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Baybiie Suu

Nobody's perfect... but I come pretty damn close ;)

12/12/08 | me too! | Reply

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There are people who have left footprints in my heart... mainly because they stomped all over it!! :P Lol, some people will always have a place, they just need to know how to use it <3

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Baby Roz

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    ~* What will be will be so quit trying to find the answer. Let it find you.*~

    "If you love something let it go.
    If it comes back, that's how you no."

    *Cute girls turn heads
    but me&my girls break necks!*

    "Don't fall for someone that can't catch u."

    ♥ We were given two hands to hold, two legs to walk on, two eyes to see and two ears to listen... But why only one heart? Because the other one was given to someone else for us to find. ♥

    "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep, because reality is finally better than your dreams."

    "No-one dies a virgin... Life screws us all!"

    "Don't regret the past... There's nothing you can do."

    "I believe there's that one person, I just don't wana wait that long!"

    *He's That wun Bwoiiie
    Who i Can Run To With Tears Running
    Down Muy Face && Tha First Fing He Seys Is ..

    "*Nothing* Lasts Forever, So Live It Up, Drink It Down, Laugh It Off. Avoid The Bullshit, Take Chances & Never Have Regrets. At One Point Everything You Did Was Exactly What You Wanted.. *Laugh* Your Heart Out, Dance In The Rain. Cherish The Memories, Ignore The Pain. Love & Learn, Forget & Forgive.. Because Remember You Have Only Life To Live, Love it Live it!"

    "If he's stupid enough to let you walk away, be smart enough to keep walking."

    "Don't be too upset, because Cinderella doesn't get her prince 'til then end."

    * ι šнσω му вσσвš...šσ ιм α šℓαğ. ι ωєαя мαкє υρ...šσ ιм α вαявιє. ι šαу ωαу ι тнιик...šσ ιм α вιт¢н. ι ¢яу...šσ ιм α ∂яαмα qυєєи. ι ğєт υρšєт...šσ ιм šυι¢ι∂αℓ. ι ωєαя вℓα¢к...šσ ιм ємσ. ι ℓιкє му šтуℓє...šσ ιм вιğ нєα∂є∂. ι ¢σνєя му αямš...šσ ι šєℓƒ нαям. ι ∂яιик...šσ ιм αи αℓ¢σнσℓι¢. ι тαℓк тσ вσуš...šσ ιм α šℓυт. [∂σит ƒυ¢кιиğ ℓαвєℓ мє] ι αм ωнσ ι αм...100% šυ! *

    "Dont follow my footsteps, I walk into walls!"

    "If you want a rainbow you have to put up with the rain."

    "I'm not the sex I'm the mother fucking orgasm!"

    "Sometimes we build up walls, not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down."

    "I'm not a perfect girl... and im not trying to be!"

    *Love Is Composed Of A Single
    Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies*

    "A picture tells a thousand words."

    * &&peσple αяe lιke ωσαнн
    чσuяя αlωaчs тσgeтнeя

    αnd ωeяe lιke duuнн ωeяe
    besт ғяιends ғσяeveяя !! *

    "DNA is what you are not who you are."

    "If he's stupid enough to let you walk away, be smart enough to keep walking."

    "Dont love life cos it will only disappoint you."

    "Best friends are people that know all about you and still put up with your crap."

    "Perfection is overrated."

    *Sex is a sensation
    Caused by temptation
    When a guy sticks his location
    In a girls destination
    To increase the population
    For a future generation
    Do u get my explanation
    Or do u need a demonstration? *

    *Fuck Second Chances.
    They Shoulda Learnt The First Time *

    *In Life There's One Thing Ive Learned
    That Bitches Are Only Powerful When
    My Back Is Turned_ *

    "Whatever's meant to be will work out perfectly."

    "I often have casual bum sex with my other half =] "

    "Boys are players & that's a fact. Dont fall in love, just play them back."

    "Don't make someone a priority, when they only make you an option."

    "The best things in life are always unseen. That's why we close our eyes when we kiss, wish and dream."

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  • Lewis Church
    Lewis Church

    yeh i no its been years init lol so wat u get up to now a days .....yeh give me a tx look forward to ya tx :) xx

  • Cher Wyatt
    luv Cher Wyatt

    Yeahhh im goood thanks, been up ta much? Nah laureyn didnt but i just told her about it (: love yahhh x

  • Cher Wyatt
    luv Cher Wyatt

    Hey babe. hows you? everything good i hope laureyn is gettin id soon (: haha,.. wubu2? Lovayouu X.x.x..

  • Lewis Church
    Lewis Church

    wel tx me as i dnt get on ere much m8 07960998450 x be gd to catch up

  • Lewis Church
    Lewis Church

    fukin hell howz it goin bbe dnt really get on ere much now sorry it took so log to replyu wb lew xx

  • Mikey
    luv Mikey

    hey shit head :D why the fuck have u got 'fit bitch' arrow next to me u insest freak!! haha :P ....:S niways.. u awryt? luvya xxxx

  • Freddy Lira
    luv Freddy Lira

    Hello CUTE!!! How is everything there?

  • Paul Matthew
    luv Paul Matthew

    haha where did tht come from, nar i dnt relli drink at all, especially now i drive, an nar neva been drunk, dnt see the attraction myself lol. What you been up to then, have some love back :) xx

  • Paul Matthew
    luv Paul Matthew

    Gooooooooooood, suppose you could call it a blessing not cin me lol haha, erm not relli lol, nothing down there which relli excites me anymre, not tht i have much money to spend anyway lol hehe xx

  • Paul Matthew
    Paul Matthew

    Haha yea alright cause i wuld lol, i wuld expect u 2 do it cause your a friend lol/ lol owww does sound fun :) :) Yea it went fine, was a very touching funeral :) :) . Hows you, you all good, cnt believe how ong i aint seen u an every1, time flies by u knw xx

  • -

    i dnt have unlimited love sorry i will give you sum nx time i comment :D promise i larvve you! :D :D x

  • James S
    luv James S

    how you doin? wb or forteen of your friends will get chain letters. only joks wb tho

  • Paul Matthew
    Paul Matthew

    Wil get you to do my room then if u a expert lol. Yes i remember now, u did go there, cause thts wen i was sorta switchin between youth groups, i forgot Ben took you all down there, that was fun. Erm i gta Funeral ina min, then not sure for the rest of the day until tonight, an u hun xx

  • Paul Matthew
    Paul Matthew

    Indeed i tink so 2 :) , haha, look at u miss talented hehe, indeed it is :) . Erm next to Aldi in East Street, it more of a rocky church then organ lol xx

  • Paul Matthew
    Paul Matthew

    Thank you muchly :) :) . Erm a purple colour, actually is rather nice i feel, i actually enjoy painting, every so often lol. Net Church the other side of town :) xx

  • Fayee

    eloo yeh i know its been a while send me your number and i will text you my number coz i got a new one im good i aint wid chris anymore free and single and luvin it lol how yu bin nd wubu2 x x x