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Crab Killer

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  • from im a drifter
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
go i bored
why do fish breathe under water?
why is a pig able to be made into so many tastey foods?
would i be able to be made into sixteen succulent dishes if different parts of my anatomy where diced?
do u think the prey of bears and shit have a huge four month party when they go into hibernation?
if i eat an apple whole, n it gets lodged in my asophegeous, and then i eat fertilizer and dirnk heaps of water regularly, will it become my new adam's apple?
adam's apple..:intresting when u thin about it hey?..like do u think they REAL cause of death for adam was not infact being banished from the garden of eden and tortured by the pheasants outsdie, but INFACT due to god fucking cramming an apple down adam's throat whilst screaming "you like the fukcing forbidden apple's hey?..here have another bitch!!" and then bribing the coroner to fabricate the truth?..

A.P.C - Ozzy - Brides of destruction - Velvet revolver - Blink - Slayer - the pixies - Murderdolls - Metallica - Yellow card - Bon Jovi - All American Rejects - Death Cab for Cutie - Godsmack - The Butterfly Effect - HIM - CKY - Wolf Mother - Cute Is What We Aim For - Fall Out Boy - The A.K.A.S - the academy is - PANIC! at the disco - X JAPAN - Luna Sea ...... ect ect
young guns
b-bal - surfing
cult45 - Sol
Happiest When
chilling with koa...

Kicking buntine in the head
in photos when people hold there beer up.. i mean fucking wow its a beer

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New Assy Mcgee Conviction Full S01E06

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    For those pathetic TAS 'teachers' who think they are a fucking special forces narcotic team, stop being so fucking pathetic and do your actual job. Does it honestly matter if i have 'The Best Weed'.... Here are a few things that you should consider doing...

    Firstly just do youre job . Youre a fucking school teacher, nothing else. YOU ARE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SOCIAL FOOD CHAIN.

    Earn respect, you cant demand it

    show compasion, and think with a little empathy... after all we do live in a democratic society.. you aristocratic cocksucker

    Dont ever try to pressure students or there perents.. JUST REMEMBER.. YOU SERVE


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  • the 10 crack commandments

    I been in this game for years, it made me a animal
    It's rules to this shit, I wrote me a manual
    A step by step booklet for you to get
    your game on track, not your wig pushed back

    Rule nombre uno: never let no one know
    how much, dough you hold, cause you know
    The cheddar breed jealousy 'specially
    if that man fucked up, get your ass stuck up

    Number two: never let em know your next move
    Don't you know Bad Boys move in silence or violence
    Take it from your highness (uh-huh)
    I done squeezed mad clips at these cats for they bricks and chips

    Number three: never trust no-bo-dy
    Your moms'll set that ass up, properly gassed up
    Hoodie to mask up, shit, for that fast buck
    she be layin in the bushes to light that ass up

    Number four: know you heard this before
    Never get high, on your own supply

    Number five: never sell no crack where you rest at
    I don't care if they want a ounce, tell em bounce

    Number six: that god damn credit, dead it
    You think a crackhead payin you back, shit forget it

    Seven: this rule is so underrated
    Keep your family and business completely seperated
    Money and blood don't mix like two dicks and no bitch
    Find yourself in serious shit

    Number eight: never keep no weight on you
    Them cats that squeeze your guns can hold jobs too

    Number nine shoulda been number one to me
    If you ain't gettin bags stay the fuck from police (uh-huh)
    If niggaz think you snitchin ain't tryin listen
    They be sittin in your kitchen, waitin to start hittin

    Number ten: a strong word called consignment
    Strictly for live men, not for freshmen
    If you ain't got the clientele say hell no
    Cause they gon want they money rain sleet hail snow
    Follow these rules you'll have mad bread to break up
    If not, twenty-four years, on the wake up
    Slug hit your temple, watch your frame shake up
    Caretaker did your makeup, when you pass
    Your girl fucked my man Jake up, heard in three weeks
    she sniffed a whole half of cake up
    Heard she suck a good dick, and can hook a steak up
    Gotta go gotta go, more pies to bake up, word up,

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  • THE LIFE OF OTIMUS PRIME (or for us that new him well Orion Pax)

    Optimus Prime began his life as a robot named Orion Pax, a dock worker during the Golden Age of Cybertron nine million years ago, with a girlfriend named Ariel, and a best friend named Dion. At the time, a new breed of robot had recently appeared on the planet with new flight capabilities in robot mode that made Orion idolize them. Unfortunately for Orion, when Megatron, the leader of these robots, approached him with inquiries about using one of the dock warehouses, Orion was swayed by Megatron. Orion and Ariel were severely wounded when Megatron and his forces then attacked in order to claim the energy stored there. Searching for someone to help them, the time-displaced Aerialbots took Orion and Ariel to the ancient Autobot, Alpha Trion, who used them as the first subjects for the new reconstruction process he had developed - rebuilding the frail Autobot frames into battle-hardy configurations. With this reconstruction, Orion Pax became Optimus Prime, the first of the Autobot warriors, who took the mantle of leadership as the civil war against the Decepticons erupted, while Ariel was rebuilt into Elita One, the commander of the Autobot resistance on Cybertron.

    There is some evidence Dion would later become Ultra Magnus. Hence his similar design to Optimus Prime as well as Prime's referral to him as old friend right before he passes in Transformers: The Movie. However, this is purely speculation, and was never confirmed by the animated series.

    Optimus Prime's robot mode in the animated series.

    As leader of the Autobots, Prime headed up the Autobots' mission to search out new worlds with new sources of energy to revitalise the depleted Cybertron. However, shortly after its launch, the Autobots' craft was attacked by the Decepticons' space cruiser, and boarded by Megatron and the Decepticons. In the ensuing struggle, the G-forces of a nearby planet pulled both craft down, and the Autobots' ship crashed into a volcano, thrusting all the occupants into emergency stasis. Four million years later, in the Earth year 1984 A.D., a volcanic eruption jarred the ship's computer, Teletraan I back to life, and it reactivated the Decepticons, programming them with new Earth-based disguise modes. As a petty parting gesture, Starscream fired upon the Autobot ship, creating a landslide that knocked Prime into the path of the computer's restoration beam, restoring him to life, and beginning the war anew on Earth.

    Prime was perpetually at the forefront of the action throughout the early years of the war on Earth, usually confronting Megatron, and, in some rare instances, being forced to team up with him for the greater good (or the lesser evil) - such as against the Insecticon controlled Decepticons or the Combaticons. He has suffered his fair share of battlefield scrapes, almost meeting his end when his vital cosmotron component was critically damaged by the Decepticon jets and Laserbeak.

    Prime suffered a severe - though unfair - defeat when Megatron challenged him to one-on-one combat while imbued with the different abilities of all the Decepticons. The loser would leave Earth. However Teletraan I discovered the deception in time and the Autobots were able to drive the Decepticons off.

    Generally, Prime acted in a commanding role as part of larger battles and events, but played prominent and solo roles in a few, also. In 1985, Megatron created a virtually perfect duplicate of him, leaving the Autobots unable to differentiate between the two until the clone disregarded the safety of their human companion, Spike Witwicky, exposing the deception.

    Later in the same year, Prime's fame and prowess led him to become the target of the demented big-game hunter, Lord Chumley, who sought his head to go along with his other rare trophies. Entering the hunter's estate alone, Prime defeated all the traps and beasts lying in wait and brought Chumley to justice.

    The same year also saw Elita One captured by the Decepticons on Cybertron a

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