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Tatiana Hopcraft

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  • Female, 21, Luv 8
  • Profile views: 881
  • Last active: 7/21/09
  • www.bebo.com/hustlahunny
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
cαℓℓ нεяя;;тαтіαиα норсяαfт
fεℓℓ fяом нεανεи;;dεсεмвεя ѕενεитεεитн
вlεw оυт;;fіfтεεи сαиdℓεѕ
нαія;; вяоwи&ѕноυℓ∂εя ℓεиgтн
рεεкѕ тняоυgн;;вℓυε εуεѕ

їм јυѕт α gіяl ѕтαиdіиg іиfяоит оf α воу; αѕкіпg нім то ℓоνε нεяя.
well i like most kinds of music...yes its true i love it all.. RAP! R&B! HIPPITY HOP! GANGSTA SHIT! yeah... you name it
Night at the roxbury, the notebook, tristian and isolde, the oc, nightmare b4 christman, bambi, anastisia cuz of that bat dude:], dodgeball i guess, alice in wonderland...
yogalates, running, kickboxing
тεяяіfіε∂ оf‹з
spiders, bugs, animals that are big and go RARWW! except fer tigers there cool(H)snakes umm heights

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  • wEOOO!

    heyy nigguhh<33 haha i was bored don't ask:P and im bored and just wokeup haha soo hopee ya like itT:) haha call me later so we can go to STARBUCKSS!! and if they don't make our drinks right.. well get'em fired:P haha wel peaceE<3


    Danielle. 0 Replies

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  • Rmll.
    luv Rmll.

    hahaha thats awesome.! xo ox.

  • Alesha Mathieu
    Alesha Mathieu

    Tatiana!! weoo looky here! i so found you hahaha Ouuu SOBEYS WORKERS RIGHT HERE!!!! hahaha.. man we're tooo sweet!! AleshaMathieu<3.

  • Benita Mcdonald

    hi Roman You have 2 new Bebo Crush Messages waiting! View them now at http://www.uhaveacrush.com

    7/16/08 via Mobile
  • Sandra.

    sandra want to be my friend

  • Rmll.
    luv Rmll.

    What'z Up MY HOE BAG? (L)Leavesomelove/,

  • Zackarius
    luv Zackarius

    Uhm... I Didn't Apologize Because I Didn't Think I Did Anything Wrong To You... We Are On Good Terms Teenie. Sorry For Leaving You Out Though...

  • Kos

    Im Eliot. My bebo added my friends friends..

  • Jimmy P
    Jimmy P

    yo wahts crackin add paul_wall_101@hotmail.com this shits wack to talk on

  • Danielle.

    TEEEEEEENY.♥ ahh you lil fucker. hahaha whats a cum stain like yourself doin? shit, prbly sleepin i'd be if i wasn't ...BABYSITTING im so tierd.... but im not sleeping here so GOTTA STAY AWAKE. =] yes & as you can tell im doing a pretty damn fine job of it. ;] Thank You Very Muchh. man, if you drink with us on.. friday it'd be the first time in a longggggg asss time. & i gotta say, IM PRETTY DAMN EXCITED. :D laa deee ADUHHH.♥ man my cousin got her picture taken with a fuckkkeennnn s e x y g u y . ! like DAMN, i'd tap that with a fuckin' metal spooon, maybe even a greesssaaay one. then you kno, i'd slip on & off again. ;] *wink wink* hahahaha, yeah.. i need a hobby im tryin to use up all the CHARACTERSSS.!!!! almost got it tooo, only like 200 more. YESS. ms schenks class is boring don't ya think? i mean we ddo NOTHING at first it was fun but now.. its kinda gay. & tieringg i wanna sleep now.. FCUK IT! im going to bed. PEACE♥ .dcm♥

  • Cody Smith
    luv Cody Smith

    well i think i picked construction, mechanics, art, and welding i think but ya

  • Cody Smith
    Cody Smith

    holy shit you look alot different from wat i remember but that was a long time ago but ya i'll leave sum too aww I lost my shimmering shades ne ways im goin to carlton next year too

  • SD

    Heyy teennyy!♥ whats up? me ? mm, not to much at school:P haha well just leaving you some love, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ shelby<3

  • JenNay

    hey arent u on my soccer team:D Hows it goin?? lol and if not uhm well ha oops:P Later

  • Jesika

    haha yeah i got to say its pretty sweet :D jk lol

  • *.taylorr.lambb.

    <33 Your One Of My Fourteen Favourite Girls!! Firstly, I want all of you to know that I love u to death and it's hard for me to only pick 14 gals to send this to, so consider yourself lucky ... or is it not lucky?!!? hmmm.... If I dont get this back I understand =) Im obviously not a good friend *sniffs* I have a game for you. This game has been played since 1977. Once you read this letter, you must send it to 14 females within five days. On the fifth day, HE(the male of your choice) will either ask you out, or say "I love you." Please send this to your 14 FAV0URITE females. It has worked for years. Good luck Girlies