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All of you guys who love eventing!

please read the new blog about eventing safety, as it means a lot! comment as well x

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Me, Myself, and I
Hi everyone! In my spare time I thought I'd make a band for all you guys that LOVE and do eventing! =] It's the best!

This page is just for all of you who share the love of the sport & who want to talk to lots of other people who do it & want to find out how their season is going then this is the place! Talk away.

When a big event is coming up then I will add it to the tour dates so you can see which one it is & when it is happening. We can also all discuss the riders, the horses & who we think will win!

I've uploaded a few pics so I hope you like them - feel free to comment on them - what ever you like really =D Leave a comment, do the polls and even share some love! Any requests you have then leave it in the blog!

Talk soon guys and enjoy the page =)

** If you want a picture of you & your horse in our exclusive album, leave a comment & tell us which picture you want us to use (: **

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  • eventing saftey

    With eventing under great pressure due to a great number of fatal accidents to riders and horses worldwide, wel are going to look into different countries saftey policies through a variety of things from gathering cross country speeds, to breakable poles, training and stricter entry qualifications.
    At a recent safety summit in the US, the chairman said that eventing is going through a change in culture. "the sport is getting to the point where we replace experience with education." meanwhile ERA chairman Clayton Fredrics is calling for more research into course-design and safety equiptment. "there are 3 ways to kill yourself in eventing-crush your head, crush your heart or break your neck. That is where the focus should be."
    training and certification are already key parts of the sport at national level in many EU countries, a trend that may eventually take hold it britain.
    France and Germany both require riders to pass exams before they are alowed to compete even at the lowest level.most of the horses are kept on busy livery yards and riders have to be a member of a riding club.
    In germany they concentrate on training.The exam follows several days of instruction at a qualified riding school. The rider must show competance in dressage, jumping and theory, and pass a cross country riding test. And as of 2009 riders will be tought how to fall and if the combination have more that 2 falls in the same season they must go back to a lower level.
    The french have taken a bigger step with splitting proffesionals and amateurs. all riders have to pass an exam before they can compete and then apply for a proffesional or amateur licence. At an event they jump the same course, but cannot compete in the same classes. there is a slower cross country time for amateurs than of the proffesionals and are only alowed one fall before elimination.
    In the UK, novice riders can compete against the likes of william fox pitt and pippa funnell. In france, an amateur cannot compete against, say nicolas touzaint. this is the rules in most sports, such as car racing, you cannot buy a ticket into a race against hamilton!
    And once a rider has achieved a sufficiant result at intermediate, they can apply for a proffesionals licence, but there is not pressure to upgrade, as there is in the UK.
    Italian riders HAVE to be a member of a riding club and pass a number of riding tests, and also have to pass a medical exam to show they are in a fit state to compete.
    The UK is the one country that have none of these rules! people can buy day tickets and ride even if they are not capable of it... this needs to change.
    Sweden have gone one step further this year when it comes to showjumping. with a radical change designed to improve skills. for the last 10 years, if a rider got more than 16 juming penalties they could not go cross country. this has now been reduced to 12 penalties, and now, before the season starts, a combination has to jump 2 classes in pure showjumping with a total of no more that 8 faults where the fences are 10cm higher than the class they will be competing in. This has worked very well. the showjumping has been much better at all levels, the cross country is also a lots safer as the horses are jumping better, and this new rule has lost some bad horses that have not qualified at all!

    What do you think about these rules?
    Do you think they should be introdused to the Uk?
    Or do you know of any more rules?
    Say if your were competing against the likes of william fox pitt, do you feel the need to put extra pressure on yourself and your horses abilities to either impress or beat?
    Do you ride faster cross country with them competing?
    please comment back and have your say!

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  • Post your latest Eventing results..

    Whether they're affiliated or unaffiliated, we want to know how you're getting on! :D

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  • Do this please..

    1. What's your name?
    2. Do you have your own horse?
    3. What's your favourite discipline?
    4. What's the biggest you've jumped?
    5. What's your favourite 4* event?
    6. Who's your favourite male eventer?
    7. Who's your favourite female eventer?
    8. Who's your favourite eventing horse?
    9. Anything to say before you go?

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