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4/7/10 | me too! | Reply

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We All Have Dreams, They Are Unbreakable, This World Is Ours, This Ship's Unsinkable.

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  • '

    mood - okay
    relationship status - single
    clothes - jeans, vest top, cardigan
    desktop picture - me and hanna

    the shoes you wore today - dolly shoes
    your hair - black
    your height - 5ft 6.. i thinkk

    do you;
    swear - yee, alot
    want to get married - yes
    like thunderstorms - there okay
    remember your first love - yes
    believe it's possible to be faithful forever - yes,
    consider love a mistake - somtimes
    like the taste of alcohol - yes
    hate yourself - yeee
    have a bestfriend - yes a few
    wish on shooting stars - yeah

    have you ever;
    drank alcohol - yes
    ran away from home - nopee
    broken a bone - yes
    broken someone's heart - hope not!
    been cheated on - yes
    used somebody - nope
    cried at something on tv - yes
    had an imaginary friend - nopee
    cut your own hair - nope

    the future;
    age you want to be married - about 30ishh
    number of children - 2 maybe 3
    what do you want to be when you grow up - don't know yet, maybe a beauty therapist

    number of;
    people i could trust with my life - about 3
    piercings - 5
    scars on my body - lots & lots "/
    things in the past i regret - try not to regret things..

    favourite subject - pe
    favourite band - dont have a favourite, there are too many

    friends and life;
    do you have a boyfriend - nope
    which one of your friends is the most like you - hanna used to be.. "/
    are you close to any family member - nope.
    what is the best feeling in the world - being loved by someone.

    drinks or shots - both
    cats or dogs - dogs
    single or taken - taken
    gloves or mittens - gloves
    phone or in person - person

    in the last 24 hours;
    cried - no
    worn jeans - yes
    met someone new online - indeed i have
    apoligised to someone - probably
    argued with someone - yes

    last person you;
    saw - danni
    talked to on the phone - laura
    hugged - tash.. i think
    kissed - rather not sayy
    spoke to on msn - paige. (:
    last person who told you they loved you - ahah... me loved.. pftt :L

    0 Comments 207 weeks

  • Hanna Olivia Doreen Lilian Hansford;♥

    Well, what can I say, this girl is fucking amazing;
    She has helped me through everything, and I am sooo thankfull for that.
    She gets pissed, and passes out on my floor! :L
    She gives me her shoes at Thorpe Park, and walks around bare foot, even though she hates her feet, and all because I lost my shoes on a ride.
    She comes camping with me,and gets chatted up by like 40 year-old bikers, :L
    She helps me bully Elaine.
    She is like my sister.
    She destroys my bedroom as soon as she walks inside of it. :L
    She has taken up pretty much all of the space on my door, where she has wrote crapp on it.
    She lets me pierce her ear! :L
    She comes to Swindon with me, and calls it Africa.
    And she sits in trollies when it is snowing and falls out of them. :L
    Tbh I love you Hanna, and i dont actually know where I would be with out you, probably dead some where, :L
    It doesn't matter how far away you live, or how many times we fall out, i will allways be here for you. (yn)
    Bestfriends 'till the end, I promise.

    1 Comment 243 weeks

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  • Mark Smith

    hey babe, you upto much tonight? x

  • luv CrystalStar

    Heeeyyya!!8) xxx

    2/4/10 via Mobile
  • CrystalStar

    Hello!!;) xxx

    1/30/10 via Mobile
  • CrystalStar

    Okaaay!!;) thanks chickeeen it cool anyways!!! :) lol love is rare hav mine tomorrr!!:( xxx

    1/18/10 via Mobile
  • CrystalStar

    Thanks chick!!:) xxx

    1/17/10 via Mobile
  • CrystalStar

    Shee is just the biggest twat and thinks it's funny!! To get people to ring me sayin they goin to kill me and slice my mum up and that shit!!:/ so she is dead!! Xxxx

    1/17/10 via Mobile
  • CrystalStar

    The onee you were aftaa in yr 9 Amber Robinson!!! She a fuckin bitch,, xxxx:L

    1/17/10 via Mobile
  • CrystalStar

    Heeey can you tell Amber she is a twat and she is gettn beats the dirty mingen fishy hairy skett!!! Lol :L love you laurenn xxx

    1/17/10 via Mobile
  • Illuminous Colours
    luv Illuminous Colours

    {{ Join ;) }}

  • luv CrystalStar

    yeaaah!! JADEanal :L loveeyouuxxx

  • CrystalStar

    Heeey!!:D howwar youu?? Ramshakkkk:L xxx

    1/12/10 via Mobile
  • Elainee
    luv Elainee

    have sum love babe x

  • Elainee

    hi :) i wud say hws u but i imaging ur nt copin without me ahha nah seriously u k? u n alice prank me?!ye u did it was a reli bad prank call lol 'are u gonna bang'?! origonal hahahahaha miss u lol xxxxxxxxx

  • Danii Carter
    luv Danii Carter

    ahh well i suppose i could forgive you :L :D xx

  • Elainee

    cheers 4 letting me stay at urs :D ...dnt u just lv families lol appart frm mine..well sumtimes anways just fort id say thanks while ur at tesco with ur daddy and that i love u and wud litrally b lost with out u nt to mention homless xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Danii Carter
    luv Danii Carter

    stole my skin ahh ;) xxx

  • Dee.Babess

    heyyyyaa youu ok what you up too xx

  • Danii Carter
    Danii Carter

    aww :) why thank you lauren babess, your soo generous :D :L cant wait babeee ;) loveeyouuu xxx

  • Samuel Pissflap

    aha swish (: naa not really, you x