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i love you loads demi x

5/27/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 292
  • from Drayton Mayteeeee :)
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Member since: September 2006
  • Last active: 12/17/10
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About Me

i love you Demi x 27th March 09 x
Me, Myself, and I

i now have facebook :)

sup bud ;)
15 years of age
drayton maytee :)
<------ me (;
ryan, jacko and chris <----- legends

TOTTENHAM are slick,
UNITED suck dick,
LIVERPOOL are queer,
ARSENAL take it up the rear,


|_________________ |_| ____|

inabit ;) x
The Other Half Of Me
Chris Mac

Chris Mac

His Other Half Is Dead Sexy :L

anything decent
everything really, but mainly football of course :D
Happiest When
Msn - spursdude102@hotmail.com
add it ;)
Katherine O&#39;Brien (;
Kate, you know kate, the FAT one. well, she has james ;) , so stay well away. She also absolutely takes it up the chuffer with our biology lessons, cuz shes cool ;) . nahh, shes really not :P x x x x

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  • stuff

    1.What is your name?
    James Edward O'Connor
    2.How old are you?
    3.Who are your best friends?
    Ryan, Jack and Chris
    4.Do you have a bf/gf?
    yeahh (;
    5.Are you happy with your life?
    6.And your love life?
    on fire (;
    7.What's one thing you want right now?
    8.Are you currently missing anyone?
    yes ):
    9. have you had a gf/bf in the past month?
    10.Have you had a gf/bf in the past 6 months?
    11.When was the last time you went shopping?
    on a tuesday with my gawjus gf :)
    12.What's your msn screenname?
    cba to type all of that (:
    13.What's your bebo username?
    14.What phone have you got?
    15.What time was your last text message received?
    16.When time was your last text message sent?
    17.What does the 5th message in your inbox say?
    Ok then come mine after like yea
    18.Who is the 10th contact in your phonebook?
    Chelsea Robinson
    19.Do you get along with your parents?
    20.How many siblings do you have?
    21.Who makes you happy?
    demii (:
    22.Are your family close?
    you mean distance wise ?
    23.Are you in love?
    yeahhh (:
    24.How many times have you gotten drunk?
    a fair few :P
    25.Ever tried drugs?
    26.Do you want children?
    not really
    27.Do you believe in yourself?
    i'm an over-confident cocky fucker:L
    28.What age do you want to get married?
    dunno if i want to
    29.How do you want to die?
    old age
    30.What are your fears?
    gingerrrs :P
    31.What's your favorite place to go shopping?
    lidl :L
    32.Do you think you have ever been in love?
    i am now, so, yeaah
    33.Answer truthfully, do you care what people think of you?
    kind of
    34.Have you ever punched someone in the face?
    not proper
    35.What are your views on abortion?
    dont want it, just kill it!
    36.Do you smoke?
    37.Who in your close family smokes?
    38.Which do you prefer, pink or purple?
    39.How many pets do you own?
    40.Do you prefer touch-screen or button phones?
    button fones
    41.IPod or iTunes?
    42.Do you own an MP3?
    naaa, dont need one
    43.Do you own an iPod?
    44.If you do, what type of iPod?
    dont own one
    45.Who do you get along with most, boys or girls?
    bothh tbhh
    47.What do you think of beyonce?
    shes shite
    48.Do you watch skins?
    49.How often do you lie?
    all the time :L
    50.What is your favorite style of music?
    anything really, i aint hard to please
    51.Look to your left, name 3 things you can see?
    radiator, window and wallet
    52.How many people, on average, do you text each day?
    loads, on contract
    53.Have you seen dirty dancing?
    yeah, its wank
    54.Do you prefer 50cent or Jay-z?
    50cent, but there both shit
    55.Have you kissed anyone named Josh?
    ohhh yeahh :L
    56.Do your parents live together?
    57.Are you a virgin?
    moving on ........
    58.Shopping or cinemas?
    59.What colour are your curtains?
    i have blinds dick head
    60.How many messages have you sent from your phone? (You can check via settings, calls, time&cost, message counter, or something like that)
    i deleted em a while ago
    61.What's your favorite alcoholic beverage?
    62.How long have you known the 3rd person in your top friends?
    since i was eight
    63.Have you enjoyed this quiz?
    i've had the time of my life (:
    64.Anything to say before you go?
    this was boring

    0 Comments 233 weeks

  • WHAT R U

    A- Damn good kisser
    B- Good all around person
    C- You're wild and crazy in bed
    D- You have one of the best personalities ever
    E- You have a nice Ass
    F- People totally adore you
    G- You never let people tell you what to do.
    H- You have a very good personality and looks.
    I- fuckin sexy.
    J- Everyone loves you.
    K- You like to try new things
    L- You live to have fun.
    M- Success comes easily to you.
    N- You are absoulty beautiful
    O- You are one of the best in bed.
    P- You are popular with all types of people.
    Q- You are a hypocrite.
    R- One of the best bfs/gfs anyone could ask for.
    S- Very good friend
    T- You're loyal to those you love.
    U- You really like to chill.
    V- You are not judgemental.
    W- You are very broad minded.
    X- You never let ppl tell u wat to do
    Y- you get hyper easily
    Z- You like it in the butt VERY VERY HARD
    J- everyone loves u.
    A- damn good kisser
    M- success comes easily to you
    I- fuckin sxy
    E- you have a nice ass

    O- you are one of da bst in bed
    C- your wild and crazy in bed
    O- you are one of da bst in bed
    N- you are absolutely beautiful
    N- you are absolutely beautiful
    O- you are one of da bst in bed
    R- One of the best bfs/gfs anyone could ask for

    4 Comments 339 weeks

  • blablablobblabla

    Yoo luvin:
    Me luvin:
    R we close:
    Wud u kis me:
    Wud u fuk me:
    Hav u got a gf/bf:
    Hav u eva sin me drunk:
    Hav u eva got me drunk:
    Hav u eva wantd 2 tel me sumfin:
    Describe me in 3 words:
    Hav u eva told me a big ly:
    Hav u eva 4t of me as B/f material:
    Wud u eva cheat on me:
    Wud u eva marry me:
    Wud u eva h8 me:
    Wots ur number(optioanl lol):
    Wots ur gd bye message..x]

    13 Comments 343 weeks

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  • Lloyd Jadred Jowell
    Lloyd Jadred Jowell

    happy valentines '10, James .... !

  • D'Phippss 9/23/09
  • luv Kate.


  • Jack

    fat boi wat u on

  • Jack
    luv Jack

    fat boi slim ow we doin u really got me with yh bebo skin ly xxxxx

  • 'DTx

    haha, you alright mate? :D Your skin is anoying! :L x

  • 'DTx

    Pussy magnet ;) x

  • D'Phippss
    luv D'Phippss

    i hate your skin!! :L But i love youu!! xxxx

  • Holly

    sorry, just adding random people :) hope you don't mind :L xxx

  • S'Phippss'

    You owe we like 10er now :L x

    8/5/09 via Mobile
  • D'Phippss

    Just sleep! Aww okay babes LoveYouMillions xxxx

    8/5/09 via Mobile
  • HOllie.

    this absue is not on mrr ;) i might just bom your hotel or house when i get back teach you a lesson :P x

  • D'Phippss

    shut up! ;-) ya think? :-S Aww you better had be! LoveYou xxxxx

    8/5/09 via Mobile
  • D'Phippss

    Babe! :o Shhh now we are on Bebo! :$ on saturday when you help me paint my room! :-S yeaa LoveYouMillions xxxxx

    8/5/09 via Mobile