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Joe Hostler

Love Her <3

7/24/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

GoodLife (Y)
Me, Myself, and I
I Go To Henley Collage, I Am A Retired FootBaller Because I Enjoy The Good Life, And I Love My Girlfriend Abi Wilson Lots . :)

Abigail Isobella Wilson (L)
The Other Half Of Me


i Love Her Lots & Lots . x

F i l m &#39; s
White men cant jump, layer cake, lock stock, snatch, white chicks, Green Street . !
s p o r t &#39; s
I Used To Like Playing Sports But I Don't AnyMore Cuz I Have A Life
H a p p y W h en
With Beautiful Abi Lol , With Mates Or Drunk
biggest achievement
doing 74 press ups in a min, pulling a 33 yr old milf lol (she was sooo hot) but im not proud of it! lol

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  • wat do u wana be?

    Ma Everytin: <<< Abi
    Ma Wifey = Tom
    Ma Cuz =
    Ma Bruv = Matt
    Ma Right hand man (cant b ur wankin 1) = Luke
    Ma Son = Tim
    Ma Best Boii = Lloyd
    Ma Bεst Gurl = Emily
    Ma Sexual partner =
    Ma Bαbγ Gιrl = <<< Abi
    Ma Idol = Aston
    Ma Bαbε = Mel
    Ma Drιnkιng frιεnd = Lloyd
    Ma shaggin partner = Abi <3 ;)
    Ma Sexγ Gαl = Mel
    Ma Sεxγ Modεl = Abi
    Ma Bιt On Thε Sιdε =
    Ma Sεcrεt Admιrεr =
    Ma Stαlkεr = Tom
    Ma Bαd Gurl =
    Ma Rudεgαl = Jess
    Ma Rudεboγ =
    Ma Bιт¢нιη Pαятηєя =
    Ma Bodγ guαrd = Lloyd
    Ma Hαrdcorε Gαngstα =
    Ma Pαrtnεr In Crιmε = namie Turby
    Ma Bιtch = Abi
    Ma Pαrtγ αnιmαl = Emily
    Ma Hoe =
    Ma Sнυgαн = Emily
    Ma Kιηкєн Bitch = Abi

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    Someday joe will ___.

    joe reminds me of _____.

    Without joe _____.

    joe can be _____.

    The Worst thing about joe is _____.

    The best thing about joe is _____.

    I am _____ with joe.

    One thing i would like to know about joe is _____.

    joe should go and _____.

    joe _____ me.

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  • fill it out yer!!

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    have you ever told me a lie:
    wanted more then friendship?:
    have you ever thought of me as b.f material:
    would you ever cheat on me:
    would you forgive me if i cheated on you:
    would you ever marry me:
    would you ever hate me:
    whats your goodbye message if i was bout 2 die:

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  • Cassim Kaweesa
    Cassim Kaweesa

    i hope you are coming to my bday this saturday same place as last year. 8-1 xx

  • -Paraleticx-
    luv -Paraleticx-

    Jooe :) its mohann lol hows it goin ? soz bout the ova night btw :l bit of a spinny one lol l8r on m8

  • luv Hoya

    cheers for gettin me an ice cream joe. i would of happily paid but that was a dead genorous thing for you to do cheers much x

  • .Alyce.

    hiya sorry about being quite annoyingly drunk saturday lol xxxx

  • Abz
    luv Abz

    Loveaggeee =] I Love You Sooo Much xxxxxxxxxx

  • Abz
    luv Abz

    Thanks For Yesterday Bub. Had Great Fun In The Pool Lol. That Whirl Pool Thing :O Nearly Killed Me Lol . Carl Pushed Me :( It Was Soo Funny. With Jade Trying To Swim . i Shall See Yu Once Yu Finished Work Okai Love You Bib , xxxx

  • Luccy

    hurd you left today! you buggggerr. how cum? x

  • Abz
    luv Abz

    Do You No What Mr I Wouldnt Be Looking Forward To Me Comming In The Pool With You Tomorro Becuase I Am Going To Drown You Lol ! I Can' Believe You ! Splashing Me I Just Washed My Hair Now It All Bushy Lol. AnyWays Thought I Would Give You Love Cuz You Lent Me Your Top :) OtherWise Your Car Would Of Got Soaked aswell. My Mum Was Like Wha Happened To You Lol. Well Bub I Shall See You Bright And Early Dont Think I won't Wake You Up Cuz i Need My Revenege Lol. Abi Loves You Long Time xxxxx

  • luv Simon Cousins

    yo man! it was cool seeing you on the boat yesterday lol u alrite?

  • Abz
    luv Abz

    Oh my God Mc Donalds Twice in Two Days ! Fat Or What ? ! Lol . Having Fun At Work ? Im Trying To Find A Job . Want To Do Something Friday ?.. Im BabySitting Tonyt , And Your In Work Lol Soo Guess It Will B Friday.. Love You Minnie ;) >. xxxxx

  • Abz
    luv Abz

    Mr Hostler Can Have Lover ;) . What Yu Been Doing. Back Tues, Im Takin Yu Out Daddy Gave Me MOney . xx Love Yu

  • Lottie.

    helllooo face :D haha. just saying thank you for coming on wednesday. + i apologise that there was no trouble lmao. you didnt get to kick anyone out haha. unlucky :D xxxxx

  • Lidia Brennan

    Kennan Jump start your career with a MBA http://hotnewdegreehere.com

    7/16/08 via Mobile
  • Lottie.

    i cant predict whether theres gonna be trouble! man you lot are well desperate to throw someone out haha. :L xxxx

  • Bumble

    heyaaa......:D yhyh im good boss ;) hehe yh ii have manyy ladies...:P oh shit yoo payin 4 it or yoo jus gunna sell it 4 parts nd buy a new car??? yh im startin again lyk next week so it shud be okaii. [Y] im sellin the rims on my car if yoo kno anyone dat wants em??? [bumble [xx]

  • Abz
    luv Abz

    Thanks For Staying And Keeping Me Company Last Night =], And Cooking Me Food Although They Wernt Really Cooked Properly, Hope Yu Enjoyed My Lovely Bacon Sandwich And Cup Of Tea In The Morn !, How The Hell Did We Manage To Squeeze In A single Bed ! Must Get A Double =] Love Yu Long time Joe, I will See Yu When I get Back From Wales, No Doubt Ill Ring yu When Im Drunk Lol. Or Yu Will Ring Me , Love You xxxxx Minniee =]

  • Abz
    luv Abz

    Thought i Would Give Yu Love =] What Time Yu Over ?.. Oh Im Bored Lol Been Asleep Like All Day =] I Love You Joseph William =] . xxxxxxxx

  • Fannie Oneill

    wazzup Minna Bebo is being stupid! I cant upload my pics for some reason. =o( Hit me up on msn messenger jane82kent@live.com xoxo jane

    7/11/08 via Mobile