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I love Dana Turner!

2/28/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Dana's bed
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Me, Myself, and I
[27//02//09 - 28//02//09]

▀▄ 69 [[dob: November 24th]]
▀▄ England
▀▄ Pervert
▀▄ Sex Addict

Shmexi Mothafucka;;
Dana is my wife.
She humps me.
Sex is good.
Couldn't be better.

i ♥ Converse & Vans
i ♥ Queer (my ipod & guitar)
i ♥ Skittles
i ♥ The Smell of hair wax.
i ♥ Ya mam
i ♥ Dana

oh my franking gerard holy cheese llardvark crap cocktail stick umbrellas chip punk on crack [dot] com [slash] amy did it [slash] wit ya mam [slash] on a cheese sandwich [underscore] made by graham [dot] do da do da day, hey! adam's mom has got it going on ((in my pants)) oh my garford! how long is this going to go on for? kinky dinkle fred ohh YESSSS dave the diva in a carrot-cave.
Take off my mask and leave the lies to the liars ♪ It never used to hurt before ♫ It isn't funny anymore.
So give me all your poison ♫ And Give me all your pills
Ear Orgasms
Senses Fail, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, My Chemical Romance, The Used, Cute Is What We Aim For, Pencey Prep, LeATHERMOUTH, Marianas Trench, Mindless Self Indulgence, From First To Last, Escape The Fate, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Ice Nine Kills, Forever The Sickest Kids, ETC ETC ETC.

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close About Me

[x] Name: Tara
[x] Birthplace: England
[x] Current Location: St Helens
[x] Eye Color: Blue
[x] Hair Color: Brown
[x] Righty or Lefty: Right
[x] Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
-----------------YOU PREFER------------------
[x] Pepsi or coke: Pepsi
[x] McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds
[x] Single or group dates: Single
[x] Adidas or Nike: Nike
[x] Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
[x] Cappuccino or coffee: Coffee
-----------------DO YOU------------------
[x] Smoke: No
[x] Take a shower: Yes =))
[x] Have a crush(es): Yep
[x] Who are they: Not telling
[x] Do you think you have been in love?: Nope
[x] Want to go to HIGHER college: No
[x] Like high school: Suppose
[x] Want to get married: Nah
[x] Type w/ your fingers on the right keys: No
[x] Believe in yourself: Nope
[x] Get motion sickness: Sometimes
[x] Think you are a health freak: No
[x] Get along with your parents: Someimes
[x] Play an instrument: Learning guitar
-----------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
[x] Flown on a plane: Yep
[x] Missed school because it was raining?: Nope
[x] Told a guy/girl that you liked them?: I was dating them
[x] Cried during a Movie?: No
[x] Ever thought an animated character was hot?: Nope =))
[x] Had an imaginary friend: Noooo
[x] Had crush on a teacher?: Nevahhhh
[x] Been caught "doing something": No =))
[x] Been called a tease: Nope
[x] Been in a fight: Yep
[x] Shoplifted: No
-----------------NUMBER OF-----------------
[x] Number of BOYfriends / GIRLfriends you have had: Two
[x] Number of people I could trust with my life: Zero
[x] Number of CDs that I own: 56
[x] Number of tattoos: Zero
[x] Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: Once
[x] Number of things in my past that I regret: Alot
---------------DO YOU BELIEVE IN--------------
[x] Yourself: No waiiii
[x] Your friends: Sometimes
[x] Santa Claus: Of course =0
[x] Tooth Fairy: Don't be stupid ;]
[x] Destiny/Fate: No
[x] Angels: Nope
[x] Ghosts: Nope
[x] UFO s: Nope
[x] God: Defo not
--------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
[x] Do you ever wish you had another name?: Nope
[x] Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: No
[x] Do you like anyone?: Maybe
[x] Which one of your friends acts the most like you?: No one =))
[x] Who have you known the longest of your friends?: Dana
[x] Are you close to any family member?: Nope
[x] Who do you hang around the most?: Emma
[x] When have you cried the most: 2008
[x] Whats the best feeling in the world?: Happiness
[x] Worst Feeling?: Regret
---------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
[x] Cried: Nope
[x] Worn jeans: Nope
[x] Met someone: Nope
[x] Drove a car: Nope
[x] Talked on the phone: Yep
-----------------OPPOSITE SEX------------------
[x] Best eye color: Blue
[x] Best hair color: Blonde or Black
[x] Short or long hair: Short/Medium
[x] Best height: Average
[x] Best weight: Average
[x] Best first date location: Where-ever

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