, Moto GP, Dirt bike racing an pool... oh aye an the best sex a loving parner can give ... and take lol!!!!
Scared Of
I'm not really scared of anything. Except maybe dying before I have a chance to kick the worlds ass and leave the imprint of the bottom of my shoe on it.
Happiest When
Happiest when with my darling, coming home to her, lying next to her in bed holding her close, being surrounded by our familys and seeing her happy makes me the happiest person in the world.
Pink, Linkin Park, Fall Out Boy, Lost Prophets, The Killers, Eminem, Tupac, Cascada, Blink 182, Greenday, Scooter, Andrew WK, Stereophonics, basically everything. Right now I'm listening mostly to Hardcore dance lyk Clubland Extreme Hardcore 4. :-) Thanks for that Flick it's bouncinnn xx
To Gdad King. Til we're together again and fishing as we always wanted to together. Atleast you feel no pain now.
Love you old man xx - Another birthday coming without you here ... always thinking of you. Happy birthday Gdad!
To uncle Tony the Tazmanian Devil of the aussie outback who has joined you now grandad to entertain and keep your spirit high xx
xxRIP Gran bradley and Grandpa Mc! We miss you both so much ... so many people going in so little time :( REMEBER THE OLD DAYS AND THE LAUGHTER WILL NEVER DIE! XXX

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  • HELP!

    Im sorry for not being in contact unfortunately my phone is a big lump of black crap and has had to have the software updated to get rid of various problems and so I am now without any contacts :( want to speak to me on the phone send me a quick message with your number and I'll get yah added aagain :)
    Mrs Emma Lloyd :) formerly of the McIlroy clan

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  • Me love you looong time!

    Well been foreva! Ab forever! But .... we have a new car.... a gaming chair ... a decorated livingroom ... christmas decorations up everywhere ... a new fridge freezer and new tv ... plus loads more! Credit crisis bite my arse! lol! Byron now old old man! Very well behaved on the lead but a nutter off it. Bronson has finally started to live with the fact he's here to stay and can lie beside him withot running off disgusted at the belching and smells from his direction lol. We also have 3 rats in the collection ... 2 black one white ... white ones called ludo off labyrinth (if anyones seen it lol) and the black two are called Chaka and Khan (a famous singer anyone???) lol!
    Well only a quick update as Izay Joel is here but we're getting a break at christmas to go to Scotland (working out dates) but will be between christmas and new year we will be up for a few days.
    So anyway a offskie o play Jenga with Mr Izaky.
    Live long and kick ass all I will never forget you all and though I am distant in miles it's never in thoughts (even if it takes forever to write/text or send owt :) )
    Catchya all soon!


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  • Debs

    I just made $33 in a week just working at home! Check it out at - http://goo.gl/dXIIB Your going to be so happy!

  • Correen
    luv Correen

    Hey stranger How's life treating you? Hope all is well xx

  • Laura

    :O u are old bruver from another muther!!!! Hows u these days anyhoo?? Was at the celtic game there!! DIabolical!!!!!! xx

  • Dawn

    hey hey long time no speak howz things in england going?? wb soon xox

  • Daniel

    hello stranger hows you doing .have you heard about wats going at at rangers

  • Staples
    luv Staples

    who the fuck u callin old man eh??? lol u older than me even if it is only by like 2 months lol am gd too life pretty much all same up here for me!! fone keeps gettin cut off!! :O canny afford to pay for the fucker lol

  • Staples

    hey ho!!!!!! lol hows u??? hows things and life in general goin for ya??? wb x x

  • Sarah Lukas

    am workin away in Rosyth, livin in the town now so managed to get out of rosyth but have to say i miss it!!! SAD i know!!! how bout u wot u workin as?? n wot u been gettin up 2?? xxx

  • Diamond Dave
    luv Diamond Dave

    Quality misses. Just weld all the bits taht break on your house lol. Not a hell of a lot is new lol Got a new motor to replace that shity corsa(seems like decades ago when i f irst got it now) you still got your bike? Is it called lemon lvoe coz yoru a lemon lol. Have some extremly handsome bastard love back

  • Diamond Dave
    Diamond Dave

    alright mate how the devil are you long time no speak. Whats new?

  • luv Iona

    hey notin much is hapnin up here. al gee u ma num in private nxt time yr up u need tae gee meh a buzz so wee can catch up lol. xxx luvige

  • Sarah Lukas

    ive no been up 2 much just the usual workin n gettin drunk!!! lol gid to hear fae u :D keep in touch wi wee updates lol xxxx

  • Ally Greig 5/26/09
  • Ally Greig
    luv Ally Greig

    luv, al be dwn on the 17th to kick ur arse haha, mind n take a hoilday coz wer goin ot on the twn miss emma lol!!! luv ya xxx

  • Iona

    heya long time nae catch up lol. hows u mrs and mrs lloyd. hope yr doin ok wb soonish. iona xx

  • Ally Greig
    luv Ally Greig

    hiya, sorry a didny txt ya bk, av no cred, bit we a gt ma free txts al ge ya a we buzz!!! hope every1s ok n tell flick a sed hiya!! luv ya loads xxxxxx