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Miss Emily.

i miss coota!!

2/8/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from cootamundra
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About Me

work it. live it. love it. /iD/
Me, Myself, and I
few details about me

* living in coota

*work in the deli at iga

*moving to syd next year to study at napoleon perdis!

*so in love

*miss the old life bring back yr 12 '07! coota to the coast!

*love travelling

*doesn't take anything for granted
The Other Half Of Me
Xx- Tish -Xx

Xx- Tish -Xx

gives me gumball machines :D

bit of everything, rock, hip hop, electro, pop etc etc cept country!
pirates of the carribean my all time fav!! hairspray, napoloen dynamite, lord of the rings lol, omg high school musical ha ha its great! the new 007 (hottie!), eragon( another hottie!), mean girls, spidey! ptss, superman lol the list continues um yeh any other movies with orli in it
love them all! -rent -phantom of the opera -hairspray -high school musical -chicago
Alyssa Jane.
I can not say enough about this girl! have known her since the day the little tucker was born she's been my inspiration and helped me through some tough times eh oh she also wakes up at 3am to suprise me at the airport what more could you ask for in a best friend!
My Girls.
>emmatt and i watch skinny get shot! miss you muchly >franwa, 3 words - i miss her.
>kim and i get lost on new york subways.
>tish likes to stare at my face and i at hers.
>lil jess maybe little in size but is big on randomness.
>megan is my awesome canadian cousin! hardly see her but when we are together WHOA look out!
i love them. they are my sunshine.
is my everything.
>gets up at 3am to suprise me at airports
>can cook a damn good meal
>been there longer than many friends
>always brings a smile to my face
>never another like him
love you so much babe forever and always.
is the place where i work and i love my iga bitches they are local heroes!
>livvy >keden >tan >brodster >tilda >soph >ab & ab

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    this is a crap drawing of our ever so delicious nachos!

    Xx- Tish -Xx 0 Replies
  • 3!

    Known you since we were like 3 years old.. Now you're finishing school and I'm leaving interstate.. And you international!?

    Oh dear..

    Times have changed, but the friendship never has :) .

    Or will.


    Bradley Thomas Alfred . 0 Replies

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  • Stephane Clennon

    You have to check this out http://alturl.com/zzzga

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • -X Sairz X-
    luv -X Sairz X-

    Well miss emily! i cant believe i didnt get to see u before u left to hit up th club DAMN! well u have an absolute ball up there n i will be thinkin of u :D oh guess what...im finnishing my beauty services certificates :D ...doing cert 3 this year in wagga! ah well have fun babe n we will have to catch up when ur home next! Say gday to Napoleon for me haha! Love ya xoxo

  • Olivia .
    luv Olivia .

    *in movie girl bites strawberry, boy eats the rest of it* - little kid sitting behind us all of a sudden goes: EWWWW. *emily, sophie and liv start laughing* hahaha funny. what a cute kid.

  • Mariné
    luv Mariné

    hey miss em atm im really cravin potato bake nd i thought of u cause u make da best potato bake haha well cya at dancin darl x

  • Olivia . 12/2/08
  • Olivia .
    luv Olivia .

    love you. i dont want you to leave. i get so sad just thinking about it. this sucks :( :( :(

  • Olivia .
    luv Olivia .

    wed wed wed! thats when im back! woo. im a bit scared =S.. i forget how to do and work everything. eeep. love love love you

  • Olivia .
    luv Olivia .

    i do believe so. bet that makes you smile :)

  • Olivia . 11/9/08
  • Xx- Tish -Xx

    went to madam tussauds today.. it was AWESOME! lol cant wait to tell u all about my tour, met some awesoem ppl.. headin to camden when i get home to meet up wth some of the girls i've met! miss u like a hole in the head! xx

  • Xx- Tish -Xx

    I LOVE BERLIN seriously i really love it here!! going on a berlin pub crawl tonight woot woot!!! theme is bad taste 80#s i bought the most awesome fluro pants today.. like 5 euro!! BAargain!! miss u sooooo much love you xx

  • Olivia .
    luv Olivia .

    i love that. Yup i do. Surely do. love you xx

  • Olivia .
    luv Olivia .

    wayy loves u

  • Dannii.V
    luv Dannii.V

    heya chicken! just cruisin and i thought id drop by and a line!! hehe.. hope all is well.. behave x x x

  • Bradley Thomas Alfred .

    Probably, I just updated my phone =p Umm well my holidays finish tomorrow, back to school on Monday with my first VCE exam next Wednesday and my auditions for next year start Friday and go until Monday. GAH! Scared much.. YES! Tom. Next time I'm home is undecided as yet.

  • luv Bradley Thomas Alfred .

    Hey GIRL! Did you get my text that night? Mum brought the gift home. Thank you so much by the way (if you didn't get my text) I won $16 and a free $1 ticket thing. =p I was planning on coming but the whole I don't drive thing got in the way and Mum was already half way in when we were on our way home. It just didn't work. BUT thank you =] I miss my soul mate too. Haven't seen you in bonkers! Guess who's been clubbing too.. OMG. =] Tom.

  • Olivia .
    luv Olivia .

    i know! its so very rude of them! and the worst part is that this means we wont be able to watch it together! cos u'll be in sydney and i wont be! :( well iv been at home. doing shit school stuff. so isnt worth it. :D deffo, i would love for that to occur! i wouldnt like anything thankyou lol. meh HSC can bite me as far as im concerned. i know, like one and a bit months to go! i dont think im going to stay in the Deli tho... it really drives me crazy and i was like dad if you care about my mental health what-so-ever you will eventually remove me from the Deli. see tyou soon HOPEFULLY! miss u too! xxx

  • Olivia .
    Olivia .

    uhh kinda missing you. :( damn the HSC. its taken you away from me! so i have bad news about the harry potter thing.. parrently they have changed its release date to like july in 09. the butt heads. at least we still have our high school musical. but its not the same. im 18 on friday em! like wowie! i have to get back to biology. POO. i love u! i have no love left waaaaaaa

  • Bradley
    luv Bradley

    EYY i did survive, only just.. and my birthday will be awesome, coz you and jack are comin BRAD!!