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Angry Pirate

Wtf I cant Change My Bloody Top Friends :|

7/9/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

R.I.P Colin Nicol (F) I Love You xxx
Me, Myself, and I
Siobhan ^^

I have an amazing brother
and i adore him!!
big time.

I have this amazing friend Jodie
She's stuck by me for 5 years
Even when she's been miles away
Everytime she leaves me I miss her well loads
Bottom line, i love our conversations that make
No sense whats so ever
And I love her (^^)

I Do Have To Say
I Love My Friends
More Than You Love Your Own
She's Got Me Wondering Why I Like It Rough ;)
Red Dwarf
Scrubs (:
The Boosh Of Course!!
Noel Fielding = P

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  • Jodie Carina-Amy
    luv Jodie Carina-Amy

    Your a black man yes? HoKayy. LOVE YOU xxxx

  • Hubert Cumberdale
    luv Hubert Cumberdale

    YOO SIOBHAN NICOL :D bebo IS gunna come back... i think it should for christmas, it's so much better than facebook. I'm proud to be your first comment in ten weeks... ten weeks ago i think we were at festt! and yeah it helped me too :D chats like that are good, specially when you're still getting to know a person too :D LOL we do have something pretty fxcking special me and you :D love you siobhann :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Silly-Bint
    luv Silly-Bint

    done lol

  • Silly-Bint
    luv Silly-Bint


  • Rosa-Louise
    luv Rosa-Louise

    thank you =) x x x x x

  • Daniel
    luv Daniel

    Guess What????????????? I Love You Lotsly xxxxxxxxxx

  • Silly-Bint
    luv Silly-Bint

    yea man we fucked them right in between the eyes lol x x x

  • Dreamseller
    luv Dreamseller

    das cuz ima badaman i knowwwwww mate we should go rec or samthin' soon?

  • Vanessa.X

    Im very well thanks and you? x x x x

  • Vanessa.X
    luv Vanessa.X

    :O its siobhan! Go to hell! xx

  • Hubert Cumberdale
    luv Hubert Cumberdale

    muffinsssss! so jokes, star wars muffin is the bestt :D

  • Tiffani

    haha your muffin video is sooo funny :P xxxxxxx

  • Silly-Bint
    luv Silly-Bint

    hmm lets just do abit of a lunge . . . oh and another one . . . and again hmm now i might sit down . . .one more lunge first lol x x x x

  • Tiffani
    luv Tiffani

    Love for siobhan!!! we have set dobbie freeeeeeeeee :P xxxx

  • Silly-Bint
    luv Silly-Bint

    yea not too bad yvonnes being really good and positive about it so its ok its complicated though because techinically she hasnt got ms because she went for the scan and on her spine is 1 hot spot and to be diagnosed with ms you have to have 9 spots so thats good i spose, she's going back next week for a brain scan to see if they can find anything on that. but fingers crossed because ms is completely different with everyone progress might be really slow and maybe nothing may happen but who knows you ok any way? love you x x x x

  • Hubert Cumberdale
    luv Hubert Cumberdale

    yeah i know it would be well awesome, you're at daniels tonight obviously i'm guessing so that's one more person i know... I'm well looking forward to it, tis going to be funn :D and HAVE YOU SEEN THE WEATHER? tis smashin! :D xxxx