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  • Male, 21, Luv 75
  • from blandford (how amazing)
  • Profile views: 2,212
  • Last active: 6/8/12
  • www.bebo.com/zacere
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Ello im Zac

Bebo is shit...

add me zaccollington@hotmail.com!!
tiesto, scooter, darren styles, dj hixxy, pendulum, faithless, ATB, still like a bit of hip hop but dont listen to it dat much nemore
road trip, euro trip, rocky 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, gladiator, 8 mile, 40 year old virgin, harold and kumar get the munchies, how high, pulp fiction, borat, ali, pirates of the carribean, half baked (fukin hillarious), hostel, amrican pie the naked mile tc
mostly skating and like to play a bit of basketball but pretty shit at it, cricket but hardly ever play it
Scared Of
bein sick lol
Happiest When
going to the beach, under the bridge on frHIGHday nights, goin out wiw m8s, going on holiday, playin xbox 360 but its fuked at da moment, playin cricket when i do
butler, jake, jo, bousie, tom g, lukka, perry and loadz of ovas that i cnt be fuked to name
what the fuks goin on der

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  • bong

    ----------Puff, Puff, & Pass!--------------

    0 Comments 328 weeks

  • emo jokes

    * I wish my lawn were emo, then it'd cut itself.

    * How do you fuck an emo? * Give it a knife.

    * What do you call a crap female emo? * A man.

    * How many emos does it take to change a light bulb? * None, they just sit in the dark and cry. * 2: One to change it and one to write a poem about how much they miss the old light bulb.

    * Why did the Emo cross the road? * Because his girlfriend dumped him, and he wanted to make this fact evident to passing traffic.

    * Did you hear about the emo pizza? * It cuts itself!

    * How do you get an emo out of a tree? * cut the rope

    * (to the tune of "if you're happy and you know it...") * If you're emo and you know it, slit your wrists!

    * When is the only time you wink at an emo? * When you're staring at him through a sniper scope.

    * Two emos jumped off a cliff, which one lands first? * Why the fuck would I care?

    * I heard the Simple Plan concert didn't go too well, apparently a lot of long haired, glasses wearing and pale kids were crying.

    * What do you call a dead emo? * A fucking good start.

    * Two people are walking down a street, suddenly an emo is shot and dies as the other emo runs off crying. The first person says "Oh my god, someone just shot that emo! Did you see?", the second person replies "Sorry, I wasn't paying attention, I was too busy reloading my gun".

    * What do you call an emos diary? * 1. Their will. * Stupid

    * Did you hear about the Emo who miscarriaged? The fetus was removed and they found a knife.

    * What do you say to a crippled emo? * Nothing, you already told him once.

    * What is the special time of the month called when an emo girl bleeds? * Seeing other people.

    * What do you say at an emos funeral? * Good riddance.

    * What has 4 eyes, 4 limbs and draws blood? * An emo

    * Why can't a female emo perform oral? * The only thing they think about sucking is life.

    * What do you call a dead 16 year old emo? * A delayed Miracle.

    * An emo walks into a fountain. Better known as a My Chemical Romance concert.

    * How do you get an Emo to open up? * give him a knife

    0 Comments 343 weeks

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Zac Wrote at 10:52 am on Apr 22
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Oi Wrote at 03:14 pm on Mar 13

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  • Sunshine

    Haa Im Blonde Haa Soo Im DumbHaa Lol ' Yeahh Im Good Taa uu!? ' 'ox.

  • Sunshine

    Ohritee Your Zac Form PimpereneRight!!? ox.

  • Sunshine

    Heyy ' Whos This'? ox.

  • Innax
    luv Innax

    AGGHHH so many apps you gay Saw ur coment on Christins bebo just as i was gonna put the same cos he's got so many comments :L :L xxmaxx

  • Christin

    Oioi Ziggy ..... FACEBOOK SUCKS Lol See ya Soon

  • Innax
    luv Innax

    Apparenlty i Went Green =S lol wuup2 this weekend? xxmaxx

  • Innax
    luv Innax

    Honestly Didn't lol jus felt shit for 10 mins :L Dictionarryyyy!!!!! xxmaxx

  • Lukka-Xx
    luv Lukka-Xx

    mates butler, jake, jo, bousie, tom g, lukka, perry and loadz of ovas that i cnt be fuked to name :L xx

  • Innax

    That was hilarious lol haha what a class nite xxmaxx

  • Alice.

    frHIGHday nightss haha :L xxx

  • Christin

    thats kool mate DW i got so fucked i forgot wot i did so.. yehh :L haha x

  • Christin
    luv Christin

    Love for you back babey cakes :L

  • James O'Donovan
    luv James O'Donovan

    alrite geez yer it wer pretty bt fukin cold ur rite lol um dunno fink im goin out 2nite an i gota party on da weekend so shud b gd wbu? x x x

  • Innax

    I know lol neva doin tht amount of shit again :L 3 days of sleep haha Fells like ive got bird flu ffs :( luv u =D xxmaxx

  • Owain J
    luv Owain J

    wot u only stayin at sixth form for a year m8 then ??? but do u sort of no wot u want to do then .... uni hay i never thought u wud try to get in to uni in yr 9 cus u were a bad fucker lol :L :L wb xxx