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Joe Eccles

Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings

1/2/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 103
  • from Chertsey
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Me, Myself, and I
Don't usually use this now
I'm on facebook if anything...

The Other Half Of Me
Tim Goggin

Tim Goggin

i've laughed more times with him than at him

yep, and lots of it

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  • Put your hands up for Armenia

    Our fatherland, free and independent,
    That has lived for centuries
    His children are now calling
    Free independent Armenia.
    (repeat previous two lines)

    Here brother, for you a flag,
    That I made with my hands
    At nights I did not sleep,
    I washed it with tears.
    (repeat previous two lines)

    Look at it, in three colours
    It is our gifted symbol.
    Let it shine against the enemy.
    Let Armenia always be glorious.
    (repeat previous two lines)

    Everywhere death is the same
    Man will only die but once
    But fortunate is he
    who dies for the freedom of his nation.
    (repeat previous two lines)

    (repeat first verse)

    3 Comments 336 weeks

  • Ha Ha What a bunch of losers!!


    Check it out i sure would hate to be in that position

    0 Comments 344 weeks

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  • Like A Stone
    Like A Stone

    ye dude, sry bee kind of busy but ye i heard bout it it sucks :'(

  • Like A Stone
    Like A Stone

    i hate both lol

  • Like A Stone
    luv Like A Stone

    hey dude sry i havent spoken to u in so loonngg!! its been very weird lately, my uncle passed away last week thats why i havent answered u back well she hasnt yet but i'l keep u updated dude lol xxxcyaa

  • Maria

    U won't envy me come September and I'm broke and have no money starting Uni..... :L it will be a veeerrryyyy poor rag week for me :L Oh well.... sacrifices and all that!!! Lol And yeah loads of other bands will tour.... PLUS there's plenty more Brigade tours to come in the future!!! :D

  • Maria

    Sorry for the late reply. Yeah hopefully they'll have a winter tour... although they've done like what 3 tours already this year. Well, the Feb Headliner, the Aiden Tour, the Fightstar Tour and now another Headliner... so that's 4 :L Busy Boys... I'm sure they'll do more shows before the year is out tho... Me and my mate are doing all the dates of the nxt tour lol!! She has 3 years to make up on cuz she moved to Australia and she's coming back for a year in September!!! It will be fub :D But I'll be broke!! :L

  • Like A Stone
    luv Like A Stone

    hey sry dude my mom still has to sort out som stuff so it will be a couple of weeks maybe

  • Maria

    I see u got ur name changed on the forum?? Haha!! Did u PM Spider??? Sucks about not being able to see them @ Fightstar it was an amazing tour - I did Glasgow and Birmingham!!! LOVED IT!!!! Brigade were amazing. Yeah Fightstar are amazing I think I do really like the screamy stuff cuz I tend to like agressive music anyway!! But Brigade definately have the edge over them at the minute!! I'm sure they'll tour with INME again... like theyr'e good mates with them as far as I know!!! U going to any headliners?.... I have 5 planned so far [fingers crossed i can do 'em all] I have nowt else to do all summer - so why not AND it gets me outta Ireland for a week or 2 which can nly be a good thing!! Lol!! U have to do atleast ONE headliner.... wud be a crime not to y'no!!! :L xo

  • Maria

    Haha, well if you PM Spider - he might change it for you..... I kinda wish I didn't pick Queenie either... Maybe "Maria" would have been better!! Hahaha!! I am loving the new tunes - really immense!! Did you go to any Deathcar dates??? Oh and I have now decided that Brigade are far superior to Fightstar!! xo

  • luv Maria

    Ur on the Brigade forum right???? I seen ur DP picture from ur Bebo posted in the Intro Thread.... Just can't remember ur user name.... Oh, I'm "Queenie" by the way!!!

  • Like A Stone
    luv Like A Stone

    thank u dude

  • Like A Stone
    luv Like A Stone

    lol dude i saw the blog thingy u did u break my heart lmao anyway 10th nex month hows that lol cya then ps. gimme ur new addres LLLUUVVV

  • Buffy

    R-E-S-P-E-C-T :)

  • Like A Stone
    Like A Stone

    ye im ok u? dude i still got time lol r u on half term or sumin?? ye i heard it my sis loves it but i think its shit as always lol did u c the new angels and airwaves video 4 secret crowds??

  • * Ruth *
    * Ruth *

    ohh only just got your comment, sorry joe. and sorry for being so rude on sunday, i was in abit of a bad mood i guess, well not a bad mood was just tired and had the job of putting away all my dads equipment so yeh that was great fun.. how are you? did you have a good weekend? we havent spoken in an agee think i may have to come round for a chat sometime.. if that would be alright? i know i said it all the time and never do it, but this time it will be an exception!.. i promise :)

  • Buffy

    r-e-s-p-e-c-t!! :)

  • luv Maria

    hey no u dont no me lol!! but ya Brigade are amazing, i got 2 no them thru Fightstar who are my fave band but Brigade are deffo my second fave!!! Are u going to see them on the Aiden Tour??? Its gonna be the Business!!! Im going to see them in Dublin on March 31st. None of my mates will come cuz they dont like real music IMO!! But i dont really care cuz Im going anyway!! Am not missing Brigade!!! What do u think of Shortcuts?? Did u get the free download?? I cant wait til "Come morning we fight" comes out all the samples Ive heard are Amazing, Im loving Pilot too!!! Anyway I think Im talking too much now!! So here's some love since u've had 2 sit thru me blabbing on - hahahaha

  • Like A Stone
    Like A Stone

    nt really