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steve vai

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Me, Myself, and I
Growing up on Led Zeppelin and progressive rock, Vai has always had a penchant for the conceptual side of rock. While many of his albums revolve around a specific thematic axis, Vai considers "Alive in an Ultra World" (2001, Epic) the high point of his conceptual efforts.

A contender for one of the most ambitious live albums ever recorded, Vai wrote, rehearsed and recorded the music for the two-disc set during a 32-country world tour. Each song is dedicated to a different country – Bulgaria, Spain and Romania to name a few – and reflects the flavor of each country's indigenous music. Creating the album was equally exhausting and rewarding. "On paper the project looks insurmountable," says Vai. "I wrote songs in the morning, rehearsed the new music at sound check with the band in the afternoon, played a two and a half hour show at night and then download the show from my mobile studio later that night. Somewhere in all that craziness, I found time to immerse myself in music from different countries.

"It was hell on me and the band making that record, but when I listen to the music now there are no words that can describe the joy I feel for having made that fantasy a reality."

"Alive in an Ultra World" includes "Whispering a Prayer (Song for Ireland)," which earned Vai his sixth Grammy nomination to go along with his 1991 Grammy win for best rock instrumental performance for his version of Frank Zappa's "Sofa" on the live Zappa tribute album, "Zappa's Universe." "Whispering a Prayer is probably the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever played in my life," says Vai. "Every time I play it, I'm overcome by feelings of freedom and happiness."

In contrast, Vai needed 20 years of patience to realize his idea for "The Seventh Song: Enchanting Guitar Melodies - Archives Vol. 1" (2000, Epic). The album features the seventh song from every Vai solo album before 2000. "The seventh song on my records has always been the wistful, screaming guitar ballad. Those songs sounded a bit out of place on the original records, but when I put them all together it creates a beautiful, flowing musical experience."

Without a doubt his biggest achievement in terms of sheer girth is "The Secret Jewel Box" (2001-Ongoing, Light Without Heat) – a 10-CD compilation documenting Vai's career through a mix of rarities, outtakes and oddities. Each disc explores a different facet of Vai's career including his soundtrack contributions, work with Frank Zappa, live and studio recordings with Alcatrazz, Japanese-only releases and an eclectic art piece that includes music interspersed with dialogue.

The collection of hard-to-find gems and unreleased music is a gold rush for fans. "The Secret Jewel Box is a way for me to gather in one place a lot of the hard to find things I've done in the past," explains Vai. "I think hardcore fans will really enjoy the CD that features a band I was in before I recorded 'Passion and Warfare'

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Steve Vai - For the love of god

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  • . McGilvrayy

    STEVE VAI juice is the best song steve vai rocks

  • Conor McHugh
    Conor McHugh


  • Ewan M

    Steve vai is an amazing musician/composer.. iv seen him live 3 times, one of my all time favorite players. When he plays whispering a prayer live its unreal.. so much emotion. E

  • Holly

    vai knows what the craic is. http://hevy-devy-omfg.bebo.com devvy townsend also knows what the craic is ^ :D

  • Daniel V
    Daniel V

    go steve vai!!!!!!! u rock whispering a prayer is the best well anyways "im the hell outta here"

  • Some Guy

    love steve vai made a group for him please join

  • Dan
    luv Dan

    Steve Vai is the fuking man. best guitarist i reckon. Fukn keep rocking

  • Karyn
    luv Karyn


  • Ginger Wildheart

    shame hes shite

  • Rayray
    luv Rayray

    Why do people judge guitarists on technicalities? Fuck it, no one gives a flying fuck who's more technical, no one can compare guitarists because everyone has different tastes, all you would end up doing is fighting over who has the best taste, which again, can't be compared. Admittedly some guitarists are better than others, but with famous ones like Vai, Satriani, Slash, Zakk, why would you even need to compare them with each other, when most of them play completely personalized styles. PS: I like Steve Vai too =]

  • Callum.

    slash is way better and rhandy roads and zakk wylde

  • Paul Gilbert
    Paul Gilbert

    Paul Gilbert page here!:)