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Fuked Up Lil Vampire Kisses

x<3x babe even tho uv only just left i allready miss you!!!! x<3x

9/26/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 88
  • from greego city lol
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

FUCK ALL U DIMEBAG HATERS R.I.P. Dimebag Darrel 1966 - 2004
Me, Myself, and I
my names sian

<<<<<< im the 1 on the right the otha person is my sexi boyfriend

my names sian... im 15... accordin 2 ppl im classed as goth... im bi... i love music... i love hangin out with my mj... i love hangin out with my m8s... i class my m8s more as family there all so awesome an i love them so much i wud give my life up 4 them an i dnt no wat i wud do if i lost them... i love goin 2 shrews... meetin new ppl...

my msn addy is

if u like me an allso have a myspace account add me

R.I.P. Dimebag Darrel 1966 - 2004
♥ R.I.P. Jess ♥

|………..| Put this on your
|………..| page if you have
|……..O.| ever pushed a
|………..| door that said pull!

G is for Great
A is for Angelic
M is for Mistaken
E is for Education

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The Other Half Of Me


love so much babe with all my heart xxxxxx

system of a down, mayhem, linkinpark, evenescene, satyricon, marilyn manson, disturbed, cradle of filth, slipknot, KoRn, HIM, mettalica, wednesday13, incubus, billy talent, dimmu borgir, avenged sevenfold, paparoach, limpbiscuit, panic at the disco, lostphrophets, within temtation, avril lavigne, bullet for my valentine, aiden, the rasmus, iron maiden an many more tht i cnt b bothered 2 put on lol :P
1 love all jim carrey movies an jack black movies there both totally ace actors, i also love all of the jackass movies, the nightmare before christmas, the addams family, team america, pirates of the carribean, 13 ghosts, the grudge , all the scary movies, resident evil
Scared Of
zombies, big spiders, the grudge
Happiest when
at mjs or jst bein in his arms, hangin round with m8s, gettin drunk
xXx Matthew James Page xXx
xXx i love you with all my heart and soul babe my heart shall forever belong to you xXx you are everything i ever wanted and more xXx i never thought i could be this happy with someone until i met you each day i think to myself tht i cnt get any happier but everyday tht goes by you prove me wrong because my love for you seems to grow more and more every second of everyday xXx you are my soul mate, my best friend and the person i want to spend the rest of my life with our love for eachother just feels completly right never let it end xXx i never want to loose you because you are wat makes me complete xXx in my heart it feels as if the reason i was put on this earth was to be with you xXx when were jst liein there hugging eachother i just feel really safe and as if we cud just lie there like that for hours xXx wen ever we're not together it jst hurts like hell and i cnt stand it cuz i rlly jst want to spend every moment of everyday with you xXx
xXx I Love You So Much Matthew James Page
there really are 2many of you 2 put u all on here but u all no who you are
im 1 of t 8% r u ????
92% σƒ тєєηѕ нανє мσνє∂ σηтσ яαρ.
ιƒ υ я ραят σƒ тнє 8% тнαт ѕтιℓℓ
ℓιѕтєη тσ яєαℓ мυѕι¢, ¢σρу & ραѕтє
тнιѕ тσ уσυя ρяσƒιℓє!

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  • ppl do my sexy report card plzzz!?!?!?

    post this as "Sexy Report Card" and see what people say! Its actually pretty fun!!



    C- = You're just someone I don't want to talk to, okay?

    C = You're okay looking, but u need work...

    C+ = You're just average

    B- = Your kinda cute and ur tight person i guess

    B = You're cute. And you're a pretty interesting person.

    B+ = Pretty damn attractive.

    A- = You're extremely attractive, and you're tight as hell. I would love to have you in my room with no one home :-).


    A+ = Gorgeous ... I want you to be mine : )

    A++ = I 'D hit it;AND HIGH S3X APP34L


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  • do this pweez

    wud yoo kiss me ?______________
    wud yoo hug me ?____________
    wud yoo hurt me ?____________
    wud yoo say i wer sxci?__________
    wud yoo say i wer mean?____________
    wud yoo say yoo love me ?____________
    wud yoo cal me ur m8?_____________
    cud i cum 2 yoo if i werin trouble?__________
    cud i trust yoo?_____________
    if i wer say wud yoo try n mke me laff?____________
    wud say i wer pretty?_____________
    do yoo mke me laff?_____________
    who r yoo 2me?_______________
    r we frends ?_____________
    wud yoo ask me out?__________

    5 Comments 298 weeks

  • about me

    1. Name: sian-louise
    2. Nicknames: sian, gothic barbie, sianey
    3. Birthday: 19/12/93
    4. Place of Birth: shrewsbury
    5. Star Sign: sagitarius
    6. Male or Female: female
    7. Year: 9
    8. School: ercall wood
    9. Occupation:
    10. Residence: huh ???
    11. MSN Screen Name: cant b bothered to rite it
    __Your Appearance?___

    12. Hair Color: red
    13. Hair Length: short
    14. Eye color: bluey grey
    15. Hairstyle: fuck nos
    16. Height: short :(
    17. Braces: yee unfortunatly
    18. Glasses: yea but i dont wear them
    19. Piercings: my ears an my belly button lol
    20. Tattoos: not yet
    21. Righty or Lefty: righty


    22. Feeling: confuzzled
    23. Single or Taken?: taken :D
    24. Have a crush: more thn jst a crush
    25. Eating: nuthin
    26. Drinking: alchohol
    27. Typing: random shit
    28. Online?: yea
    29. Listening To: S.O.A.D
    30. Thinking About: my sexc matthew
    31. Wanting To: see my sexc matthew
    32. Watching da: comp
    33. Wearing: black skirt an black dragon t-shirt

    ___Do You Believe In?___

    34. God: sucks
    35. Miracles: mayb
    35. Love At First sight: yea
    37. Ghosts: yea
    38. Aliens: mayb
    39. Soul Mates: yea
    40. Heaven: mayb
    41. Hell: defo
    42. Angels: angel of death
    43. Kissing on The First Date: yea defo
    44. Horoscopes: a lil bit

    0 Comments 311 weeks

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  • Miss Fisher
    luv Miss Fisher

    Hey how are you? You going to mooses party this weekend? Wb soon xx

    10/21/09 via Mobile
  • MJ
    luv MJ

    hey gawjus aint left you a comment in a while so thought as its 2 in the mornin and i and i should prob sleep now i would rather leave you a nice comment :P :P so yeah i cant wait to see you babe its fuckin killin being away from you every week its sucks ass but soon soon babe we will be able to spend all times together :P :P babe i love you so much and like we both keep sayin i never want this to end every second i spend with you is amazing hun i love being with you no matter what were doing its still amazing even just layin there !!! babe your everything to me and im so fuckin happy i got you so as long as were together ill be a happy mj woop :P :P anywho my eyes are gettin heavy tryin to go sleepy times so ill rignt you tonigh / tomorow depends on how you look at it as its 2 in the mornin lol like i said love you loads gawjus so glad i got you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xx

  • Afro Joe
    luv Afro Joe

    hay......hows u? w.b xxxxx p.s.....tickle tickle :D

  • MJ
    luv MJ

    hey darlin if your up early and ur dad is still in bet and ur reading this it means its thursday morning :P :P well.... maybe i could be wrong but oh well..... if you read this b4 you speak to me your ok to stay for one night thats it mum dont want any of this lots of night stuff all weekend this week ok maybe next or something..... but we need 2 think of a plan on how we can stay out saturday night aswell thing darlin think :P :P anywho just wanted to say i love you so fuckin much and aint stopped missin you since i had to go on monday missiny so soooooooo much its un believable :P :P see you soon ok and speak to you soon if it is thurday morning ring me like now not if its 2 early like 7 but if its 9 30 onwards or if ur deffo coming today then ring like right now ok love you bade ur my world and always will be mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxx _-_ Mj _-_ :P

  • Snack A Jack
    luv Snack A Jack

    BOOOOO :P bob me judas and people want you to come to a piss up on saturday =D cause we all miss you SO much probably at judas's again =] WE MISS youuuuuu:P x and we all need to see you and hugg you xD

  • Ry-Ry The Awesome
    Ry-Ry The Awesome

    BLAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! lol hey hun august soon :) hope ur allowed down cya soon x

  • Xander
    luv Xander

    in your dp you look very beautful sorry

  • Gotohell

    hiii =) xxx

    7/16/09 via Mobile
  • Elly


  • Mark A.K.A MasterOfdarkness

    hey...look, im sorry...but i still want 2 be friends.. please wb.

  • Beth Jones
    luv Beth Jones

    aww u got stole away from us :( u bin up to much

  • Terri - Ellen
    luv Terri - Ellen

    it's okay sweetums <3 i'm great thankyou. ^_^ been upto muchh ? Loveeyouu. xxx

  • Judy Christ
    luv Judy Christ

    yo sain return we wants you back! you is greatness! and to end.......woop! xxxx

  • Snack A Jack
    luv Snack A Jack

    me misses youu more :P ouch lol how long for ??? judas said we have to have a lil party when your free again =] Well you should charge cause Your damn well worth the money ;P :L *Huggles tighter* xD x-jack-x

  • Mark A.K.A MasterOfdarkness

    do my new blog please.:)

  • Mark A.K.A MasterOfdarkness

    why thank you:) ass-munch-from-hell@hotmail.com