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David Lunney

I'm leavin Éire to study art in Rhode Island for 3 months!!!! (early february)

12/3/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Ballinteer
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Lunn(e)y wears...

No recession in the session.


Lyric Fm
Big In Japan
La Haine
Jurassic Park
Drawing Windows
My New Job
The Pogues
The Police

"Wet bus stop, whe's waiting
His car is warm and dry.

Don't stand so close to me."

"She said: "Greetings"
Hold tight for a new jam
Hold tight with the mic in the left hand"

Fire walk with me.
The Other Half Of Me
The Great Effrum

The Great Effrum

Glorified version of a pellet gun.

Don't worry, I have a great taste in music.
JURASSIC PARK, La Haine, Clerks, The Lost Boys, The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, Stand by Me, Lord of the Rings, Scarface, Pulp Fiction, Goodfellas, Ferris Buellers Day Off, The Truman Show.
Things I do
Draw and do printmaking in NCAD, play mandolin (just started), alot of hanging out too, im never too averse to a drink either....Sportswise: Mountain Biking, Skateboarding, hiking, nothing to serious.
Only on the internet.
I attend NCAD, I spend more time there than is healthy. I have specialized into printmaking.
Art (does one's college course count as a hobbie?), chillin', skatin'.
Northern Lights Trilogy, Down and out in Paris and London, Holes, Brazil, 100 Years of Solitude, Homage to Catalonia, The Graduate

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  • Communal joke blog!

    It's high time i started a joke blog, here goes. Feel free to add, just keep it relatively kosher. Once you comment ill add it to the list with a credit beside the joke to say it was you. (by the way, if the joke isnt up to standard, namely a dead baby joke, i wont be putting it up. You paeda-necrophiliacs can go elsewhere ;) )

    Why is camping so stressful?

    It's not stressful, its just intense.

    Why couldn't the bike stand up?

    It was two tired.

    What did the leper say to the prostitute?

    Keep the tip. (best joke ever)

    (It should be duly noted that on initially hearing this joke Paddy thought it was leopard instead of leper, none the less the joke became his favorite joke ever, upon finding out the true meaning of the joke paddy said he liked his interpretation better, claiming that a leopard havin sex with a prostitute was by far the funnier image)

    Why did the mexican push his wife off the cliff?


    Did you hear about the clam that went to the disco?

    He pulled a muscle.

    What must you know to be an auctioneer?


    Whats the difference between oral and anal sex?

    Oral makes your day, anal sex makes your whole week.

    A bus load of nuns crash on the Naas Road and they all go to heaven, they are awaiting entry through the Pearly Gates. St.Peter is handling the situation personally due to the nature of the deceased. First in line is Sister Mary, "have you ever sinned, Sister Mary?" St.Peter said, Sister Mary admits that she once touched a penis, but that it was merely a flick, Saint Peter tells her, dip your finger in this font of Holy Water and you sins will be cleansed, she does so and enters into heaven. Sister Assumpta is next in line, and St. Peter asks her the same question, she admits that she may have held a penis before, Peter sighs and tells her to dip her whole hand into the font, she does so and enters. A large fat nun suddenly calls up from the back "Can I skip the queue? I want to gargle that water before Sister Attracta sticks her arse in it!"

    A man walks into a bar, orders two pints and sits down and waits for his freinds.

    A policeman, a Rabbi and a Catholic Preist walk into a bar, the barman looks up from the taps and says, "Is this some kind of joke?"

    How do snails keep their shells shiny?

    Snail varnish. (Courtesy of Ms. J Campbell)

    Three vampires walk into a bar. One orders a blood on the rocks. Another orders a double blood. The third simply asks for a mug of hot water.

    "Why didn't you order blood like everyone else?" asks the bartender.

    The vampire pulls out a tampon and says, "I'm making tea!" (thanks to Howley!)

    "hilarious joke-teller:'did you hear that american actress reese_________ was killed?'
    predicted response: 'witherspoon?'
    hilarious jokester:'no, WITH A KNIFE'
    hehehe" (not your best Kate :Z )

    Two fish are in a tank, one says to the other.......how do u drive this thing?!! (A. Taylor)

    How do you know when the tide's gone out?

    It gives you a wave.

    Where does Saddam Hussein keep his CD's?...

    In Iraq! (Howley :) )

    Why do women get orgasms?

    To give them something else to moan about! (Sean)

    What do women and a hurricane have in common?

    They both make lots of noise when they're coming and take everything with them when they leave. (Shane)

    Did you hear about the large shipment of viagrathat got stolen?

    Gardaí are looking for hardened criminals. (luke)

    Did you know that diarehha is herditary?

    Yeah, it runs in your genes ;) (suzie)

    Last night Hugh commented on my joke blog "I came up with a joke the other week when I was really drunk, but by the time I woke up it was gone. I hate it when that happens. I think it involved two ladyboys and a spoon..." The person who can think of the best joke involving these things/elements will win a special prize! ;)

    Why does tigger have no friends??
    ....coz he plays with poo (sadhbh takes credit for this

    1 Comment 323 weeks

  • Mental degradation.

    From ●¢ℓαιяє ● <this-rox-my-sox>
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    Subject for ur mum
    Sent 4 days ago
    IF u love your mum send this to everyone on ur list or she'll die in 1hour I love my mum to much to ignore this ♥

    3 Comments 356 weeks

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    Filth Fetish

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    Lorna O'Rourke

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  • Tootie

    Hey Lunney!!! Long time no see! Hope you're well! Anywho, having my 21st on Sat 11th April in glenalbyn sports club in stillorgan, it starts around 9 and I'd love if you could make it, you can bring your friends too! (here's the website incase u need directions- www.glenalbyn.ie) Love Lauren xxxxx

  • Briain O Lionnain

    well lad,hows the states treating ya?

  • Amanda Barton
    luv Amanda Barton

    Where would YOU go if you could choose, Costa Rica or Equador??? Big Decision! What time was it over there when I was textin you??? I really hope I didnt wake you up!! :)

  • Kate Ferguson
    luv Kate Ferguson

    yank love - hope youre settling nicely- ill actually write you a real letter if you send me your address!

  • luv Reuben

    Sorry I couldn't make it to your dinner man but I hope you're getting on well. I'm keeping your spirit alive and well here by wearing your shirt that I stole off you. Let me know when spring break and all that is, a visit would be the best.

  • Jeffrey Courtney Flynn
    luv Jeffrey Courtney Flynn

    hey man. hows the states? i assume you got there safely?

  • Sarah Mc Evoy
    luv Sarah Mc Evoy

    Lunney i found this pic from school look closely its fucking hilarious!! hahaha

  • Sarah Mc Evoy
    Sarah Mc Evoy

    Yr right facebook is way better.. :D By the way did u really get hit by a car?? (below)

  • luv Reuben

    I also heard you got hit by a car! :O HOLY SMOKES

  • Jeffrey Courtney Flynn
    Jeffrey Courtney Flynn

    i heard you got hit by a car? yalrite? must give you your jacket back. how was camping?

  • Hugh Hick
    luv Hugh Hick

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHsIb... Thought you might appreciate this!

  • luv Jan

    i'm on the same floor as you for the next 2 weeks doing a painting elective, expect a visit! i saw your busy orange hatted self today but i didn't want to disturb you as you looked immersed. i'll disturb you soon!

  • Lawlor
    luv Lawlor

    its a new year a new new year. yipppidy new year 2009 actuctually i reckon its going to be shite at least for a while me and phoebe and steph and roderick and judie and ruddeen all say hello happy new year see you on monday love you dave!

  • Cally Locko
    Cally Locko

    the holidays are boring and bebo is depressing. You'd probably have something unintentionally/intentionally funny to say. Miss ya shits.

  • Mr. Cum Face
    Mr. Cum Face

    i know u, ur that guy who stole my shirt and coat at tac. naughty man. cool

  • Rachel Donnelly
    Rachel Donnelly

    oh my gosh that absolutely fantastic news. congratulations! finally got a job at this fancy clothes store in the fairmont hotel things are getting crazy with the christmas season and today our roof fell in because the pipes cracked there was water all through the shop and it was hectic merry christmas lunney. xx