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We All Hate Man United

WE HATE ARSENAL TOO !!! http://www.bebo.com/we-hate-arsenalfc

6/8/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Who Wouldn't ?!?!?!
Me, Myself, and I
Fair Play ... Ask Anyone, You Either Love Man U, Or You Hate Them, Which The Majority Of People Do, THEY HATE THEM!

All Comments Posted On This Profile Are Reviewed By A Moderator, And The Comments Are Only For People Who Hate Man U ! ! !

I Have Made A Poll Deciding If More People Hate Man U Or Love Them ... Take It, I Can Guess The Answer ! ! !

Updated by the one and only Josh Brown !! http://Supports-Leeds.bebo.com

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  • New We H8 Arsenal Group !!!

    There Is A New We H8 Arsenal Group !!!



    0 Comments 270 weeks

  • Man U Jokes

    Two Man U fans are on the plane on the way to Holland.
    One turns to the other and says "Hey Arthur! See if this plane turns upside-doon will we fall out?"
    "No way Richard," says his mate "of course we'll still be pals!!"

    Q:You're trapped in a room with a Lion, Cobra snake and an Man U Fan. You have a gun with two bullets. What should you do?
    A:Shoot the Man U Fan. Twice.

    Q:What is the difference between Man U and a cup of tea?
    A:The tea stays in the cup longer!

    How did you enjoy your holiday in Israel?'
    'Did you visit the Wailing Wall?'
    'Yes - but I couldn't get anywhere near it for the Man U supporters!'

    Q:Why did God make Man U supporters smelly?
    A:So blind people could laugh at them too!

    Two men are fishing on a river bank in a remote area of the River Thames on a Saturday afternoon miles away from any radio or tv.

    Suddenly one man turns to the other and says "Man U have lost again."
    The other man was flabbergasted and said "how in the name of god do you know that?"
    The other man replied "It's quarter to five."

    Q:What do you call 100 Man U supporters at the bottom of a cliff?
    A:A good start!

    Q: What do you call a dead Man U Fan in a closet?
    A: Last years winner of the hide and seek contest.

    Q:What d'you say to an Man U supporter with a good looking bird on his arm?
    A:Nice tattoo

    Q:What do you call an Man U fan that does well on an IQ test?
    A:A cheat.

    17 Comments 324 weeks

  • haha...we h8 man u...kill 'em!

    A van driver used to amuse himself by scaring the shit out of every manchester united fan he saw strutting down the road in his red and white uniform. He would swerve as if to hit them, and at the last minute, swerve back onto the road. One day as he was driving along the road, he saw a priest hitch-hiking. He thought he would do his good deed for the day and offer the priest a lift. "Where are you going, Father?" he asked.
    "I'm going to say Mass at St Joseph's church, about 2 miles down the road," came the reply.
    "No problem," said the driver, "Jump in and I'll give you a lift."
    The happy priest climbed into the van and they set off down the road. Suddenly the driver caught site of a united fan on the pavement, and instinctively swerved as if to hit him, but just in time, remembering the priest in his van, swerved back to the road again, narrowly missing the cunt. Although he was certain that he didn't hit him, however, he still heard a loud "Thud". Not understanding where the noise came from, he glanced in his mirrors, and, seeing nothing, said to the priest, "Sorry Father, I almost hit that man u Supporter walking down the road there."
    "That's okay," replied the priest, "I got the fucker with the door!!"

    30 Comments 344 weeks

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  • F I O N N

    If you Notice, this group has more views/Luvs than the we hate Liverpool page. Thats gotta prove something.. GO ON THE POOL!!

    5/21/11 via Mobile
  • Joy Yak


  • Darren 1/2/11
  • Keane Franey

    who ever joins dis band is gay

  • Love Amy

    Cum on the united. Wel see wat happins wednesday nyt.

    11/22/10 via Mobile
  • Rfc

    Come on the gers lets show these english man u scum how to do it them in their superstars more like monstars pmsl watp ftp

  • Ryan Linfield McCullough
    Ryan Linfield McCullough

    Cmon the Glasgow Rangers get in2 these scumbags on wed nyt WATP

  • Loyalist Hairbear


  • The Sash My Father Wore
    The Sash My Father Wore

    glasgow rangers chelsea linfield n hamburg blue brothers fck the fenian scum ICF NO1 CHELSEA HEADHUNTERS NO1 FCK THE REST NO SURRENDER

  • Seanie Hanley
    Seanie Hanley

    gwan united.. liverpool ar fightin relegation 4 fuk sake :L UNITED 4 LIFE

  • ' Ultan Larneeyy
    ' Ultan Larneeyy

    fuck man united :Z

  • Valerielistonx

    Glory glory man united glory glory man united :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :*

    10/4/10 via Mobile
  • Nirmali Paramitha
    Nirmali Paramitha

    pay less and find women online. http://trim.pk/pS

  • Joseph Hanna
    Joseph Hanna

    we love united we do oh united we love u