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[moon] Wadebridge Camels R.F.C[moon]

10/30/08 | me too! | Reply

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Xbox Live: Call Of Duty W.A.W (xii ChAnO iix)
Me, Myself, and I
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Simeon Chan Tze Won™:)

Me And Tim At Boardmasters?
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The Other Half Of Me
Max .

Max .

This Kid Is A Legend !:D

Jared & Pat :P
These 2 Have Been My Best Mates Since Year 5 (:, I Love Them Like They Were My Brothers! And For Some Reason All We Ever Seem To Do At My House Is Eat, Sleep And Play Xbox All day :S:L But They're Good Days Cos We Always Make Jokes....Not Saying Bout What Haha Lol! So Literally All We Do At The Weekends Is Stay At Mine And Get Fat! Cos We Love It!!
Max & Luke (:
Maximus And Word Boy! Love Them :L , All It Is With Us Is Constant Swearing, Racism, Sex Positions And Fingering Eachother Assholes! Hahahaha! But To Be Honest Its Great! Funny As Fuck At Times....Just A Lil Bit OverBoard At Others, But Its Still Funny Shit!! Hahaha!
Dave & Eddy ;)
These Two, Are The Most Retarded/Stupid/Immature People You Will Ever Meet! But Thats Why I Love Them! Cos We Have Fun! From Playing Cod5 To Walking Up To Asda Late At Night, We Can Find Anything Amusing...Especially If Dave Finds A Helpless Frog :L . Oh And Also They Like To Throw Stones At My Toes Well We're In Whites Riverr! Stupid Dicks....LOVEYOU!

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  • hacked. by holly(:

    im hacking you btw; if you hadnt noticed by the thing that ses hackjed by holly.


    2 Comments 210 weeks

  • Best Girl Mates :)

    Gabbz : this girl is pretty legendary and really cool !(H) She's A major flirt especially on msn LOL right gabbz ? Shes a sexy white girl and im a sexy chink ;) :L One Of My Best Girl Mates Ever :) I Love You Gabbz x x P.s She's Got The Nicesstt ... Ever ;) lol

    Ohliviaa: I Love This Girl! known her since year 6! and been best mates ever since! and we're neigbors :L she always makes me horny ;) lol, andd she bullys me :C but i know she loves me :) Now Livz has got a nice Cleav*** :L loveyou Ohliviahh Aleshhandrahhhh Shmithhhh! x x

    Chrissy: Chrissy, Your always there for me :) and i thank you:D ! Besties alwasy! Vegas Love Division!! we have the weirdest Convos dotn we Miss Vain ? Lol THE BIG ASS CAMERA!!!! lol
    loveyou chrissy besties always x x and dont forget....VEGAS BUDDIES!! lol

    2 Comments 218 weeks

  • Hacked Much?

    Oooooops, somebody let roanna know there password and she decided to hack that certain someone :D Haha.. quick message to say... Simeon is Extremely COOOL :D
    haha, iloveyou Sim-sim :D xx

    0 Comments 222 weeks

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  • SlutFace

    Yurr so stupid:L xxxx

  • Max .
    luv Max .

    bitch :P agreeeed

  • Max .
    luv Max .

    ahh shit forgot the love

  • Max .
    Max .

    Oyeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (L)

  • Max .
    luv Max .

    I love you

  • Louis Murray
    Louis Murray

    sup add me please

  • Louis Murray
    Louis Murray

    hi simeon its me louis year 8 sup

  • Madison M
    luv Madison M

    OIOI sim u been k dude are u out 2moz xxx ly have sum love xxxx

  • Nedders And J
    luv Nedders And J

    No how long you out for?

    8/30/09 via Mobile
  • Olivia

    Haa. OMD! I was thinking an hour after i sent that, that i spelt it wrong, how wieerd :L :L But i know its spelt like typical :) Oh thank youuu lol

  • Olivia
    luv Olivia

    Aww bless :L Omd you really wanted to play rugby, first time back and you break something and cant do it for 12 weeks! Tipical Simeon. :L :L :L Thank youuu, have some more :P Meeh i dont care lol x

  • Olivia
    luv Olivia

    Heard about your collar bone, :(

  • Nedders And J
    luv Nedders And J

    Yes but you've paid for it!:) please come tomorow! X x

    8/18/09 via Mobile
  • Nedders And J
    luv Nedders And J

    Oi boi why wasn't you at cornwall training today? X x

    8/18/09 via Mobile
  • Olivia

    Cheerz bub :P

  • Holzii

    :) heloooooooooooooooooo yerh i'm good ta, woah leaving Mr.Elliotts daughter comments ;) haha, How'a you? x

  • Holly

    yeah thanks

  • Holly

    Heey! Yooou okky?

    8/3/09 via Mobile
  • Holzii

    (: Heloooooo x

  • Bradley

    looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo  l