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Louis Scudamore


7/27/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 20, Luv 274
  • from P'Boro!
  • I am Married
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About Me

Louis Robert <33 Nicola Louise
Me, Myself, and I
мя ѕсudамояэ эяэ,...

Keeepppinnn it real in the Dogsthope ghettoo!!




lаdчѕмап (Yeh right) [:



Loving nicola Gibbons :D 21/9/07


Well i can try and put into words...but it will be hard. Jacob is just the most amazing charecter i;ve met. one day he will be the funniest person you have met. and on another he will be the most sobby person in school. i think the word for jacob is "random". He has always been there for me. This past year has been one of the hardest in my life. and he has defo helped me through it..although someimes he comes across as a kid with no heart. as he is good at insulting people. he is always there if i really need him. i would never let anyone hurt my jacob. if he was in trouble i am always next to him. even if it is someone kicking his garage. thats just the risk i am willing to take. most people have there way of fun. but my and jacobs way of a good laugh if pain, insulting and embarresment. even if it does hurt phisically and emotionaly. I carnt even think of listing the amount of times we have been in trouble. Me and jacob together is like bread and butter, or penut butter and jelly.
If i die and was to see a film of my life. It would be the best film ever made, and win a million awards. If someones was to tell me that i had wasted my life i would laugh in there face. cuz jacob made that film worth watching. It would be about 2 teenagers looking for independence and to get laid in a 4sum. i could not ask for anyone better. he is like a brother to me and i just hope we stay friends untill we are old and wrinkly. looking a 18 year olds in the park. I LOVE YOU JACOB GOULD.
Jake! my lil cuz
he is my cuzn but i treat him like a little brother! he's like ma best mate as well as family! you mess with jake you got me on your back! he's wiked at footy and he's like only 13! and he's scouted by nottingham forest :P lol...he's so cool! He's sucha a poser bless him .. but he got dat gawjuss touch tht he got from me =] lol runs in the family! =D all i can say is that this boy iz a top lad! keep it real jakey lol!
these boys are the best ppl in the world! and guess what they are twins!! WHOOP buy 1 get one free! i wudnt want one without the other! neva wona loose these 2! they meen the world! your great boys!
they were kids in london and moved ova to boro, thinkin they were all this, but i showed em hu's boss soo now they are normal lol ...
Mr.Ryan Gallagher
This boy is one Fucking ledgend! possibly The funnest, most kind and most trusting lad i av ever met! I feel like i can tell him anything and everything and he will keep shut :) anyone who doesnt like ryan is either jelous or just a faggot hipercrit! His has settled down with a nice lass called tasha (she is sound as pound) well much more to say but not much room...overall he is a brilliant Mate!! and one of my best!
Nicola &lt;33
Well what can i say I Love Her! She meens the world to me! Im so glad that i went to the TDA my life has been so much more fun! shes my new hubbie! i dont know what i would do if i lost her now? im in deep love with this girl! i have so many emotions for her! She lives at my house and I live at hers! Shes the only reason i go to school! and she makes it worth while! I can tell her anything and she will help me through thick and thin , i had been waiting for the special someone to come along for along time! (ask any of my m8s) lol and i actuly think i have found that person!, im the luckiest bloke alive! she deserves so much more than me, i dont know what she see's in me TBH? haha but thats why i love her! i dont want her to be a fake or pretend to be someone else! i love her how she is and she knows it, i wouldnt want her any other way! We are officaly married, you might not agree, but the haribo ring said so, so in your faces, Its offical Lol =D. I love her!! X.o.x.o.X
4 the girly&#39;s
ѕєχ ιѕ α ѕєηѕαтιση, ¢αυѕє∂ ву тємραтιση, ωнєη α gυу ѕтι¢кѕ нιѕ ℓσ¢αтιση ιηтσ α gιяℓѕ ∂єѕтιηαтιση тσ ιη¢яєαѕє тнє ρσρυℓαтιση ƒσя ƒυтυяє gєηєяαтισηѕ ∂σ уσυ gєт му єχρℓαηαтιση؟ σя ∂σ уσυ ηєє∂ α ∂ємσηѕтяαтιση؟

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    5) go liquid and actuly have fun [x]
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    7) have fun on rugby tour to ireland [x]
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    10) score for my football team [x]
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    what wud u do 2 me if we wer locked in a box on our own?
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    plz answer in my commet thankz

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  • Sam Harradine
    Sam Harradine

    OMG... this girl is wearing nothing but her panties on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on SparkleZionlonfh@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Sam Harradine
    Sam Harradine

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  • Chelsea Bourne
    luv Chelsea Bourne


  • Ami

    OMG i fink i no u frm primary school paston ridings !! tap bk

  • Niicola Louise
    Niicola Louise

    Ignore that girl below haha :L shes a dick :) i actually dont mind if you keep it quite nice reading it bout myself :P lmao.. how are you babes? love you x

  • Niicola Louise
    Niicola Louise

    take all that stuff of your bebo now please dont think your new gf would like it being there do you :|

  • Niicola Louise
    luv Niicola Louise

    Hello louis.. how are you? i hope your ok sorry i delelted the part about you i regret it now i was just a bit angry the other day:( i hope your ok :| i love you x

  • HAssan

    yo louis u been permanant excluded

  • Niicola Louise
    luv Niicola Louise

    You still get all my love cus i love you lots and lots louis robert scudamore;) haha hope your all good babes.. and hope to speak to you soon my lovely :) hope work ent been to busy for you darling :| haha love you so much my boy forever (L) haha :P

  • Niicola Louise
    luv Niicola Louise

    never gunna stop loving you babes :|

  • Niicola Louise
    luv Niicola Louise

    soyou know i love you hha :L :P

  • Niicola Louise
    luv Niicola Louise


  • Niicola Louise
    luv Niicola Louise

    I love You Baby ;)

  • Niicola Louise
    luv Niicola Louise

    One year andfive months babes whoohhoo aha :L hope it lasts even longer lol. ;) i love you very much thank you for coming round today was nice to spend some time :D .. love you very much your baby gurl :P

  • Niicola Louise
    Niicola Louise

    love you baby boy tomorrow gunna be good (Y) haha missed you like crazy:P ;)