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F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan club


8/7/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

*The One With The Friends We'll Never Forget*
Me, Myself, and I
Friends was a long-running sitcom focusing on the lives of a group of 6 twenty-somethings living in Greenwich Village, New York City. It was one of the longest-running and most popular sitcoms in American television history, with many millions of fans all over the world
Chandler -- I'm off to see your tailor now Joe
Joey -- Ok, tell him Joey says hi. He'll know what I mean.
Chandler -- Ooh, I don't think he'll be able to crack that code!!
Jennifer Aniston - Rachel
Matt Le Blanc - Joey
Lisa Kudrow - Pheobe
Matthew Perry - Chandler
Courtney Cox Arquette - Monica
David Schwimmer - Ross

Ross&Monica are siblings.
Ross,Chandler,Rachel & Monica met when they were teengers
Ross&Chandler were roomies.
Joey&Chandler were also roomies
Pheobe&Monica were roomies
Ross&Rachel had a big dating thing & have a baby
Monica&Chandler are married & adopted twins

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  • Funny Quotes From Friends...(2)

    Joey: Hey man, I heard about your problem...
    Chandler: Oh, did Ross tell you about the mum thing?
    Joey: Yeah, but don't worry, I get it too
    Chandler: Really?
    Joey: Yeah, I always think about your mom when Im having sex!

    Chandler: I'm sorry, but I did watch your tape!
    Joey: There you go again, lying.
    Chandler: I'm not lying! I watched it!
    Joey No you didn't! First. You lie. Then, you lie about lying. And THEN you lie about lying about lying. So don't go lying about you lying, and lying, and, erm. Just STOP LYING!

    Ross: I don't understand...
    Pheobe: come on Ross, your're a palientolagist...dig a little deeper!

    Joey: Shall we fuseball for the table? Whoever wins, gets to keep it.
    Chandler: Fine.
    Joey: But you know I'm gunna win
    Chandler: Ha. Your little plastic men are gunna get scored on more times than your sister!

    Monica: Hurry up!! We're going to London today!! We could be late for our flight, there could be lost luggage, we could miss our taxi, when we get to London there could be long queues!! (Leaves)
    Chandler: Wow. 6 hour flight to London. That's a whole lotta Monica.

    (Leaving for flight to London)
    Chandler: Hey Joe, got your passport?
    Joey: In the third drawer of my cabinet!! God, I wouldn't wanna loose that!
    [Chandler just looks at Joey for a minute]
    Joey: Ohhh yeah!
    Chandler: There it is!

    Rachel: You see, for us, kissing is just as important as sex
    Joey: Yeah right!
    Monica: No, it really is!
    Chandler: Kissing for us, is like the comedien at the start of the show. They are good but we wanna see Pink Floyd! And then, when the show is over, we just want to go home, but you want to go back to the comedien again!
    Rachel: Look, if you don't like the comedien, then you won't even get a ticket to the show. So if you don't like the comedien, you can just sit at home on your own, listning to an old record of Pink Floyd. Got it?
    (Her and Monica high five)
    Joey: ... are we still talking about sex?

    Ross: The doctors said Marsielles humping problem would go away soon, as it may only be a phase...
    Chandler: Yeah, but that's what they said about Joey...!

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  • Funny Quotes From Friends...

    Joey (watching old videos of Monica): Some girl ate Monica!!! "
    Monica: Shut up, the camera adds 10 pounds. "
    Chandler: so how many cameras are actually on you?

    Joey: Oh! Sorry... did I get you?
    Chandler: NO, you didn't Get me! It's an electric drill! You Get me, you Kill me!

    Ross: That was my first kiss with Rachel though, you ruined it! She was on my bed, it was dark, I meant to kiss her forehead, but got her lips. It was nice!
    Chandler: But...she was on my bed
    Ross: She can't have been!
    Chandler: Why would I kiss a girl, then lie her on your bed?
    Monica: Ohmygod...I went to bed in that room
    Ross: (shock) YOU were my first kiss with Rachel?
    Monica: (shock) YOU were my midnight mystery?
    Chandler: What did I marry into?!

    Joanna: What are you doing?
    Chandler: I'm getting dressed.
    Joanna: Why?
    Chandler: When I walk outside naked, people throw garbage at me

    Phoebe: [Right after playing a song in the coffee shop ] If you want to receive e-mails about my upcoming shows, then please give me money so I can buy a computer

    Rachel: It’s like all my life people have been telling me “You’re a shoe, you’re a shoe, you’re a shoe, you’re a shoe” but then I thought, maybe I don’t wana be a shoe anymore. Maybe I wana be a… a purse… or a hat………………. NO im not saying I want you to but me a hat, im saying I am a hat…. it’s a metaphor Daddy!

    Ross (when his thumb is broken): Let me just fill in this form...(has trouble)
    Joey: You having trouble there?
    Ross: You think?!
    Joey: Okay, name?
    Ross: Ross!
    Joey: Well, I know it's Ross...is it short for anything, like Rosstopher?
    Ross: No, it's just Ross
    Joey: It's pretty

    Ross: Oh, really? Well, I guess Monica should know about Atlantic City.
    Chandler: Du-ude!
    Monica: What happened in Atlantic City?
    Ross: Well, Chandler and I are in a bar...
    Chandler: Did you not hear me say, "Du-ude"?
    Ross: ...and this girl is making eyes at Chandler, okay? So after a while he just goes over to her and, uh, after a minute or two, I see them kissing. Now, I know what you're thinking. Chandler's not the type of guy who just goes to bars and makes out with girls. And you're right. Chandler's not the type of guy just goes to bars and makes out with girls.
    Monica: You kissed a guy? Oh my God.
    Chandler: In my defense, it was dark and he was a very pretty guy

    Ross: [leaning over and talking to Rachel's lap] I can't wait to play with you all day, and to hear your first words.
    Phoebe: [wide eyed] Why are you letting him talk to your crotch that way?
    Rachel: He's talking to the baby.
    Phoebe: Oh, that's good. Because when I heard, "I can't wait to hear your first words" I thought, "Boy that's some trick!"

    Mike: Fine then, I'll change my name to Crap Bag
    Pheobe: Fine.
    (Pheobe's client enters)
    Pheobe: Hi!
    Client: Hey Pheobe
    Mike:Aren't you going to introduce me?
    Pheobe: Erm, this is my fiancee...
    Mike:And my name?
    Pheobe: My fiancee...Crap Bag.

    Chandler: So I've been having these dreams...I'm totally naked
    Joey: Ha, I've had that dream
    Chandler: Yeah, but I look down, and my, thing, is not there. It's a telephone. And it starts to ring
    Pheobe: So your thing starts ringing?
    Chandler: Yeah, so I answer it, and it's my Mom.
    Pheobe: Ew!
    Chandler: But the wierdest thing is, my Mom never calls me!

    Chandler: So kids, I have this dream...I'm Liza Minneli...

    Rachel: Hi Mandy! I heard about you and Barry. Yeah, I'm so pleased for you! And if you do get married, and have lots of children, I hope they have his old hairline and your old nose!

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  • Who was your fave character?

    Who was ur fave Friends character?
    Was it:

    Girlie Rachel?
    Blonde Pheobe?
    Cleaning mad Monica?
    Brainy Ross?
    Funny Joey?
    Sarcastic Chandler?

    Leave your comments below...

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