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love it live it dream it

1/20/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 101
  • from adelaide
  • I am Down for Whatever
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We sing, We dance, We steal things
Me, Myself, and I
We sing, We dance, We steal things. . .add smokin and that statement will be damn true bouts me lolz wassarpa yall namez ricky reppin mildy krumpin round thts mah wayz haHaHaAhHAHAHha i'm 18 livin life mayyyybe to the fullest sickest WAY thtz i cAnz lolz buh ya crnt get in contact thn maybe just maYbe i don kno uze lolz i'm a sik lad bra so don mess wit meye lolz buh tlkz upta me like ya know me pplz okey dokie(+=+) pEACe(+=+)
Kat deluna, Sean Kingston, Ub40, boyz 2 men, the pack, the medic droid
drumline, ready 2 rumble, the freedom writers,
hairspray, The leprachaun, freddy vs jason,
blades of glory, the lion king, premonition,
the shinig, monsters inc. and pirates of the caribean trilogy
basketball, soccer and volleyball
and pretty much wateva i'm in the mood
for at tha time i guess
shit scared of.....
too many things ha ha buh i aint sayin
them jus so pplz cn use them gainst
meye tooo dangerous lolz
happiest when
when imma sleepinnnn coz nuthin
goes wrong.....unless....U HAVE OLD
. . .and deeen it comes to da darinkin lolz
martin luther king
daaH neva gun reeead a book boyla lolz wat yu finkin lolz

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  • Reece B
    Reece B

    I just profited $257 in a few weeks doing a little work! I learned from - http://x.co/KTB2 thank me later

  • luv Sonja Gadingura Djunmili

    hey what you doing?!

  • Lee.Bitchez
    luv Lee.Bitchez

    Hey Ricky :D Long time. How you been ? What you doing these days ? How did you xmas go? Love you Loads xx <3

  • luv Sonja Gadingura Djunmili

    sending lots of love from us all xoxoxo

  • S H A H N
    luv S H A H N

    lovin ya up :)

  • luv Sonja Gadingura Djunmili

    hey just sending big hugs from us - miss ya, got lots good yarns, funny stories for ya...xoxoxo

  • S H A H N
    luv S H A H N

    Ricky ya big doggg!! i miss you

  • Tarina Sailor
    Tarina Sailor

    Lovee yuu RICKYYY RIGNEYY!!!!!

  • luv Sonja Gadingura Djunmili

    hello anybody there??? Give us a call - missing ya and lots of funny yarns for ya - big hugs

  • S H A H N
    luv S H A H N


  • luv Sonja Gadingura Djunmili

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY - getting in early - and sending lots and lots of love and hugs as always xoxoxo

  • luv Sonja Gadingura Djunmili

    Oh Ricky we just LOOOOVE this new skin, just cracked up when I saw it!!!Thought you were coming over to have a go at Idol? Got flash new synthesiser/keyboard and we made up lots of songs, - did one with a verse each about everyone that you would loooove but hey not suitable for Idol but!! Bet you been watching 'so you think you can dance'? Wawa been doing non stop breaking and robot dance and double jointed hip moves during whole show that would crack you right up! Miss ya - lots of love and hugs from us all xoxoxo

  • Libby
    luv Libby

    well helloooo my bItCH nt alot had 2 go on a fuckin camp 4 yr 12 coz if we ddn't den we wasn't allowed 2 pass yr 12 so if we ddn't want2 go sum1 had 2 be dead nd in hospital nd dat neva happened so bad luck 4 me ae hahahahahaahha how has ur big balls been???? hows ur love life ae baby!!!! nd howz milcity??? well i wouldn't hav a clue wen i be bak ova dere so wen i nu i'll let u nu kk lol... ae do u hav a mobile phone??? if u do den type me ur numba cunt rite!!!!!!!1 well thanx 4 da heart cuz/bruz/bff/lover/etc hahahahahah type bak bithc love ya xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo  xoxoxoxoxoxox LiBbY LoU (who's ur bestfriend secretly thought hahahahaahah)

  • Libby
    luv Libby

    hey its gud 2 hear from u i'm ganna make dis msg short coz i sent a msg before bt i ain't kum up on ya pg so i'll leave it at dat yea i had a great chrissy nd new yr how u did 2???? thanx 4 da lub well hope u have a great year love u heaps buddy miss ya heaps well dnt be scared 2 reply bak kk love always !LiBbY LoU! P.S i LoVe u xoxox

  • Sonja Gadingura Djunmili

    Well just dropping by to say hope you're having a deadly time for new years..lots of love from all the fam xoxoxo