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Tune In To Traffic

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Channel4 Battlefront Campaigner - The related incidences are the biggest killer of young people!
Me, Myself, and I
Road traffic accidents are the biggest killer of young people in the UK, and unless we do something about it, the statistics are only going to get worse. I personally know people who’ve been killed in road traffic accidents. The worst thing is that there are easy steps that can be taken to save lives, to avoid heatbreak and our loved ones safe.

I’ve come up with 10 action points to make British streets safer. I want to present these to the Department for Transport, and get them taken seriously. I want to create a fresh and more accessible Green Cross Code, with a focus on the dangers of using MP3s and mobile phones
when you are crossing the road. I am passionate about taking steps to ensure the people we care about are safe. I think most people only require a little education to make conscious decisions that may save their lives.

How would you feel if somebody you cared about was killed because they didn't pay attention to the road? It happens every day...
Channel4 Battlefront Project Launched
This unique project gives young people a platform to campaign about issues that they are passionate about. There are 20 Battlefront campaigners. I am of 1 of 5 who have been filmed exclusively for a TV documentary that broadcasts on Channel 4 on 1/12/2008. Check out www.battlefront.co.uk for more info.
Advert campaign - focusing on young people.
As my campaign has gained momentum, I have been in constant conversation with people about getting my message across to young people. TUNE IN TO TRAFFIC's main aim is the focus on the dangers listening to MP3 players while crossing the road. It's like losing a sense. I have produced leaflets, stickers, posters. An internet viral is in the process of production and will star a hugely famous MUSIC STAR.
The TV Documentary
As part of the Channel4 project, the progress of my campaign was followed for 2months. The result, a TV documentary that will educate other young people on campaigning. This will bea huge platform to get my campaign's message to a massive TV audience.
Boy- Racer Documentary - Focusing on drivers.
This documentary will be focussed around the popular yet life endangering activity of illegal street racing. The aim is to understand why young people engage in racing and whether they actually understand the real dangers of illegal street racing. The documentary will follow a group of racers providing an insight into this underground craze. The film will then speak to young people who have been affected by the dangers of street racing; predominantly people who have lost loved-ones or have been critically injured.
We will then bring the two groups together to see if the young racers can learn the real dangers of illegal street racing from real life victims.

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  • The competition is hot!

    The Tune into Traffic Music Competition is hotting up! We've had lots of entries which is bound to make my life as a judge that little bit harder! However, there will be no Simon Cowell tendencies used here as every entry is not only a contribution to the campaign but also signifies that young people have heard the campaign's message!

    The judging will commence on Wednesday 13th May and if you still want to enter your track there's still time!

    Thanks so much for all the interest so far! I can't wait to start listening to all the talented artists who ahve sent in their music!

    Back soon!


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    I have some very exciting news for you all!

    The Tune in to Traffic campaign is about to launch a brand new competition for all you budding music enthusiasts to get involved.

    From the very start, Tune in to Traffic has been very much music orientated as I strongly belive that every young person in this country has a preference to a particular genre of music. Whether you're into rock, hip-hop, indie, bhangra, r&b or whatever, music unites us all! That's why this competition is for you!!

    The competition is aimed at budding young artists. You can be in a band, a music producer and mc, a rapper, singer. We want you to send in a track that you feel fits the campaign! This track will become an integral part of the campaign's publicity and will be featured in a campaign video and on radio.

    More details of the competition will be appearing on the Battlefront website very soon!


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  • Forward Thinking...

    Hello to all!

    There is some really exciting news that I want to share with you...this blog is all about FORWARD THINKING...this campaign is definitely moving foward!

    I have just been contacted by the Department for Transport who wish to meet me. They 'wholeheartedly' support the campaign and have put me in contact with the Teen Road Safety Division in the DfT!! I've been waiting AGES for this meeting and its finally here!

    Alongside this, I have also been invited to the House of Lords by Peer Lord Ahmed! He wished to work on Road Safety issues and has this has given me the opportunity to work on something that will manifest in the highest authority in Britain!

    Today I came back from a meeting with RoSPA- The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (www.rospa.com) where I presented my campaign to a network group of practitioners working with young people to prevent injuries. Extended schools networks, West Midlands Fire Service, West Midlands Police, the Scouts Organization, Sustran Walking Network were just some of the people present. My presentation went down a storm and at the end I made some VERY promising contacts. 20 schools here, 12 schools there all with networks wanting to put the campaign material into schools and extended schools after school networks!!

    Could this be better?! The best feeling of all was the fact that everybody in the room was striving for the same goal as me. To make the lives of young people safer!!


    CHECK OUT THE PROMOTIONAL VIDEO ABOVE AND APPLY!!! Check out the Battlefront homepage for more details!!

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  • Davey Asprey
    Davey Asprey


    6/27/09 via Mobile
  • Carl Winterbourne

    Hey just a few thoughts, Your aiming the campaign at people who are have their heads in the clouds right? its a nice idea but I am failing to see how a poster or a few flyers is going to make much impact, why would these people take notice of posters when they don't even take notice of road traffic? Maybe think about using technology to fight technology? for example Bluetooth is becoming more evident in mp3 players where a audio file could be sent directly to someone's track listing and interrupt their song with a message when they approach a road crossing. The technology is still in relatively early stages form what i can understand but i am sure it will be there! maybe something for the future as an ongoing campaign. Then i think you could improve on what already is a exellent campaign. Thanks

  • Battlefront

    Heyaaa how r u?Just thought i would stop by to check out how the campaign is going? And, also to tell u about James MUmmery's new video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLjiN... Check it out!!! awesome!

  • Association Against Homophobic Behaviour -LGBT-

    Good day, fellow Battlefront campaigner! :D Care to join our bebo group? Take care, Rachael and David (HOMOPHOBIA = ZERO TOLERANCE)

  • Rachey Betty
    Rachey Betty

    Hello!! I've only just realised how to check my comments, I'm not a Bebo pro lol! Well, unfortunately I've decided I'm not going to continue with the campaign...due to the credit crunch there won't be any minimum wage increase for 2009 so I can't actually achieve anything, unfortunately =( Also I'm starting a new job soon that's going to take a ridiculous amount of my time up so grrr.... Hows your campaign going? Please keep in touch =) Rachey Xx

  • HollyBattlefront
    luv HollyBattlefront

    Hey, Thanks for the add... hope the campaigning is going well! Lv Holly x

  • Wedding Style
    Wedding Style

    Good page! Welcome to visit my bebo site too! http://www.bebo.com/WeddingStyle

  • Tom Robbins

    Yer im gud, its gud to hear from you mate. My campaign is going well, lots of things coming up. Today I helped Aimee with her campaign for re-using mugs and Jodie Marsh even turned up for the event, it was surreal! Good publicity. So hows everything with you? Tom.

  • Scott Mackay
    Scott Mackay

    Hey man!!! Thanks for the add!! First of all a massive well done on this page and emphaising the problems on Britains roads. The last time I saw you was in Glasgow at the annual sitting presenting the UN Convention you went to in Geneva and from there I knew how passionate you were to highlight this increasing problem AND tackle the issues to key decision makers. You have my support throughout and if you need any help from Scotland then you know wher I am. Take care Scott

  • Tune In To Traffic
    Tune In To Traffic

    Thanks for your message, if it was down just to young people then there would be nothing out there to tell people of the dangers of every day life. The same applies to drink driving adverts, stop signs, zebra crossing etc. Things are there to inform people of the dangers. Crossing the road while on the phone is a danger. Listening to music while you cross the road is a danger. You're right that its down to people thinking and looking when crossing the road but when someone crosses the road with earphones in, you loose the ability to hear the road, the risk of being run is increased. Most people only need to be told once about the dangers of the road. All people really need is a little knowledge to ensure they're safer. Thats what I hope to achieve through the adverts. The aim is to just inform people, at the end of the day, its down to people to act on what they learn to make sure they are safe.

  • Ryann Murphy
    Ryann Murphy

    this aint goin do nothin if you want stop boy racers n shit then the police need grow a fuckin spine instead of been lil nobs n you say you shouldnt be able use your phone n w.e when crossin a road :S why ? jus cus your not on a phone dusnt meen it will save your life n that your gonna take more notice. its your own choice to check if theres cars comin when your crossin a road .. dont chek n get knocked ova its ya own fault init

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    kool for add

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    Stef X

    eloo fanx fo the add :) xx

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    Parrin Guyz

    thnx for the add.

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    Jadey Bby

    fankoo 4 the adddd:D xxx

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    Bona Fide Hustler

    Yor Gawjuss

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