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Alex Carson

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Farmcore Records Indie Label
Norwich UK
Rufus Wainwright, Bright Eyes, Devendra Banhart, Joanna Newsom, Ed Harcourt, Elvis Perkins, Nick Drake, Johnny Flynn
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About Me

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Me, Myself, and I
A true musician must subordinate himself his Art;
...he must place himself above human suffering;
...he must draw courage from within...
and only from within.

~ Erik Satie

The New EP "laughter in the Dark" is officially released in December but there are a few pre-release copies for sale at gigs only. Check out the myspace for gig details:


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  • Be Safe! Be Suspicious!

    Ok! I'm going to try keep this brief, I say that everytime I know but this time I think I just might do it!

    So here's what new.
    I have a new song up at the moment, for listening pleasure and indeed downloading pleasure. I feel this song needs a little bit of explanation. As opposed to all my other piano instrumentals put up on here, this is not studio outake... well wasn't supposed to be anyway. this was supposed to actually make the record, but due to certain circumstances we couldn't finish the track. If any of you have seen me live you may know it already, but obviously not in piano form. This was actually never meant to be played on guitar, but due to my lack of a keyboard, and most venue's lack of a piano I could never play it live. So I had to construct a guitar version.
    Personally, now I think the guitar version is better.
    Purely because i've been playing it longer and its got under my skin more, so to speak.

    Enjoy! And let me know what you think

    I'm still writing as well, should have another new song (untitled at the moment) for showcasing at my next live gig.
    Which will be:

    "The Great White Horse Hotel"
    @ 9:30

    Slings and arrows is on before me at 9:00 so make sure you go see her too!

    Ok i've got to run, thanks for reading!

    Hugs and kippers

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  • Paper and Sticks

    "Paper and sticks and shovel and match
    Why won't the news of the old world catch
    And the fire in a temper start"

    ~ Dylan Thomas ~

    I'm not really sure what to write about at the moment. I haven't got that much news to share with you all. But I just feel the need to write something at the moment.

    Ok so last bank holiday didn't go exactly as planned. As some of you were aware I was supposed to play 2 gigs that day. One at the Marquee at 12, and one at the Plough at 9.
    Well this wasn't exactly what happened...
    The gig at the Marquee was being organised by NRone records. and in the email I got told me I was playing at the Marquee at 12. I assumed he meant the pub "The Marquee." When in fact he meant a marquee... as in a big out door tent. So it all went a bit pear-shaped there. Sorry to anyone who tried to go down and see me, and sorry to NRone records for not filling the slot I said i'd play.

    The gig at the Plough didn't go much better. Nothing technically wrong, I was just very tired and it wasn't exactly my finest hour. But still you've got to take the rough with the smooth.

    Hopefully i'll have had more sleep for the next one. Which I believe is the Drum and Monkey. I should say i'm not 100 ure of the date that i've got up, I just heard that it would probably be the 2nd thursday of the month. So i'll try to confirm as soon as is humanly possible. It'll be my second gig there, I didn't think the first one went very well (again nothing technically wrong I just wasn't "feeling" it) but I seemed to get plenty of commendation from random audience members afterward and got booked again... So I can't have been that bad I guess?

    In other news i'm still writing. I've pretty much finished another song. Its a cheerier number compared to my usual moody mumblings. And actually harkens back to how my writing used to be. So although this song is new it actually feels quite nostalgic for me. Work that one out.
    But it'll be played live soon, hopefully at the Drum and Monkey time allowing.

    Not much more to say really. There should be some more new gigs coming up soon. I was talking with "L'instant Fatale" and "Dan Biers" about doing some gigs soon. But they've yet to be confirmed as of yet. (If you don't know who they are look them up, as they are both very good. They're both in my friends list.)

    Also have been talking with various other people about gigs... all of whom i've forgotten the name of as it is 1:30 in the morning. But hopefully there should be more gigs soon.

    Oh also the other BIG bit of news I have is:
    Slings and Arrows have released their EP "A stranger in this city"

    Its very good and its only £3 for 4 tracks. Go over to her page now and buy it. She'll also be playing at the Drum and Monkey. So go see her there too!

    Anyway I think thats sated my need to waffle on uncontrollabley for ages.

    Hugs and Kippers

    "Sharp and shrill my silly tongue scratches
    Words on the air as the fire catches
    You never did and he never did."

    ~ Dylan Thomas ~
    Paper and Sticks

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    hey dude! Uilleam here from isles fm! any chance u can send a cd up to us so we can promote u?

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    Alan 'Bagel' McMullan

    very like conor oberst, savage stuff. good man!

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    i enjoy you and your guitar:)

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    Catherine Moore

    Hi just wanted 2 say ya hav a class voise & luv ure music:D :D xoxo

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    Yes...I do beieve I found Teh Alex on Bebos XD Keep up the good works..and here, you can have my loves for the day!

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    your clllaaasS! :) x

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    heya ave my luv u do deserve it ! <3

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    Jen M

    Alex ur so talanted my friend, u play such gorgeous relaxing music, well done. I think ur Amazing mate. Jen : }

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    Tatum Jones

    sup cuz! any chance of getting my bones sheet music? might try a little tinkle on the ivory's! toodle pip x

  • Rainey

    ur good really good :D

  • Saffron.

    Beautiful. <3


    VOTE SAXON!!!!!

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    luv Jellybean Jedi

    you have a gorgeous voice but if im honest the fave song at the mo is the piano instrumental. anymewho keep up the good work cos your amazing ! jess xxx

  • luv Gayle Turner

    AWWW ur a wee hunni wiv a very purdy voice love ur tunes much luv ebz x

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    2 weeks?

  • Kevin O'Connell
    Kevin O'Connell

    hey my dog just got attacked by penguins and everyones alittle shaken up, could anyone send us a house pls? kthxbye