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Sonata Arctica

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Kemi, Finland
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About Me

The OFFICIAL Sonata Arctica Bebo Page!
Me, Myself, and I
Sonata Arctica are a power metal band from Kemi in Finland.

Tony Kakko - Vocals
Elias Viljanen - Guitars
Henrik Klingenberg - Keyboards
Marko Paasikoski - Bass
Tommy Portimo - Drums

Tony (on keyboard), Jani (guitar), Marko (on guitar), Tommy and Pentti Peura (bass) formed the hard rock band Tricky Means in 1996. After 4 demos, a few personnel changes and a shift from rock to power metal, they brought out their debut album 'Ecliptica' in 2000 and Sonata Arctica had officially arrived.

Now pursuing a slightly different avenue of music with their latest album, 'Unia', Sonata Arctica are still going strong and producing some of the best music on the melodic metal scene at the moment.

Visit Sonata Arctica's official website: http://www.sonataarctica.info

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    Finland's SONATA ARCTICA will return to tour North America this Fall (September / October '09) as direct support to British epic power metallers Dragonforce. Opening each night of the tour will come from Las Vegas' Taking Dawn.

    Confirmed dates so far:
    09/17/09 The Jumping Turtle - San Marcos, CA (SONATA ONLY)
    09/18/09 House of Blues - Hollywood, CA
    09/19/09 Regency Center @ The Grand - San Francisco, CA
    09/20/09 Roseland Theater - Portland, OR
    09/21/09 Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, BC - CANADA
    09/23/09 Edmonton Events Centre - Edmonton, AB - CANADA
    09/24/09 MacEwan Hall Ballroom - Calgary, AB - CANADA
    09/25/09 Odeon Events Centre - Saskatoon, SK - CANADA
    09/26/09 Burton Cummings - Winnipeg, MB - CANADA
    09/28/09 Beaumont Club - Kansas City, MO
    09/29/09 The Cabooze - Minneapolis, MN
    09/30/09 House of Blues - Chicago, IL
    10/02/09 Sound Academy - Toronto, ON - CANADA
    10/03/09 Le Medley - Montreal, QC - CANADA
    10/04/09 Theatre Imperial - Quebec City, QC - CANADA
    10/06/09 The Fillmore @ Irving Plaza - New York City, NY
    10/07/09 Ram's Head Live - Baltimore, MD
    10/09/09 The Palladium - Worcester, MA
    10/10/09 The Chance - Poughkeepsie, NY
    10/11/09 Theatre of the Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA
    10/12/09 Webster Theater - Hartford, CT (SONATA ONLY)
    10/13/09 Rex Theater - Pittsburgh, PA (SONATA ONLY)
    10/15/09 Music Hall - London, ON – CANADA (SONATA ONLY)
    10/16/09 Peabody’s - Cleveland, OH (SONATA ONLY)
    10/17/09 Uncle Pleasants - Louisville, KY (SONATA ONLY)
    10/18/09 Rave - Milwaukee, WI (SONATA ONLY)

    Tickets to SONATA ARCTICA headlining dates will go exclusively on pre-sale on June 19th via EnterTheVault.com: http://www.enterthevault.com/artist..... On July 10th, tickets will be available thru all ticketing outlets.

    In early May 2009, SONATA ARCTICA issued the following update:

    "Many... OK, let's not kid ourselves here, but at least some of you wonder how the [new SONATA ARCTICA] album is progressing. So far the drums, bass and rhythm guitars are done. Some weeks ago we had a meeting with the boys and among other things we decided which songs are going to be on the album and in what order. Hell yeah!! So we're right on schedule and....still have a couple of weeks until the mixing starts. Those dear days will be spent on working out the keyboard tracks, Tony's [Kakko] got a bunch of vocals left to do, we're still waiting on some guest 'tracks, etc. All in all we're once again excited as hell about the new stuff and if everything goes well you'll have a new SONATA album in your hands next fall."

    Klingenberg previously described the new SONATA ARCTICA material as "a bit darker and maybe not so complex as [2007's] Unia. Nevertheless, it's definitely not a back-to-the-roots album with fast power metal. All the trademark SONATA stuff is on there, solos, lots of singing some slower songs."

    Members of SONATA ARCTICA recently joined forces with Dark Tranquillity members to form Rockstars of Poker (http://www.rockstarsofpoker.info/), a poker team which aims to give fans a chance to meet their heroes while playing poker online.

    Rockstars of Poker works together with Betfriends.com and gives everyone a chance to challenge the team totally free. In addition to the prizepool sponsored by Betfriends.com, whoever kicks any of the team members out of each tournament gets special band-related prizes.

    Rockstars of Poker (http://www.rockstarsofpoker.info/) co-founder Henrik Klingenberg (of SONATA ARCTICA) explains: "Me and Marko (Paasikoski, SONATA ARCTICA) and Martin (Brandstrom) as well as Martin (Henriksson, both of DARK TRANQUILLITY) met over a couple of beers at a festival in Italy last summer and found out that we're all really into poker. Later we stayed in touch and at some point a poker playing friend of ours asked us why we don't have our own tournaments."

    As both bands have gotten several requests for

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  • Official page transfer

    Hi everybody,

    Our sincere apologies to all of you who weren't contacted, before they were removed as a band member, moderator or before their band profile was removed.

    In advance Bebo checked the respective profiles that were being taken over by Nuclear Blast Records for inactivity. The policy of Bebo prohibits taking over active profiles without contacting the creator. So any profile, which was taken over without any notice to the creator, has not been accessed in a period longer than 3 months.
    In case our assumptions concerning the inactivity of your profiles were wrong, again our apologies to everybody, affected by this step.

    We hope you can understand the label's obligation to our artists, to maintain their copyrights and publicity. Hands down, you have made the biggest step of all, by creating really successful and beautiful Bebo profiles. Thank you very much, as well on behalf of our artists. We really appreciate your time and efforts you have spent in creating and maintaining the profiles. Thanks.

    Multiple unofficial band profiles, however, are quite confusing and not helpful for fans to get an update on the most recent news about the band.

    Finally, we hope that you will continue to stay active on Bebo and enjoy the music of your favourite bands.


    Nuclear Blast Records \m/

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  • Sonata Arctica's History

    Sonata Arctica was born in 1996 on the edge of the world, in the northern Finnish town of Kemi. The very first incarnation of the band was named Tricky Beans. As Tricky Beans, the group produced three demos (Friend till the End, Agre Pamppers and PeaceMaker) and played twice in Jyrki Sähkösirkus, a live tour version of a then famous TV pop show.

    After some personnel changes in 1997, the outfit changed their name to Tricky Means. Let it be known to the Metal community that initially the band experimented in musical styles far from heavy metal.

    Turning the page in 1999, Tricky Means recorded a new demo "FullMoon" in Tico Tico Studios located in their hometown, Kemi. At the time of recording the line-up consisted of: Tony (vocals/keys), Jani (guitars), Tommy (drums), and Janne (bass). This new demo was the first exploration for the band in heavy metal waters. The band's trademark sound of fast, melodic and keyboard oriented heavy metal with clear and high vocals was born. As fate would have it, and with help from Ahti Kortelainen of Tico Tico Studio,
    the "FullMoon" demo found its way to the premier metal label of Finland, Spinefarm. At the same time Tricky Means became Sonata Arctica.

    Summer of 1999 brought us the first single from Sonata Arctica, "UnOpened". The title song was instantaneously included in Metalliliitto 1999 compilation CD. Two furious tracks from the single, UnOpened and "Mary-Lou" marked the arrival of SA to the power metal community. Of course, not everything went smoothly. During the first mix/pressing of the UnOpened single, Track 1, UnOpened, was unintentionally slowed down. The mistake was discovered shortly after the first batch of disks was sent to music stores. The entire first pressing was recalled. Approximately 200 copies from that first run were sold and are now considered rare collector's items.

    Autumn of 1999 marked the release of the very first full-length album, "Ecliptica". Initially released in Finland, other countries quickly followed. Widely successful, Ecliptica opened doors for Sonata Arctica to participate in two tribute records. 'I Want Out' for a Helloween tribute album "Keepers of Jericho" and 'Still Loving You' for a Scorpions tribute, "A Tribute to the Scorpions" were both kick-ass versions of originals.

    Soon after the release of Ecliptica, band's mastermind Tony Kakko decided to concentrate more on singing, as opposed to trying to sing and play keyboards at the same time. Mikko Härkin (ex-Kenziner) joined the band to relief Tony from keys and to allow the frontman to roam the stage. This change allowed for much more energetic live shows. It introduced a new capability for Sonata Arctica - to have two keyboard players simultaneously, adding a new cool twist to the live sound.

    Quick rise to fame continued through the end of 1999 and beginning of 2000. Soon after the release of Ecliptica, Sonata Arctica was chosen as support band for Stratovarius' European Tour, winning over 32 other bands from 15 different record companies. The tour started in April of 2000 with Strato and Rhapsody on the road. It lasted for two months, during which Sonata played over 30 gigs in 10 countries, traveling thousands of

    Very successful tour was followed by the release of the new mini-CD Successor. This new disk included two previously unreleased tracks, two cover tracks for upcoming tribute albums, some live tracks from Provinssi Rock and one edited track from Ecliptica.

    In a small line-up change, Janne Kivilahti made a decision to part with the band due to personal reasons. Janne's last gig took place in Kemi on 30th June in the summer of 2000. Janne was replaced by Marko Paasikoski, who happened to be one of the founding members of Tricky Beans. Being a familiar face to the entire band, the transition was smooth and transparent.

    Year 2000 brought not only a big tour, new mini-CD, and a small line-up change, but also media recognition. Sonata was chosen as a cand

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    Brian i disagree. All there albums hav had a diffrent style change

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    I Love this band. Good singer. they rule

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    Yay it finally arrived! Have to say i'm liking this one. :D i also liked unia though, even though it was a bit different from there usual. Xx

    9/30/09 via Mobile
  • Brian Courtney

    Got the new album a few days ago & i have to say it is a real grower. I seems to be a real return to form, as i agree with some of the previous comments in that the last album wasnt up to much.

  • Suzy Fitz CatatonicAngel
    luv Suzy Fitz CatatonicAngel

    haven't gotten the new album yet :( they don't sell them in Ireland so i had to order it online! waiting is sooo annoying! is it good anyone?? xx ps. woohoo seeing Sonata in December :DD

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    i dont like either of the 2 latest albums tbh i love everything else though

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    new album - ace :)

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    new album is fuckin sick.

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    Come to Scotland

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    te best band ever cant wait til the ew album comes to the uk pre ordered it .

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    I love sonata arctica, 1 of the best bands going.

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  • BrokenMind
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    You have to come to New Zealand and show us what REAL music is guys!!! Your songs have influenced me, especially broken as it describes my most recent heartbreak PERFECTLY! Thanks boys and keep on rockin!