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Lil wayne

No New Up Dates Yet But Imm Cominq Back Hot

1/31/09 | me too! | Reply

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Initially known best as the youngest Hot Boy, <Lil Wayne grew up quickly and enjoyed a steady stream of hits in the process. The New Orleans rapper began his long stint with Cash Money as part of the Hot Boys, a popular late-'90s supergroup also comprised of Juvenile, Turk, and B.G. that set the stage for respective solo careers. Juvenile and B.G. made their solo debuts first in 1999 and racked up a pair of simultaneous big hits, "Back That Azz Up" and "Bling Bling," respectively. Lil Wayne made his solo debut later that year and similarly came out of the gate with a huge hit, the title track of his album, Tha Block Is Hot (1999). Following this wave of astounding success in 1999, the Cash Money frenzy simmered a little bit thereafter. During the two years between Lil Wayne's second album, Lights Out (2000), and his third, 500 Degreez (2002), Cash Money consequently purged itself of Hot Boys, dropping Juvenile, B.G., and Turk while retaining only Lil Wayne. The label's loyalty paid of

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Keri Hilson ft Lil Wayne - Turning Me On [Official Video]

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  • My Life!!!

    Lil Wayne
    Tha Carter II

    Although there has been much debate on the subject of who is or who isn't the King of the South, Lil Wayne isnt worried about all the fuss as to who really lays claim to the title. As a veteran rap star, budding entrepreneur, and young scholar studying psychology at the University of Houston, Wayne's experience in the rap game, coupled with his amazing growth as an individual has placed him in a position only a handful of people in this industry reach.

    "I've been in this game for thirteen years, so I'm not concerned with having to prove myself," Wayne says. "I don't have to prove anything, because my growth as a rapper and as a lyricist can be heard in my music." Indeed, with the release of his fifth solo album Tha Carter II, its obvious Dwayne Carter AKA "Weezy" is a top-notch rapper whose lyrics and artistic vision tower over the competition.

    Wayne, 23, was born and raised in New Orleans notorious 17th Ward in a neighborhood called Hollygrove. As a child, the aspiring rapper listened to and idolized early Cash Money recording artists like Pimp Daddy and UNLV, who he cites as some of his early influences. A few years later, Wayne met Cash Money CEOs Ronald "Suga Slim" and Bryan "Baby Williams (The Birdman) who would take him under their wings and help mold him into a prolific and profound artist. In 1995 at the age of 12, Wayne made his debut on Cash Money recording artist B.G.s album, True Story.

    In 1997, the rap prodigy, along with Juvenile, Young Turk, and B.G. formed the New Orleans super-group the Hot Boys and dropped their seminal debut CD Get It How You Live. The records independent success garnered the young teenager legions of fans throughout the South and Midwest. He further distinguished himself as the MC to watch on the Hot Boys' platinum selling Universal debut Guerilla Warfare (1998) followed by 2003's Let Em Burn. In 2000, the group went on to receive a Source Award for "Group of the Year."

    At age sixteen, Wayne launched his solo career with the release of the platinum selling Tha Block Is Hot (1999), where he earned a 1999 Source Award nomination for "Best New Artist." Clever wordplay, combined with his mature street savvy made the CD one of the year's most compelling albums. The young prodigys subsequent albums, Lights Out (2000), 500 Degreez (2002) and 2004's Tha Carter further solidified Lil Wayne's reputation as one of the Souths finest lyricists, but it was Tha Carter that finally forced rap fans beyond the South to recognize what die-hard Weezy fans knew all along: Lil Wayne was a hip hop force to be reckoned with.

    As the newest venture on Lil Wayne's imprint, Young Money Entertainment via Cash Money/Universal Records, Tha Carter II is bound to thrill those who have watched this former Hot Boy mature since his first appearance on True Story. "Everyday I experience new things, and its these experiences I express creatively in my songs. Lil Wayne, a perfectionist in the lab, has never been one to waste time. In fact, he has been known to complete five songs in a day. "I could do an entire album in a week," he brags, "But Tha Carter II took me a little longer a month, he deadpans. I wanted to make sure everything was right."

    Approaching Tha Carter II with the skills of a scientist, Lil Wayne dug through the vaults of his own material in order to analyze his distinct style. "Listening to the past few albums, I wanted to change it up slightly. What fans will be hearing on Tha Carter II is a revised and refreshed Lil Wayne, from the scorching first single "Fireman," produced by newcomers Doe Boys, where Wayne drops blazing lyrics, to his second single "Grown Man, featuring Young Money Records protg Currency, where he comes at you hard, switching up both vocal tone and flow.

    Wayne is no longer the young cocky boy from the South content with just spitting boastful rhymes. Aside from fans, fellow artists have also recognized his maturation as a

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  • mOn3y Iz @ Tr!P

    Money money money get a dollar and a dick
    Weezy Baby that crack, muthafucka get a fix
    Got money out the ass, no homo but I'm rich
    Bout to go get surgery and put some diamonds on my wrist YES
    Yep, I'm a muthafucking trip
    I'ma trip to Japan and buy some brand new shit
    Nine hundred to a grand, get you twenty eight grams
    If you talking 'bout bricks, I'm the interstate man
    And the women say damn, them niggas don't say a damn thing
    Boy I bet that shotty make you bounce like a bed-spring
    Walkin a thin line, gotta defend mine
    And wit no pen I'm sorta like a bomb BOOM
    Young toon, yea that's what my people call me
    Fifty thousand for the cause, trying keep the reaper off me
    I drink a lotta syrup, bitches say I'm sleep walkin
    Big money for the grill, so I'm never cheap talking, yea
    Keep talking and the flame leap off the hip
    And keep sparking, pap pap sleep softly
    Yea, nap nap, nap sack, three forties
    Like fuck another nigga, nigga just don't be da target
    Young New orleans

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  • 2 much 4 one niggah


    U....................,/¯ /




    Y........(`(...´...´.... ¯~/`...`)


    U..........`\`...\.......... _.·´








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