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Sam Chester

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  • Male, Luv 40
  • from victora.b.c,
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: January 2006
  • Last active: 5/11/11
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"Chester Pride"
Me, Myself, and I
WOW.....what an awesome canoe journeys...had alot to do with helping me out in life... seen so many old friends and new friends...but i have to thx the ones that made it possible,Jimmy swan for the use of his canoe,uncle guy for getting it and makin it possible for us to paddle.the paddlers,uncle guy,trevor,sherman,terra,bren
 t,nikki,pettie, uncle frank,helena,connie and sherry..bear,traci,auntie bertha,my mom and sister rose.. auntie pam.w.,and many others if i forgot....id also like to thank the escorts eddy.s.,grampa angus., and tom smith..and thxs to the ones that traveled by us all the ways..janice john,rod sam, and sammy adams..waz nice to be on the waters with u all... and others on the way that joined..id like to thx the ones that chatted and helped out the best they could...and special thxs to all that hosted us...but a great special thxs to suquamish people..u did an awesome job..my hands up to u all...enjoyed it so dearly me and my gurls..my old friends awesome to see u all..
any thing that can settle me down and make me happy...lol
any thing as long with good company....lol....company can mean alot...then a movie...:)
my favorite sports are basket-ball., .soft-ball., slow pitch.....
Scared Of
well as of today im not scared of much any more....always lookin forward for tomrrow now...
Happiest When
when my gurls are so happy...they my pride and joy.....and family love u alll so much...but especially my old and new friends...lol...make it that much easier for me..and my gurls..
happiness and forginess
happiness and forgiveness some good points and issues..some thing that took me awhile to grasp and learn...but im getting it now...lol...
love and care
love anbd care...its some thing we can never do then jus throw it away like garbage...its some thing we all got taught even through bad times...we learn off of many mistakes we do...i must say ive done my share of mistakes..and sorry to say i make them still but learn off of them and makes me that much stronger..and thx all that have helped out on that...

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  • teachings...

    well on these journeys i learned alot...things that came bac to me...from my grampa francis.c. my pops elmer.t....and elders and especially skippers from my recent journeys...ive come to grasp what i have learned from all these people....and family and also great friends...
    but a special thxs to my cuzzin nate,bear,traci uncle guy,my mom, and my grampa angus...so made me be more open this year...made me be more of a leader,then a follower....waz so lost at first with out lil guy and nate and my pops elmer.thompson...always jus followed them,,but nate and bear said one day u have to take lead...and i so did this year...even in elwa when i took my pops' footsteps by stopping some thing that should not have happened....so i got up and done what my pops would have done...taught me lots with songs and dances and teaching so missed him this year....as my gurls always do....they were so happy by getting necklaces saying it waz from their papa///had me in tears....so i know he waz watching....and know he waz so proud of jack jr...for being on the journeys....i know he didnt miss it...cause i know he waz watching as he always does....making sure of our safety......i could remember my first journey like 12 years ago waz awsome...then puyalap...use to be jus 4-5 of us now theres about 50-60 of us from my family...so awesome....jus happy when my gurls can meet family from ahousaht......and jus so thank every one that has been a part of my life!!!!!made me who i am today klecko-klecko.. much love to all of u...

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  • Wii wiialog

    Well...wow...where to start...waz an awesome wknd....so many thanks to all that came from far and near...and helped out in so many ways...the presence waz awesome..it showed how much love and respect for my late father...elmer thompson.....
    i so thank all that preformed waz awsome to see all the dances we seen...it waz a awesome way to show how u honoured him.....so much love....my mother and us cant stop thanking u all...i so thank my cuzzin amelia and cuziin jack and my late cuzzin evelyn kids for being behaind us on the honouring of elmer.t...and all myczzins(bro's and sisters)
    a teaching we all cant lose to work together and be as one.....
    i especially thank the people of ahousaht alot...and my family the charlies...so thankful to be part of u all..such a proud family...a teaching we all carry as nuu-chalth-nulth.....people...and so hope it carrys on within all of us...i so glad my urls seen it,they so loved their poppa....they so loved to got to dance for him....so proud of them.......
    so i thankful to lil guy and nate and our other singers and especially our dancers...especially from home......izz ure sucha good teacher and role model to our lil ones to isobel so thanks for being there also for our younger dancers.....i so thank my famil;y that got to dance from ditidaht waz awseome waz our way to let our tears go and dance for him honour him...so KLECKO-KLECKO.......

    1 Comment 228 weeks

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  • Campbell

    supppp cuzzzz?

  • Sylvia Rose
    Sylvia Rose

    Happy Father's Day!!! Lotsa luv!

  • Greta John
    luv Greta John

    Hey stranger! Thought I'd stop by and see how your doing? Love ya and hope you're doing ok! Your cousin, G~

  • Sylvia Rose
    luv Sylvia Rose

    Comin to share some Birthday Luv! ! ! ! Hope you had a great time last night ;) I think you did! LOL Wish I knew where the party was goin.... was ready to hang out some more!!! Didn't hear the final word til I was already in bed though! :Z So sorry I didn't come & hang -- wanted to!!! My parents say happy birthday also!!!! All the best this year.

  • .HipSwing .Sid
    .HipSwing .Sid

    Awe thanks uncle:D I'm Doing Great:D :D :D well we're very glad that u guys have taught us the dances, n u guys singing uplifts our spirits:D we love it =) hehe. Thanks again<3 oh & here's my cell; since i dont have ur # but txt or call eh =) 250.858.8952 Take Care <3 lotsa luv~!

  • .HipSwing .Sid
    luv .HipSwing .Sid

    How's it goin Uncle?! =)

  • luv Yeeah

    wuv you and miss you cuzz!! <3

  • Erica B
    luv Erica B

    hey sam long time eah's how are you as for curt and i and family life couldnr be any better victor had some health problems going on for while lonf stiry u know what he is great know he is 100% well just thought i would drop in and say hello take care alite much love from the baileys ~~~~

  • Yeeah

    wuts new cuzz?? holeh havent talked to you in like foreva!! haha iMy lots hope yur doing good coz I AM! haha kidding but i am and im outt cuzz pce!!

  • Famous.

    You said you would give me bebo love, liar! :P lol love you uncle, forever and ever.

    2/11/09 via Mobile
  • Bear

    well now mr face book...dropping u a line in here to see if u looks....lol now how can i say this bout u...lived togeather as kids..been der threw so much.. i mean how can it i do not see that i gave u bebo love... but dude u know i do...ran out of bebo hearts for the day... but we share so many memories.. life learning stuff... my brotha always good to have u in my life...takes care of your self see u soon

  • Lisa Mallette
    luv Lisa Mallette

    Well . . . You are my "random friend" today. . . Sorry they dont have it on facebook. . . ..FACEBOOK ! ! ! LOL J.K DUDE...... TTYL Have a good one