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:-* I love Jesus And i love you honey very much. :) <3<3

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  • from samoa
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
i am hu]]]] i amm a;; hard knock heroine;;;;;
hallow evwun.(L) "The Spirit ov da Lord is upon me bcause he hath annointed me.
songs daht gloryfy ma tru lovin Father GOD.(L)
wennn i ggett 2 heaaven._ the new bgining ov ma lyf changing wf ma daddy ABBA father..(L)
fasting nd praying..gud spoqts 2excercise ma faif..(L)
Scared Of
da wun hu can destroy ma spirit nd ma flesh..(L)
Happiest When
Worshiping GOD.goen jrj fellowshp wf thee saints nd get along wf ma frens. evangelise nd minister da WORD OF GOD.(L

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missing you heaps baby

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  • Bois

    Wat makes bois horny?

    0 Comments 109 weeks

  • aANn eVeRyDaY sRvEy

    1)wat turns yew on 'bout a curl?
    2)wat turns yew off 'bout a guy?
    3)wat do yew wash 1st wen takin a shower?
    4)besides profane words, wat do yew use for exclamatory words?
    5)if yew were deserted on an island wit someone, and resorted to canabalism, which body part would yew eat first?
    6)if yew could b anyding, who or wat would yew b?

    AnD dA sUrVeY sAyS....
    1)figure 50%
    her butt 30%
    looks 10%
    her smile 10%

    2)fast moves 30%
    wen he gets pantsed, while wearin a short shirt 20%
    wen he farts 20%
    wen he shous off 15%
    wen he smells 15%

    3)arms 40%
    face 30%
    neck 20%
    hair 10%

    4)dang 30%
    woofa 20%
    ga'o 20%
    faaikeke 20%
    coca cheese 10%

    5)butt 40%
    hands 30%
    legs 30%

    6)da sun 20%
    a bird 20%
    a book 10%
    a horse 10%
    a nun 10%
    a teardrop 10%
    a sta in da sky 10%
    a toilet seat 10%

    0 Comments 336 weeks

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  • Nayown Boing
    Nayown Boing

    chk out we r all 4rom American Samoa......sweet home BPB luv 4rom

    Noyme'BIttZ'Brown 0 Replies
  • GeT2kNoWmEeEe'''''''''''

    it got a bit stupid... i weighted 15 stone(210 lbs) bk den. i had a fat neck n huge arms thou im slimmed down since den, i still a pretty solid lady and i feels dazz one reason some pple mistakenly have a toughguy image of me."ive bin wrongly accused of all sorts of stuff".i told top of pops mag...

    Noyme'BIttZ'Brown 0 Replies
  • GGGGGGGGttt00007

    *******2 all da PaGO hipstA CME Lts ********
    ****ROCK N ROLL****

    Noyme'BIttZ'Brown 0 Replies

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  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    - N A O M I I I ;

    heeeey cussie' just read your comment . Ohh yea dad told us he called yu uqys with th' news (: yeaaa I'm stayinq with Rebecca and th' kids . Ohh are yu qana be a painter or somethinq ? Sounds qood , sounds qood ... Here's a fatu fr your beloved page and mad love to yu and th' whole family cus , !

  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    - lols . sall qoods , dw about it i haven't beinq on in weeks .. just busy beinq on facebook and stuff .. nah I'm not workinq , jst waitinq to start this course i applied for th' other day . whats airG.com ? mad love to you and th' family .

  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    - heeeeey ;

    oi kalofae , vaai kei av oe e le vai ae ke lei koe foi mai i Ausekalia lols:L . but yes iwon't chanqe y number , but can't wait to hear feom you cussie :DD . ae lafo aku alofaqa to th'whole family over there . missinq everyone overr there :(

    ps . heres some lovinq on your paqe , (:

    # Jah bless cussie x

  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    - heeey kaseqi ;
    how was your stay in Sydney ? sound like you was havinq fun over there , when do you come back over ? my numbers +61422709073 , call me when ever cussie . merry belated christmas and happy late new years to you and the whole family overe there:)

  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    NOMIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ! where on earth are you ? are you in sydney yet ? missyou , isee you're a very busy person cussie . but bebo me when ever you're free :DD

  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    - heeeey ! are you already in Sydney or ?? when you cominq I'm still waitinq . I'll inbox you my number incase you're tryinq to qet in contact with me lolss . but hope to hear from you soonish cus , imiqht come pass on my way up to brisbane to see some of the family up there .. but fai ma asi lou bebo paqe , ae leai se mea o iai pe afai o lae ke pisi :)

  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    lolss .. yeeeeep ishall keep your paqe ALIVE :) Aunty told me thaaat you already done your visa or your doinq your visa now when icalled the othr daaay lolss :) just send me your number so ican txt you so you have my numbr when you come to Ausekalia :D andd yeaa qood to hear thaaat the whole family down your end is doinq qreat . mad love to everyonee xo. p.s : heress anothr heart kaseqi :P

  • ' BEautyful'
    ' BEautyful'

    suga wat dat kind of foto but ur missionary????????????????????????  ????????????

  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    heeeeeeeey ! yeaaa coolies , and I'm at home and yes still with the parentss , why ? lolss nwaaaq thankss fr the complamentss cus :) just beinq boooored lolss . just qet them to tell you which oness they like :D well shot fr the heart cus , mad love to the family over there ..

  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    Heeeeeey ! iposted the pictures up of Tepa and Toms weddinq pictures on my paqe :) can you qet tep and tom to look at the pictures so then ican print out the ones they like , i'll decorate them and stuff after tepa and tom tell me which ones they like and then i'll send it out to them :) shot cus and here's another heart :)

  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    Coolies , so what date ? Where abouts in Sydney are you qana be stayinq ? Send me your number so ican call you and so that when you qet here you can call me so ikno you've arrived :) how lonq are you qana be in Sydney ? Awola you must be excited as :) shot fr the heart cus and its qood to hear the whole Satoa clanq is alqoods down your end :) well i'll let you kno if ican come to Sydney and yes hopefully iqet to show you around , here's a heart back cus:)

    8/30/11 via Mobile
  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    heeeey ! wasssup ? just thouqht I'd come and holla , haven't heard from you in aqes .. must be busy as then cus ? well anyways send my love to everyone and biq huqs and kisses to the lil one .. man miss everyone :( well beinq up to nothinq much , no updates - o lae seki a le makou piko , mad love cus x

  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    hey cus ; yeaa no worries, ithoouqhti'd keep your paqe alive:) well yeaa can't wait to come back and swim in the vaikafe .. lol, oka he's qana be so skuxx but hopefully not ulavale ijoke:L well iwill qive your love to everyonee and the rest. oi, are you volunterinq throuqh your school? well hope all qoes well over there and send my love to everyone and hope to see everyone aqain:D much love to everyone and shot for the fatu x

  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    hello cousin; how is you and the aiqa over there? love the baby pictures:) are you still qoinq VOC or you qone back to Worship Centre? how come you chanqed lotus cus? anyways the Lord works in mysterious ways:) so what's your plan for the rest of this year? anythinq excitinq and new? qotta qo because last day in the city at my course and then the next few weeks qotta do my course on the internet at home, so don't have to wake up early in the morninq and catch the train to the city :D mad love to you and the aiqa .. ohhh how's Lisa, is she still doinq her dance against the pole? kalofae, here's a fatu x

  • Temukisa
    luv Temukisa

    Hello Deary!

  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    Omq isaw baby's photo's and comment'd on one of them. ohhh he's so yummy ijust wana eat him up, but ithink that Tepa and Tom miqht not be too happy if i do that:L but oka, ijust wana jump on a plane riqht now and come and see him:) he's so aulelei - ijust can't believe my maka's. I'm shatter'd that iwasn't there when she had baby:( and oka this baby's qana be so skuxx when he qrows up like his mummy. shot cus for the photo's, oohhh and tell Tepa that ihaven't forqotten about the weddinq pictures, I'm just puttinq it all toqether for her - so tell her to not stress out and tell her sorry for the delay about it. well qotta qo because I'm in class riqht now, talk to you later cus

  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    lmaoooo, nwaaaq you should marry peter and then have lil naomi and peter juniors running around. lol, well nothings chanqed over here, and nah not fancyinq anyone over here. not my flavours :L , thanks for the heart kaseqi .. here's one back .. mad love to you and the family x

  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    nwaaaq that's sweet:) omq can't wait til you send the photos cus, so then ican look at them. but omq when did he qo to fiji? oka, what do you mean you don't kno what's happeninq with you and peace? have you talked to him aqain since he's beinq there? but eeeewwww that quy, oka totally forqot about that dude, until you reminded me of him. and oka iwas like wth? when he was askinq me how iqot home and me thinkinq he was askinq you quys:L oka, now iremember who he is, bloody coconut was lookinq at me when we had the camp and iwas like ewwww:L . but yes yes, vaikele .. haha always walked the streets cus it was borinq there and there was nothinq to do@_@ so how's your bestfriend Junior (the one with the toy hat that drives the vaivase bus):L oka, he was check you out ijoke. L-O-V-E

  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    danq imissed out on that performance:( oi sole, kalofae my friend Lipaqo:( tell him isaid "hello". :oomq istill remember how he was askinq me all these questions and ikept lookinq at Tepa cus icouldn't stop crackinq up lauqhinq:L and then it started raininq that niqht:( you so have to send me pictures of Tepa and Tom's baby, what's the baby's name anyways? my dad forqot what the name was and iforqot what name Tepa and Tom told me they were qana call baby lools, but yes yes cus life over here's the same, we all poor but you quys lucky cus if you don't qot food there, you just qo qet a vi from the laau outside .. but here oka, it's all about money lools, ohh how imiss the bus rides lol, your bestfriend Junior the "bus driver" oka, he was so happy that you took his picture LMAO. so many memories in Samoa and they are one of the best memories I'll forever cherish my kaseqi. L-O-V-E

  • Maybelinee
    luv Maybelinee

    lools, yeaa im qana be rich:L well job's qotta be essential iquess .. but yeaa idon't know about this x-mas but ikeep askinq` Esther and she says we're still qoinq:) so we'll see what happends. omq im so shattered that imissed out on YouthAlive:( did tamalii enter the compettition too? lools cus iremember that dude sayinq` he was qana qo in it:L wow maqret's in Sydney - that's like in the state next to melbourne hahaha, iwould qo see her but no money and plus I'm startinq a new course on monday for Certificate 4 in Business Administration and Customer Contact:D so wish me luck cus and yep i'll qive mum and dad and the family your love, take care cus and keep in touch:D miss ya'll over there .. much alofa mwah mwah x