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te amo (L)

2/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 41
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Member since: September 2006
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .♥

  .Chloe. Alexandra. Louise. Spinks.

    ♥ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
My Baby Boy Is Perfect...
And I Love Him With All My Heart&&Soul x♥x

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  • About me.

    Name : Chloe Alexandra Louise Spinks :D
    Nick Name : Spinksy, Chlo, Blondie, chloesurfersexylondonpants...
    Birthdate : 26th June 1993... or 29th November 1992/1993 ;)
    Birthplace: Maidstone, Kent
    Current Location: My bed.
    Eye Color: Green but sometimes they look blue.
    Hair Color: Blondiee :D
    Height: about 5ft7?
    Weight: AHAH dont joke.
    Piercings: Ears.
    Tatoos: Nonee
    Boyfriend/Girlfriend: most amazing boyfriend in the universe :D
    Vehicle: No :(
    Overused Phrase: ahah, this is true.
    Food: Pasta?
    Pub/Disc/Restaurant: ziziiiiis?
    Candy: not too sure...
    Number: 23 (x3 = 69 ;) )
    Color: Yellow :D
    Animal: dog probably.
    Drink: coke?
    Body Part on Opposite sex: Can i just have evan in general pleaase? (A) (L) ;)
    Perfume: Coco Chanel
    TV Show: faaaamily guy
    Music Album: not sure.
    Movie: Love actually, Hot fuzz.
    Actor/Actress: Robert Pattinson?
    This or That
    Pepsi or Coke: Coke
    McDonalds or BurgerKing: Mackie D's?
    Chocolate or Vanilla Chocolatee
    Hot Chocolate or Coffee: Hot Chocolate
    Kiss or Hug: Both :D
    Dog or Cat: Dog
    Rap or Punk: Rap
    Summer or Winter: Summer!
    Scary Movies or Funny Movies: Both.
    Love or Money: Love.. any day.
    Bedtime: ? When I feel like it.
    Most Missed Memory: being with evann
    Best phyiscal feature: probably my hairrrr?
    First Thought Waking Up: what time is it and can i go back to sleep?
    Ambition: keep hold of him always.
    Best Friends: Loran, Katieee.
    Weakness: Neck Kisses by my baby boy... basically anything he does to me acc ;)
    Fears: Wasting time, not being with him.
    Longest relationship: 4 months?
    HAVE YOU...
    Cheated Your Partner: NO
    Ever been beaten up: Nope.. goh a black eye though =| (waterpolo... dangerous stuff maann)
    Ever beaten someone up: Nope
    Ever Shoplifted: haha no... but nush got banned from boots for getting caught ahah
    Ever Skinny Dipped: ahah naah.. not yet :P
    Ever Kissed Opposite sex: Yes ;)
    Been Dumped Lately: Nopee
    Favorite Eye Color: Blue or green or a combination of the two
    Favorite Hair Color: Brown
    Short or Long: whatever suits?
    Height: IDC
    Style: that fits his personality
    Looks or Personality: Both
    Hot or Cute: Both
    Muscular or Really Skinny: Muscular :D
    Basically... EVAN.
    What country do you want to Visit: WALES. NOW PLEAASE?
    How do you want to Die: with the person i love.
    Been to the Mall Lately: Yes i have :D
    Get along with your Parents: normally
    Health Freak: when i want to be i am...
    Do you think your Attractive: not really
    Believe in Yourself: Sort of
    Want to go to College: Sixth Form then Uni
    Do you Smoke: Nopee
    Do you Drink: no :) << proud of thiiis :)
    Shower Daily: ofc!
    Been in Love: i am in love.
    Do you Sing: Constantly... ahah it really pisses my mates off [[which is probably one of the reasons i do it :P ]]
    Want to get Married: Yep
    Do you want Children: Yep
    Age you wanna lose your Virginity: hahah.... about that?
    Hate anyone: atm? yeah.

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  • Chloe ?

    [♥] so who is the girl? [♥]
    [♥] they call her: Chloe [♥]
    [♥] she fell from heaven on: 26th June 1993 [♥]
    [♥] she sees the world through: bluey-green eyes [♥]
    [♥] she brushes: blonde hair [♥]
    [♥] she stands at: 5ft 7 [♥]
    [♥] she walks in: size 7 [♥]
    [♥] shes living in: a little village near Hitchin [♥]

    0 Comments 352 weeks

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    Yeh it was god but i was ill...x ThanksForTheCardd....x xxxxx :D

  • ILoveyou

    Oh thats good thenn :D Im alrightt tarrrr Howwa you bludddd ? xx

  • ILoveyou
    luv ILoveyou

    Hows ya grandaddd :\ Hope he gets betterr Dw He'll get betterr sooon here is thou lovee xxx give backk doood :D xxx

  • ILoveyou

    Yeh been the greatest days of my life :D you xx

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  • ILoveyou

    Yh im fine tar :D N wecum howa u ?? xx

  • ILoveyou

    Hope you had a safe journey =] Good luck with waterpolo elliee

  • ILoveyou
    luv ILoveyou

    Go on msnn :D looking forward to tommoraa :D xx Ellie

  • ILoveyou

    Up to nothinggg =[ having a bad day there arguingg again lol x.x.x ewwy

  • ILoveyou

    It is the weekend and my mates over =] its been good =S wuu2?? ewwy|jay|sheedy xxxooo

  • ILoveyou
    luv ILoveyou

    Lol its week today till ya cummingg :D Cant wait to see you xx give luv back =]

  • ILoveyou

    Hello =] Btw im evans sister :D Seeyou on 9 days bi bi wa is ur msn x.x.

  • Bethaniie

    helllooo,,x hows your hand? gonnah have a cousnly nyt soon yay .. love you xxxxx

  • Bethaniie

    hey babes havnt seen u in foreva be gd to c u soon love u xx