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† Legion of Filth † [Belfast]

New song: Tragic Kingdom from the new album Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder

8/27/08 | me too! | Reply

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Erudite, more ambitious and more fiendishly creative than any of their Norse contemporaries, Cradle emerged in 1991 from the bat-infested Suffolk shadows with a fully-formed and multi-faceted sound; a cunning amalgam of venomous black metal, high gothic drama and pure British steel that immediately elevated them above the malnourished aspirations of their peers and grabbed the attention of both the global metalhead legions and the controversy-starved music press in the UK. A raw and belligerent debut album, 1994's 'The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh', ensured that the band's now trademark bombast and arrogance were proclaimed loud and clear and within months Cradle Of Filth were firmly established as the UK metal scene's sharpest and bloodiest blades.

"I am not the Hand of God; I am the Thorn!" - Dani Filth

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Cradle of filth - Beneath the Howling stars (live)

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    Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who's the blackest of them all? Why, Cradle of Filth, of course. England's most notorious and nefarious metal band are gearing up to release their darkest, most dastardly album of all, titled Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder, for Roadrunner Records on October 28. The album, which will have a special edition with an extra disc and bonus material, arrives just in time for Halloween, a holiday that fits Cradle of Filth's blackened, ghostly aesthetic.

    The album is conceptual and is based on the well-documented, true-life fall from grace of a shadowy historical figure named Gilles de Rais, a wealthy French nobleman who was one of Joan of Arc's brothers-in-arms. He was best known, however, as a prolific serial killer who mixed prayers with his nightly murders as well as an aspiring alchemist. He was accused of a panoply of crimes, among them heresy, demonology and kidnapping. There's even an extreme fringe sect of historians who question de Rais' true status, with some convinced he was framed.

    Regardless of viewpoint, leave it to Cradle of Filth to dissect de Rais' biography, exploring subversive, inflammatory historical subject matter in its lyrics, taking an unjaundiced look at a controversial figure in European history, set to epic black metal music. The band profiled Hungarian countess Elizabeth Bathory, who attempted to preserve her youth by bathing in the blood of virgins, in the past and now moves forward by framing their latest album around the story of de Rais.

    Cradle of Filth's vocalist Dani Filth elaborated on the album's concept, saying, "By far this is our most extreme, dramatic and deeply disturbing album to date. The legend of Gilles de Rais has been given fresh, vampyrical life in this conceptual meisterwerk, swathed in pitch-black magic and a viciousness unsurpassed in the annals of Cradle history. Screw what our detractors say, everyone who has heard this album has bruised their jaws on the pentagram-bejewelled floor."

    The tracklisting for Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder is as follows:

    1.In Grandeur And Frankincense Devilment Stirs
    2.Shat Out Of Hell
    3.The Death Of Love
    4.The 13th Caesar
    6.Tragic Kingdom
    7.Sweetest Maleficia
    8.Honey And Sulphur
    9.Midnight Shadows Crawl To Darken Counsel With Life
    10.Darkness Incarnate
    11.Ten Leagues Beneath Contempt
    12.Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder

    Cradle of Filth follows up 2006's Thornography with a bigger, faster and louder conceptual new album. The band retains their hard-earned reputation as the best of the blackest with Godspeed on the Devil's Thunder. The Album should coincide with the release of the long-awaited history book he wrote with Gavin Baddeley "Gospel of Filth: A Bible of Decadence and Darkness," which he hopes will be out by Halloween - around the time the new record drops.

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  • Cradle of Filth line up

    Dani Filth - Scripture and Howls
    Dave Pybus - Poisoned Heart Throb
    Rosie Smith - Keys to Ransack Heaven
    Charles Hedger - Suicide Notes / Broken Heart Strings
    Martin Škaroupka - Savage Repercussion
    Paul Allender - Despondent Night Chords
    Sarah Jezebel Deva - Dulcet Ghostly Song

    Martin Fowl,'Lecter', Damien-Keyboards
    Robin Graves,Stuart Antis-Guitar
    Sarginson,Adrian Nicholas-drum

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  • Paul Allender Interview

    Aaron Yoxheimer of The Morning Call recently conducted an interview with CRADLE OF FILTH guitarist Paul Allender. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

    On being criticized by journalists in their homeland (England):

    "I don't know how it is everywhere else, but in England the media love to build a band up and then smash them right down again. They built us up early on, then smashed us down, but we just kept getting bigger and bigger and they absolutely hated it.

    "You can pick up any English music magazine and without fail there's always somebody writing an editorial just having a dig at us. At the end of the day, I don't mind, because it's free press."

    On the band's popularity in the U.S.:

    "It's slowly getting there. We'll see how it is when we come to the U.S. for touring. Since our last album (2004's 'Nymphetamine', which was nominated for the best metal performance Grammy Award), we have seen it go up, which is brilliant."

    "We've got so many fans from so many different walks of life that there really isn't a typical one. We've got fans who like heavy metal in general. We've still got the Goths. We've got punk-rock kids into the new album ('Thornography'). We've even got people in business suits. There really isn't one type of fan."

    On "Thornography", which was released last October:

    "There's more thrash influence and it's got more guitar solos. We tried to get more into the whole (JUDAS PRIEST) Glenn Tipton/K.K. Downing sort of scenario, working with harmonies and stuff like that, but putting it in in a cool way, not just to have it in there.

    "We don't like putting solos in for solos' sake. There has to be a place for it, and a lot of songs on this album were written with solos in mind. On the previous stuff it was just too busy; there's no need to put solos over single-note harmonies. It would just sound horrible. There has to be some solid rhythm tracks in order for the solos to sing."

    On why CRADLE is playing at the Trocadero in Philadelphia, instead of a larger venue like the Electric Factory, where the band performed during its previous Philadelphia stops:

    "The shows we do in Europe are too expensive to do in the States because the cost of shipping all the stuff over is more than we can afford. To be honest, we don't really earn anything out of touring. We just try to break even, and if we can't do that, then we're just cutting our faces off, really.

    "To be fair, though, you've got a lot of American bands who — I don't want to say they sound the same — but in terms of production and the way songs are written, do sound similar. Plus, your country's so big that there's no need for Americans to get into anyone outside of the U.S., because there's bands popping up all the time. Having said that, now that a lot of European bands are getting bigger, a lot of American fans are starting to look outside their own shores, which is good. We know this because our record sales are up and our popularity (in America) is getting bigger."

    On how long a band like CRADLE OF FILTH can last:

    "I'm hoping we can get another 10 or 15 years out of this. It'd be bloody incredible, but of course I'll be about 50 then. But who knows. I'll keep pushing it and pushing it until it collapses."

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