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LeighAnna Lollipop.

This Sucks Tbh ..

5/5/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 238
  • from In my house =)
  • I am Single
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  • www.bebo.com/leighannapop
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About Me

don't come on anymore.
Me, Myself, and I
LeighAnnaLollipop | 18 | Single

First Time On Bebo In Ages!
I don't use bebo anymore. i'm on facebook now. add me to talk (:
Leigh-Anna Mason

or add me on msn .. naturalblonde_DUH@hotmail.com

i have a life to live and i don't want to live it with you.

"sometimes people build walls. not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to tear them down''

PersonalityCapturesTheHeart ♥

The Other Half Of Me


This Boy Is A Bum .. But I Love This Bum <3 xx

there's so much about me that you will never know .. and i like it that way [:
i keep walls around me and don't let anyone in on my problems .. i get along fine .. well as fine as i shall make it .. in the end .. im pretty happy that you don't know my problems .. that way i can face them alone (y)
atm; nose, ears, cartlidge [right]
ear sex;
| Blink 182 | Fall Out Boy | Breaking Benjamins | Hollywood Undead | Secondhand Serenade | Hadouken! | Nickleback | Papa Roach | YouMeAtSix | Simple Plan | The Academy Is | Mindless Self Indulgence | Paramore | Pendulum | Bring Me The Horizon | 3Oh!3 | Lost Prophets | Metro Station | Cute Is What We Aim For | All American Rejects | Lost Prophets | Sixx Am | The Prodigy |
some of my pictures i like .. others i dont .. im in the progress of becoming someone good .. but its taking longer than i hoped ♥
i haven't known you that long but i love you and your an amazing person [:
you must not forget me <3

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  • alphabet;

    letter A

    - Are you available?: nope
    - What is your age?: 16
    - What annoys you?: LOADS!

    letter B
    - Do you know anyone named Billy?: Nope
    - Who is your best friend?: Catty [:
    - When is your birthday?: april 22nd

    letter C
    - What's your favorite candy? : haribos?
    - Crush? [:
    - When was the last time you cried?: last night

    letter D
    - Do you daydream?: 24/7
    - What's your favorite kind of dog?: westies
    - What day of the week is it?: thursday

    letter E
    - How do you like your eggs? in the morning (8)
    - Have you ever been to accident & emergency?: loads

    letter F
    - Do you use fly swatters? nope
    - Have you ever used a foghorn?:nah

    letter G
    - Do you chew gum?: yup
    - Do you like gummy candies?: yh

    letter H
    - How are you?: good
    - What's your height?: 5'7
    - What color is your hair?: blondeee

    letter I
    - What's your favorite ice cream? vanilla
    -Have you ever ice skated?: yh

    letter J
    - What's your favorite Jelly Bean? dnt know
    - Have you ever heard a really hilarious joke? HAHA YH!.
    - Do you wear jewelry? Abit

    letter K
    - Who do you want to kill?: A FEW PPL :@

    letter L
    - Are you laid back?: If u say so

    letter M
    - What was your favorite movie when you were little? mulan

    letter N
    - Do you have a nickname?: leigh
    - Whats your favorite number?: 17
    - Do you prefer night or day?: night

    letter O
    - What's your one wish? love
    - Are you an only child? NO ¬¬

    letter P
    - What are you most paranoid about?: ppl lookin thru my window
    - Piercings?: cartlidge .. normal ear lobe .. nose [left]

    letter Q
    - Are you quick to judge people? i shouldnt be but i am

    letter R
    - Do you think you're always right?: yeah .. its a flaw of mine
    - Do you watch reality TV?: yh
    - Reason to cry?: alot

    letter S
    - Do you prefer sun or rain?: rain
    - Do you like the snow? : yush
    - Whats your favorite season?: summer

    letter T
    - What time is it?: woah thts scary its 20:00 excatly :L
    - What time did you wake up?: 8.25

    letter U
    - Can you ride a unicycle?: hell no

    letter V
    - What’s the worst veggie?: hmm i dnt have one

    letter W
    - What's your worst habit? being paranoid

    letter X
    - Have you ever had an x-ray?: yup
    - Do you own a xylophone?: did

    letter Y
    - Do you like the color yellow?: it ok
    - What year were you born in?: 1993

    letter Z
    - Do you believe in the zodiac?: abit
    - What's your sign?: taurus

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  • omegle;

    Go To Omegle.com and chat to strangers .. its funny!!


    Stranger: A hug would be nice, But hug my flower with your eyes.
    You: ok
    You: *hug*
    You: LOL!
    Stranger: do you know that i wish to be a big cactus With a pink flower on it
    You: woah .. i want the same!
    You: isnt it a small world D=

    You: omg i wanna be hero!
    Stranger: cool!
    Stranger: luck for u!
    Stranger: what hero?
    You: i like superman (: he has a fit bum
    Stranger: haha
    Stranger: he´s hot
    You: i knowww!
    Stranger: lol
    You: i think uv fucked him :'( u disgrace me !!!!

    0 Comments 214 weeks

  • I Was Browsin Cattys Bebo .. And Look :) ..

    Right now..
    is your hair up? Nah
    is your phone right beside you? Nope Its In My Room
    do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nah :/
    do you wish you were somewhere else? yup .. far far away
    do you have plans for tonight? none at all
    are you wearing makeup? yup.
    are you wearing chapstick? nope .. vaseline.
    are you tired? nope.
    are you excited? Wtf For :L
    are you watching tv? Yeah .. Flinstones In Vegas :L
    are you wearing jammies? Yeah :)
    whos the last person that text you?Jamie

    anything you regret? please dont get me to list em
    ever stuck gum under a desk? obv :P
    ever spit at someone? alot when i tlk :L :L
    ever been spitten on? yeah +o(
    ever had your nails done? Yup

    Last week..
    had any plans last week? Yeah .. my arm from shot putt :(
    who did you see most last week? my mummy :L
    was last week interesting?Nah :/ .

    have you yelled at someone? Not yet
    have you gotten mad at someone?nah
    have you cried? i woke up crying.
    have you called more than 3 people?its 7.45am :L

    Spill your guts..
    first thing you did this morning? Fell Down The Stairs.
    last thing you ate? cake
    whats annoying you right now? the fact that i want to see friends
    what's the last movie you saw?Am watchin it now ..
    do you believe in long distance relationships? im not sure anymore.
    where is the last place you went? my bed
    who is the last person you called? dan last night
    do you think someone is thinking about you right now? i know so :L
    do you wish on stars? whats the point .. they dnt come true
    do you tie your shoes? bcn sime i do
    when did you last cry? last night
    do you like your handwriting?yeah
    are you a friendly person? i would like to think so ?
    whos bed did you sleep in last night? ... Mine
    what color t-shirt are you wearing? pjs
    what were you doing at 9 last night?msn
    last person you talked to? my lil sister who pissed herself :L
    look to your left what do you see? a window
    do you smoke? yeah
    do you drink? yup
    ever cried on your friends shoulder? yeah
    song that makes you cry?i unno
    are you a normally happy person? yeah
    is your self-esteem low? i dnt think so
    what color are your eyes? blueeeee
    long or short hair? longish
    current music? nothing
    loves? music (L) .. friends etc... cba...

    0 Comments 217 weeks

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