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Steven Is Dead

I am the original Psyco Steve. Thats how everyone knows me. I'm a psyco mad ass lol c ya

12/29/07 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
I've got your information Steven! Your ass is gonna get the shit kicked out of you.

These were his last words. "It is not my fault I was trying to act pissed up. I am gay and I am going out with some slut. Yeah its true I use girls for sex. I have even tried doing it with my cusion."

i will do my mum

I will update this information to tell you what information I have on Steven.

His address:
24 Lowcroft

His mobile number:

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  • Steve Loves Rachel
    Steve Loves Rachel

    GUESS WHO!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!! o yes i aint dead i am alive and well. i'm coming to get the person that did this he will die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!

  • Ellie X
    Ellie X

    what the hell???

  • Jakey

    Dude Its jake from town, the small dude with the christmas card box whos hangs with Andy and kezzer Jus thought id had you and tell you who i am Cyz xx

  • -X-Princess-Pointless-X
    luv -X-Princess-Pointless-X

    you fucking gay you fucked your step bro!!!.... lol

  • Katie Barlow
    Katie Barlow

    hey steven, how are you hun? havent seen ya for a while, havent heard from ya for a while actually, u ok? wb lvya xxxx

  • April

    Hey...X i dont think u r dead lol i was arsin about with u just yesterdi in english!! :L :L anyway hows u? x.x.x x.x x

  • Limez

    you cant hack for shit. Guessing passwords isnt hacking u sad fuck ^^

  • Android Eighteen
    Android Eighteen

    hiia steve itz jenny u ok add me on msn itz jennybruce27@hotmail.co.uk im on now

  • Gracey Poop
    Gracey Poop

    Haha! Your loosin' all of your mates. Or people just hate you for bein' a fag end and hurtin' me. Soo when is Jay kickin' the shit into you?? =D Holly hates you! Shes canny cool, dispite you sayin' you did "stuff" with her ;] Lets hope she didn't catch anything if she did xD Byeee.

  • April

    wooo what they on about below lol u ok? u hav a gud X-mas? x.x.x wb x.x.x

  • Jayster

    Well, well, Psyco Steve, I'd hate to mess with you, you might get your gothic shit on me. Dude, your fucked up. How can you call a girl fat, the main thing is, you were in love not so long ago. Your a little whore, who is a ugly, cocky little shit who is gonna get his ass smashed in when I get to see you. I might even play nice, you never know you might just go "psyco" on me. Learn to spell the word first before you put it. I'm not going to give up with you okay? You can get your gothic gang on me and my friends. You'll have over 50 people that are much bigger than you to fuck with once you or your butt ass friends touch me. The thing is, your gonna get a few hit from me dedicated from Grace, because I know she might not see you. I'll be after you and don't you worry I'll get you when you least expect it, because I hope you know I have your ex's and possible your friends willing to direct me in your route. I'll trace your smell of a bin bag as your coat then I'll soon find you. Bye

  • Fallen Angel
    Fallen Angel

    heya xheers like ure profile to im called called aka bec bec aka fallen angel aka cookie dont ask wots u up 2 thewn wb bexsx ps like the style

  • Gracey Poop
    luv Gracey Poop

    LOL You just realised. Anthony and Hudson will come and break you're legs kid. From them ^^^^ Enjoy. Have some luv as no one loves you =]

  • Android Eighteen
    Android Eighteen

    hiia ste it jenny u ok

  • Misstress Emz
    Misstress Emz

    heya xox a saw ur comment on ma old page Xx ye lol a know =[ weep weep a just did add yoo xox xox Emma xox W/B

  • Gracey Poop
    Gracey Poop

    Stop arugin' with jay cause there is no point. The comment he left you was like week ago even months. Stop it cause you're gettin' yourself into shit and when he does meet you and knock you into next year you'll regret it. If you want to aruge,aruge with me because you know fine well I will fuckin' argue back. Say what you want to me Steven,I couldn't give a shit if you've already noticed like. Don't say I warned you. Leave Jay alone and I don't blame him for givin' you shit,you deserve it "mate"

  • Jayster

    You heard the way your talking dick head, you are a chav. Shut the fuck up with the threats mate. I'll believe it when I see it... Full on goth get a life mate your a perverted piece of shit.... Just get a life and stop with the cheek making yourself look hard when your a total dick..

  • Jayster

    Alright mate,you can not fight for yourself? erm, you'll have to meet me at the train station. By the way, make sure you have a few friends, I'll come with mine and you wont stand a chance mate. We're much older than you and a lot more of a bigger build, but then again you will have weapons, well you come with a weapon we will use them, don't worry... You a little faggot that will get jumped when you least expect it because I will hunt you down. Wait until I am driving I will drive there and get your address and blow your familys house in with a petrol bomb you chav ass cunt.

  • Jayster

    erm okay dude I am 17. I would never flirt with her. Gonna blame me tell me where you live and I will come meet you.