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MuKie Bubbalicious

its party time!!

12/11/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Auckland
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
HeY heY HeY :)
sup guys hWs ItS GoInG , HaVnT BEEn On BEbo for A whILe whats crACkNg Up, I ActUAlly decided To Write ON my OwN bEbo page this time(my friend grishma does it for me all da time is lyke she live on bebo or sumfing) Lolz . ANy way IM MuK or MUKIE or SiRitHa but people just lyke To CAlll ME Muk bUt maybe u should START calling ME siRITha becaUSE dATS my LEGEL name BUT i lyke MUK bettr ITS simple ND shrt I mEan HW muCH enerGY cAN u WAste IN saying 3 LETTERS haha ANI hu I tInk I tel U A little Bit AboUT My SeLf , IM not really a SPORTY person BuT I DO pLAy somE sports LIKE SWIMMING, badminton and OF COURSE pilates To KEEP mE fiT.
IM very INto THAI mUSic RITE NW , i DownLOad lyKe 100 SONgs a MonTH haha I EvEn mAkE FerrY and J SiNg iT WiF Me............. THe tinG i CanT live With Out IS probably wAtEr I GET dehydrated pretty QuICkly , I pik mY boTTle EVry 10s loLZ Its BeCaUSe tHE temp in mY bODY is RisinG HOTTER nd HOTTER haha JOKES :) ;) :)
→Šhè ♥♥♥'s←
 OPING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 !!!!!!!!!!! ( cant live with out tHAT)
→Šhè ♥♥♥'s←
ChOcOLaTe and All ThOse SwEeTs
→Šhè ♥♥♥'s←
SpenDINg time Wife my FREINDS lyke TaLkInG to G. on Da phone aboT world issues and TalK
to J aBout BoYZ lolz
Scared Of
homless perple, its sad in a way but when you look at them, they really scared you

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  • AnNa S
    AnNa S

    I snagged $467 in two days doing almost nothing! I got it from - http://goo.gl/cT7rs Keep this a secret!

  • Kay Cake

    :O i haven't seen you for years! let's go clubbing sometimes.

  • luv Henge.

    miz you mak mak loei

  • Jackie

    hey wt sup... sori 4 da late...da moive was borin..... anyway hwz ur holi?

  • R E X X Y
    luv R E X X Y

    น่ารักจืงๆ เพื่อน เราาาา

  • luv Kay Cake

    hii babe [; thank youu for the birthday wishes! iloveyouu & i missyou so much hehh it's been suchh long time since i last saw youu!!! && yess!! i defo remember the sim card you bought mee! haha i remember having to choose between a sim card and a barbie doll hehe... good times [; iloveyouu babee hope to see you soon xxx

  • Rahul Rodricks

    i came around for your birthday but you brother opened the door and said your not at home...

  • luv Rahul Rodricks

    Sarita? tats a pretty name y dont u like it? y du u get called muk then? y am i full of questions all of a sudden? neway enjoy the last day of ur holidays will see u n stats :D

  • J Baybee
    J Baybee

    then wat u doin online aye aye

  • MuKie Bubbalicious
    MuKie Bubbalicious

    Hey guys , by the time you see this comment I will probably be studying my asss off, this is the most important and stressfull time of my life and I have to do this caz its the only way I will get into what i want to do and if I dont get in I will be soo disappointed in my self so I am off BeBo till the end November, Bye Bebo! Bye Frends! :( :( :( I'lll misss u ;)

  • Sony

    hi!! the last commetn suppose to be **purpose just realised how to spell it hmmm

  • Sony

    ahahhaha i actucally did that on perpose :P hehe grandma :L

  • Sony
    luv Sony

    thank q for the wish darlin! n thank q for sending the name of the song :D and u no i cant find the scanner's software to install it :( its funny how we both hav each other's photos but not our own on our page i will put it up later k nnn u no o wait i will private mail u abt other matters k