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In The Land Of Colour

Hello to all my little minions ... yes minions :D

5/11/11 | me too! | Reply

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What u want and what u get r 2 different things ....
Me, Myself, and I
Well I'm me, so that isn't hard to figure out now is it. I seem to love the simple things in life.I live in a city and a town so i can move between freedom and work. I love the open life but the rush of the city.I have a father and brother, my mother passing away in 2002 (I miss you mum, I love ya). I have loveing uncles and aunts which i love as much.

It is also a good thing to know that I'm a runner, not as active running, but a person that likes to run wild, when wanting to and enjoys fun fun fun and more fun....! Luv ya

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A Kiss Is A Sign Of Love
A Hug Is A Sign Of Friendship
A Picture Is A Sign Of Rememberence
And Havin Me As A Mate Is A Sign of rele good Taste!!!

My music varies with my moods. I listen to almost anything. Mudvayne, The dresden dolls, Three doors down, Lost Prophets, Celldweller, Heartsdales, Laava, Lilix, Deepside, Da Buzz, Pnau, Tydis, Timberland, Niche, E Nomine, Akon, Dune, Groove Courage, Boom Boom Satelite, Three days grace, 30 Seconds to Mars, Killwitch Engaged, New Found Glory, Korn, Disturbed, Papa roach, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Union Underground, Dope, Guns n Roses, Limp biskit, Firestar, Jessica Andews, Fear Factory, Eminem, D12, Evans blue, Rogue Traders, Queen of the Damned Soundtrack, System of a down, Cascade, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Dance Dance Revolution, Blood hound gang, Enigma, Trapt, AFI, Daft Punk, Scooter, Skitz mix songs, Nickelback, Prodigy, Rammstein, Rihanna, Panic at the Disco!, Pink, Ministry of Sound, DJ Quicksilver, Paramore, Fergie, Seether, HelloGoodBye, Pussycat dolls, Justin Timberlake, Red hot Chilli peppers, Conjure One, Secret Garden, Jordin Sparks, DJ Deek
My movies are mainly comedy, family, thriller, and drama. I'm more of a comedy person as i love to laugh ... HEY!!its good for you.
Paintball is the most extreme sport that has hit Australia....!!!
I have many friends being in town or city. I treasure all of them and will stop at nothing to make sure they are happy, well, and nothing is going wrong. i will put my friends first. I love all of my mates!!! But if they piss me off or do something stuiped to stop the trust.... you will have a very taunting person to deal with as im a blessed on for holding grudges, as i dont like to be used...!!! So dont piss me off.... words of warning!!!
Happiest When
I'm happy the most around people how can make me laugh, and have fun with me. Shopping on ebay for shoes or clothes. When I'm with my to be hubby Kiel. Annoying my father and brother over random things. Or just being stuiped at work and mucking around with the girls.
The Other Half Of Me
Kiel Surgenor

Kiel Surgenor

Luv my boi .... <3

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  • I live! I'm back up and running on bebo again! Till I forget the password again!

    Ok living in unit in the city now! Kiel proposed to me in dec 2010. Planning wedding for the 12th may 2013. Why so long you ask! Well Kiel's family has to come from New Zealand mainly so we are giving them plenty of notice, also we are in no rush to get married. We live and act like a married couple that have been married for over 30 years thats how bad it is.

    Dad is getting older and more hobbilish (yes my word for him). Artritis in the back and spine along with the other areas like: knees, hips, fingers, joints etc. All over in other words so yeh its fun, he is my hobbly father :D My brother is my brother and thats that.

    Mad about bike riding at the moment, that's all I'm doing when I finish work. Oww working at NewsXpress now, woot! Love the girls their they are the best and the maddest.

    Anyways that all really ... apart from hating this dame winter thats creeped into town.


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  • .

    Have finally moved into a house, but we are renting - (kiel and myself). It is so fun. It is a little house just down the road from a fab pub. We have a large lawn front and back so the lawn mower is needed. Im the one that mows the lawn too.

    I have been going out with kiel for over 3 years now. He is happy within himself and everything so there is no problems there. He is a child as ever... like most males are!

    I'm happy as, i just got a new computer and it runs like a charm. Flexi rent is the best. I'm very happy within myself even though i dont get out much or anything. My works is the best. Most people think removals is a low job, but a person without proper training couldn't get your furniture overseas or interstate without damage then a normal person. Im really happy and well settled within this job. Pay is great on a good week. I hate the fact that if I ever lose this job I will have to go into an office environment again. I hate it with a passion.

    Well that is all. An update for a site that i only have due to all the photo's on here. ha ha .

    0 Comments 217 weeks

  • The place to decide!!!!

    I am going to go more towards the cottage, it is something that will feel more to me then a unit or apartment, you can fell free to turn up the music and run around mad, not havin to worry about neightbours banging at your door!!! If i get the cottage i can get them fined on trespassing on private property 'even though i might still get booked for excessive noise', but at least i have more room to move, and i can always sub-divide the land and sell it off or build a big pool in the back yard with a shed, or do up a big vegie garden with everything ... or why not the whole bloody lot!!!!

    Hows that for ideas!!! Im taking cash donations, just send donations to my postal address, oww and donations start at $100 nothing is taxable and thank-you for your support!!!


    0 Comments 246 weeks

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  • Jennine Merry

    How can the do this for free? http://alturl.com/rv6jp

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • In The Land Of Colour
    In The Land Of Colour

    OMG. I remembered my bebo password. Ha bebo is so old school. What's new people?

  • Billy B
    luv Billy B

    hello spunkashious why you not come and talk to me yesterday !!!! didnt you know who i was ? lol

  • Cassie

    omfg we dont talk much no more how r u chicky

  • Cassie

    hey long time no talk how r u?

  • Billy B
    luv Billy B

    hey spunkette i think i may have run into one of your rely's in tassie ????????

  • Billy B
    luv Billy B

    damn when ya guna ditch kiel and go out with a crusty old fart !??! rofl he's one lucky sonabiatch that boi , i hope he knows how lucky ,well if ya ever in hospital and ya need a sponge bath i be glad to !! hahahahahahaha

  • .Amy G.
    luv .Amy G.

    hey!! really?? i live on bebo.. its awesome!! lovin it!! facebooks cool too tho.. true?? where you working?? im working a fair bit. but i just had a week off cos i had bad tonsillitus.. was so not fun at all... haha yer i should be getting a fair few hours in the coming weeks.. should be good. im working at the den.. i would LOVE to live in the city. i love going to brissy.. my aunty has this balcony and it looks out on a highway and i love sitting out there and watching the cars drive past. ya just have to wonder where theyre all going.. what there lives are like.. i helps me think.. really calms me.. dont have anything that makes me feel like that in bowen. im going good tho... confidence thru the roof baby!! haha. i work at the den(as i said before) and yer i hang out with my mates and drink and play guitar hero and just muck around being dickheads.. but thats who we are. lol welll g2g.. mainly cos its saying i can only post 1000 charactors.. love you

  • .Amy G.
    luv .Amy G.

    hey darling... sorry we didnt get to spend more time together when you came up!! i was pretty smashed aye?? hahahah woot woot!! hehehe welll hows life going?? mines ok... bit depressing n stressful but oh well.. well love you muchly. Amy PS mandy arrives back in bowen tonight...

  • Cassie

    Heya Chicky how are you on this fine day?

  • Shelley Goldfinch
    Shelley Goldfinch

    hey sammy k aww dats so good u n kiel r still 2getha... yous r sooo cute... im still with luke i dont know if i was with him when you last came up... but a year and a half and a bit... lol i luv him so much... we re trying to look for a place togetha or a unit just somehwere where we can come home late or early and dont have to worry about our parents getting up us for being loud.. lol but theres absolutely nowhere in bowen at the moment... i seen ashley the other day hes back in bowen working at the bendigo bank... yeah reception work does get boring sumtimes... but most of the time its pretty fun... not very good money though... lol well take care sammy k luv ya n miss ya... did i tell you i got my dreamcar? my subaru... its so nice...

  • Shelley Goldfinch
    Shelley Goldfinch

    Sammy K!!! im good thanx how r u? r u still at Toyworld? Im a receptionist for Best Employment job agency now, so fun... n i got a new car... i finally got my subaru wrx 2001 model and its white so nice... i luv it... im still with my darling luke and we're trying to get a house now so its exciting,, how r u n kiel going? i miss you... n hows ur new car goin?? do u still have the same one? have u got ur own house yet? luv ya

  • Sandrea Cocker

    heyy sammy how r ya darrl? how ya bein? hope all is well! love yooh! sanjj! xxxx

    7/9/08 via Mobile
  • Tim Hart
    Tim Hart

    yeah i worked with her, she was into me

  • Tim Hart
    Tim Hart

    Tiffany who

  • Sandrea Cocker

    yesss im in Brisssy now!! love it!!! its sooooo mee!!! misss u!! how u bein?? hope all is well!!! love yooh! take care ciao!! xxx

  • Cassie

    heya girly long time no talk i have something to tell u but i dont wanna tell u over the net can we meet up or something

  • Cassie

    I'm still in townsville