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Teige O Loideoin

man my job is stealing my time!!!

10/25/07 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
And now I have a new job! Doing tech support for eircom broadband, Man it gets depressing! "the address bar is up the top where you type in the addresses". Working in a place like that can make good arguments for Eugenics!

well since dropping out kinda went on a mad bender, bout 18 months later i finally came down,
about 4 years ago i got a job going around colleges selling posters to students in colleges i'm sure people have seen me. which I've sussequently left, and I'm looking for full time work which is not going well, apparently being in charge of around €30,000 worth of stuff, staff, and sales. Doesn't count as worthwhile abilities, where-as the fucking leaving cert well clearly then I'd have experience. GRR!
I've been going out with a amazing girl denise who has really helped me keep it together
Dead Kennedys, Frank Zappa, Johnny cash, Blood Hound Gang, Ultravolence, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Pantera, Gorillaz
Bad Taste, Brain Damage, Ghost in the shell, Rocky Horror Picture show
Scared Of
Happiest When
Playing my new ibanez aeg10
and juggling
I fainally got my chris cunningham DVD back from a friend been watching square pusher and aphex twin practically on a loop!
Most annoyed
when my manager tells me I'm doing it wrong with out even checking what I'm doing! "UP YOURS FUCKER BUTTERS!"
My Balls
Your Chick

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  • teeth update

    it's been over a week since i had them out, If any of you are getting yours out do it! It's no hassle, the anti-biotics caused more pain than the teeth, and the rest of my mouth feels great,

    0 Comments 320 weeks

  • dental surgery

    My Wisdom teeth were taken out today. I had to be there at 7.30am as a day patient, my face is still numb, i went in for surgery about 11.30am after reading alot of my book(theif of time terry prattchett) and a supositary (some experiences left unsaid) I got to insert it myself thank gods for small mercys, i was breifed about shit and then went in got hooked up to monitors and an I.V. and the anethesist said he was going to put me under and put stuff into my arm he told me my face and throat would feel funny and then they did he said " see you in a few minutes" i said "eh?" and then i woke up in a room with people gently waking me and then i was hooked up to a drip, and then it was about 30 minutes of trippy and eventually i settled a bit and was taken back to the ward, and told to sleep, which i tried and then i read then i got some painkillers Anti-inflamitory Anti-biotics. Now I'm here doing this . . . still quite drugged up

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  • RAW has passed

    one of my favourite and most influencial writers has died!!! I'm very very sad Robert Anton Wilson died on the 11th of january 2007 after a year in bed crippled after falling down a flight of staris due to a post polio disease. Wilson is most famous for "The illiuminatis Triolgy" written with robert o shea, but was editor of playboy and a regular writer, he was one of the few writers to come out of the 60's to remain alive and lucid enought to raise a family and enlighten thousands for decades and decades to come

    R.A.W. R.I.P.

    0 Comments 341 weeks

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    Visitor Q

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  • Visitor Q
    Visitor Q

    Hey hows it going Teige? We're playing next Wednesday in Fibbers, only 5 euro in and we're pretty sure drinks are 3 euro! The first band is going on at about 8pm. Should be a great night! Hope you can make it! Visitor Q

  • Visitor Q
    Visitor Q

    ho w a ya, we have a new tune on our page that we'd like you to check out...Come visit and let us know what you think... SUPPORT IRISH METAL!!!

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  • Molly O
    luv Molly O

    woo hoo i like pie! La la la. Blar Blar Blar Blar Blar Blar Blar Blar Blar Blar Blar Blar Blar HI?

  • Molly O
    Molly O

    Hi there, I have two of ev's songs on my profile, check them out, they are quite good.

  • Miss Rekab
    Miss Rekab

    hello! haven't seen you in ages! how are you ? :)

  • Molly O
    Molly O

    Whats up? La La La

  • fusion family
    fusion family

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  • Molly O
    Molly O

    hi there. whats up. long time no bebo. hugs

  • Brían Walton
    Brían Walton

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  • Molly O
    luv Molly O

    How sad:( Your piggy got piggy-napped! I'm good. Whats up. Any news. I need Coffee!! HI