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Caoimhe Hughes

Goldtrail are basterds at least we got sumfin sorted x

7/19/10 | me too! | Reply

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♪ Miss Rock 'n' Roll [C*] ♪♥(Aisling 'n' Geardy R.I..P) ♪ ♥
Me, Myself, and I
*♥*Curvy Is Beautiful*♥*

*They say im a bitch well i must be to have been freinds with basterds like them :D *

*There Comes A Time In Life, When U Realise, Who Matters, Who Doesnt, And That Your Better Off*


<--- me meave and brigid

*turkey was sick! 2010 [c*]

*re-opening of the dev :D
*lady gaga
*cork brigids bday
*ballycatsle my bday
*manchester or amsterdam
*R Dervs babys due :)
*Me and manus 2years

♥ Manus + Me= jus over a year ♥
♥ Cara ♥ (one of the most important fings in my life)
♥Freinds♥ (you find out who matters most)
♥Sara Harding♥

ღ**ღ♥ Dia duit, Is mise Caoimhe, dont like me n the rite hand corner theres lil x click on it :D
manus is amzain :)
I have the best freinds ever!!
i work in vouge hair :)
Happy in life
love my Granda R.I.P
loven my crazy nites out with the girls
love peguins
feelin a new tatoo cumin on
The Other Half Of Me
Meadhbh Donnelly

Meadhbh Donnelly

*.*Wellcome to louser ville populatoin me N you*.*

Kings of leon, Girls Aloud, Micheal Jackson, Amy Winehouse, Snow Patrol, Kasabian, cold play, killers, zutons the beatles, jack johnson, MGMT, Oasis, Paul Weller, Pink, Razorlight, Stereophonics, Kanye West, The Pouges, Abba, The Saturdays, Ting Tings, Britney, Kaiser Cheifs.....
Q: Why do Penguins carry fish in their beaks?
A: Because they haven´t got any pockets
Few things have happend in 2009, it had its up and downs! mostly ups! found out who my freinds were and wernt few peoples reall personaltys showin through! Growin closer 2 my family! First year wif out my granda! me and manus a year! breast cancer hits the family again but will b beat in 2010 (the 1 thing i wud change), But apart from that i wudnt change a thing going in 2 the new year happy with my freinds and family that matter roll on 2010
*•.¸♥¸.•*...scared off...*•.¸♥¸.•*
The big issu people i fink there gonna run up in stab me in the back for not buyin there big issu!!, bee's like that big fat 1 i saw there now HUGE!, Spiders, mostly gnombes wif der stupid lookin faces! the dev never re opening im so lost
*•.¸♥¸.•*...Happiest ...*•.¸♥¸.•*
When im haven a owl session wif the family in donegal (unchel jim and his gutier)! Im wif the dudes loves use!:) when im playin pool and drinkin pints wif the lads :) lol, wif my girlies on a nite out ya never remenber any fing hehe!! i c penguins them fings allways make ya smile!! And when i with manus :) the wee shit
*•.¸♥¸.•*...Turkey 2009...*•.¸♥¸.•*
♪♥ I met the best freinds ever! defo 2010 cumin up!! i wanna cry every time i hear the songs r fink of the amzain nites out!! I want sum specail restrunt food!! I met the tallest man and the smallest man in kusadai!! got burnt so bad manus had to litterly roll me over in the bed oops carrot oil that blair had advised and im still white! and aodhan and bridgits romace im gonna be a brides maid woo hoo!! BrigEEEEEt :D :D :D Dance With The Devil!! roll on halloween wen the turkey ones cum 2 belfast!!! ♪♥
*Aunite Gerry
*Aisling McVeigh
*Geardy Kane
Missin yous loads!! your in my thoughts and prayer every day

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  • X.x.X

    How is your boyfriend/girlfriend doing?
    Hes good

    Do you have anything to pay off?
    yes a certin sum1s birthday pressie

    What are you wearing right now?
    black vest top wif a pink vest top under, leggins and skirt

    Do you know anyone that wants you dead?
    yea i fink

    Do you believe that regrets are lessons learned?

    What are you listening to?
    nothing tvs on

    Where did you first hear this song?

    Are you the one that normally makes the first move?
    yes lol

    Would you sacrifice yourself for a friend?

    What's really annoying you right now?
    worrying if i can get this bday gift sorted out

    What did you do today?
    showerd, work, home

    Name your best friends.
    meave karen debbie fiona

    What's a saying you scream when something bad happens?
    o0o0o shit

    Are you always in a hurry?
    no im 2 laid back 4 that

    Do you drink/smoke?
    DRINK :D

    What's one horrible thing you do?
    pick on everyfing

    What do people label you as?

    Do people see you as a preppy person?
    Whats preppy?

    Whats your shoe size?
    4 or 5

    Do you currently work?
    Yes geroges hairdressers

    What do you miss the most?
    my granda

    Who do you know you can depend on?
    my freinds family

    When's your birthday?
    27th febuary

    Do you take any prescribed medication?

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    sign it please xxx

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    What would you do if...
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  • Caoimhe Hughes
    Caoimhe Hughes

    sure bebo me back

  • Christopher Coiley
    Christopher Coiley

    r u heading to my 21st next friday at st.pauls?

  • Martha

    i think iv lost ur num ill private mail u my new number xx

    4/20/10 via Mobile
  • Christopher Coiley
    Christopher Coiley

    have a facebook lol as well lol

  • Christopher Coiley
    Christopher Coiley


  • Denise D
    luv Denise D


  • Denise D
    luv Denise D


  • Denise D
    luv Denise D

    Ino Missy Its Goin To Be Fantastico hehe Me And Pat Wer Tlkin Bout It In Bddys Yesterday Ooooo The Excitment lol and guess wat...... Love

  • Aoife

    hwd ur bday go ? x

  • Blair
    luv Blair

    miss you :( :( :( xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Blair
    luv Blair

    you:DD xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kris Samson
    luv Kris Samson

    How come there is no craic? That's not good! As for oxygen I'm there!

    2/10/10 via Mobile
  • Kris Samson
    luv Kris Samson

    No problem you decide when! Any craic?

    2/7/10 via Mobile
  • Natalie
    luv Natalie

    U did indeed! Stared up in rouge yesterday! I called joanne a whore and got fired lmao! Yeah shes gr8 she woz talkin about going bk 2 oz 4 ayear da work but dunno wat shes doin aint really heard from her! Nah no ova bizz lovee! Ave a we heart darling :) xxxx

    2/7/10 via Mobile
  • Natalie

    Heyyy! Aww thx loviee! Oh any wer will do ill be 18 soon ill ave Id lol xxxx

    2/7/10 via Mobile
  • Natalie

    Heyyy Hot Lips :L Hows Yu Stranger? Still Working Away? Nite Out Soon?? Loves Yah xxxxx

  • Christinemurtagh
    luv Christinemurtagh

    haha Im not sure when we r going away haha summer anyway hahaha:L Awwwwhh wer do u work now ??? Lovee youuuu xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Kris Samson
    Kris Samson

    Dead on! Just out having a few pints and chillin! All good with you? Still in hairdressers?

    1/31/10 via Mobile
  • Christinemurtagh
    luv Christinemurtagh

    she does but only her haha :) emm no crk wbuu? when yas goin thenn? loveeyou<3 xx

    1/31/10 via Mobile
  • Kris Samson
    luv Kris Samson

    bout ye?

    1/31/10 via Mobile