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Cpt. James Obvious

Walk With Me In Hell

1/12/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 196
  • from Wherever I Wake Up
  • I am In a Relationship
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  • Last active: 1/9/11
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About Me

Go Team Retard!!
Me, Myself, and I

Don't like me? Fuck off

Oh, and before you ask. Yes, the sex is on fire

I'm called Ben...NOT Cpt James Obvious, do you really think that would be my real name?

Don't send me application invites-I don't need to take a quiz to tell me I'm straight/a college kid/alive...whatever I already know all this.
I rarely use bebo but I'll come on if you comment me or whatever, I'm not THAT anti-social.

I am a bastard though, you'll probaly either learn to love it or hate it-you'll only hate it if you can't take a joke...unless I generally don't like you which is pretty rare.

Piss me off and I can be a whole lot worse. You wouldn't think it from looking at me, looks can be decieving.

Now I feel like a right retard because I've actually told you stuff about me on a website...

PINK FLOYD, Sabbath, GnR, the who, maiden, loadsastuff jus add me(god_of_thunder123@hotmail.
 co.uk) if ya wana no more
hmm sport eh skatin
ohh drink
Happiest When

I Love...
Poetry and a Glass of scotch, and of course my friend baxter here :)
I'm a kid who doesn't care what you think of me :)


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    Name: Benjamin David Shaw
    Birthday: 17/03/1991
    Birthplace: Crawley, West Sussex
    Current Location: My Computer
    Eye Color: Brown
    Hair Color: Brown/Blond Tips/streaks
    Height: 5'6
    Right Handed or Left Handed: Ambidextrous =]
    Your Heritage: my what?
    The Shoes You Wore Today: Etnis
    Your Weakness: the fact that im very unfit
    Your Fears: Needles >.< and Infertilitiy
    Your Perfect Pizza: cheese?
    Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: feck noes
    Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: lol (obviously)
    Thoughts First Waking Up: Raarrrggg(get, well fall out of bed)
    Your Best Physical Feature: you tell me
    Your Bedtime: at some point whenever
    Your Most Missed Memory: my umm i dont know
    Pepsi or Coke: dude pepsi totaly owns coke
    MacDonalds or Burger King: burger king
    Single or Group Dates: single
    Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: ice tea!
    Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
    Cappuccino or Coffee: coffee!!
    Do you Smoke: nope ^_^
    Do you Swear: yea lol
    Do you Sing: sometimes >.>
    Do you Shower Daily: dont own a shower i bathe...urgh
    Have you Been in Love: once. but that was a long time ago(baseketball...lol)
    Do you want to go to College: im at college...doofus
    Do you want to get Married: i do
    Do you belive in yourself: umm no
    Do you get Motion Sickness: yeah
    Do you think you are Attractive: maybe
    Are you a Health Freak: nope
    Do you get along with your Parents: sometimes
    Do you like Thunderstorms: when im not playing xbox yea
    Do you play an Instrument: yeah guitar!
    In the past month have you Drank Alcohol: yeah
    In the past month have you Smoked: nope
    In the past month have you been on Drugs: is asparin a drug?
    In the past month have you gone on a Date: yeahs
    In the past month have you gone to a Mall: ive been to a shopping center yes
    In the past month have you eaten a box of Oreos: ok, I now know what they are-yes
    In the past month have you eaten Sushi: nope
    In the past month have you been on Stage: nooe
    In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping:maybe>.> ...no
    In the past month have you Stolen Anything: nope
    Ever been Drunk: lol yeah good times =]
    Ever been called a Tease: Yup...but your not knowing why
    Ever been Beaten up: yeah all the time...lol
    Ever Shoplifted: nope
    How do you want to Die: quickly
    What do you want to be when you Grow Up: older
    What country would you most like to Visit: america
    In a Boy/Girl..
    Favourite Eye Color: any
    Favourite Hair Color: any
    Short or Long Hair: average
    Height: avarage
    Weight: i dont know
    Best Clothing Style: i dont know whatever
    Number of Drugs I have taken: none
    Number of CDs I own: lots
    Number of Piercings: 2/4 left lobe 5mm, scaffolding
    Number of Tattoos: Don't really like them tbh...you can change piercings
    Number of things in my Past I Regret: meh

    0 Comments 335 weeks

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    Kev Weir

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  • Aidan

    Aloha! Gawsh darn it.. Piera removed me from her bebo friends. Just when i was having fun with those piccy comments too! lulz Good times dawg, good times..

  • Lyn

    shup!!! :P :P :P Piera is goin 2 kill me 2moz!!!! ohh :O pray 4 me ben....!!!! xxx

  • Lyn

    DOCUMENT it?!?!? r u nuts?!?!!? :L she'll trun it into a porn video!!!

  • Lyn

    i duno.....she mite actually RAPE me dis time!!! :O xx

  • Lyn

    awww bless... i can't convince her unless i strip dance 4 her!!!! :L xx

  • Lyn

    lmao will do .....we'll pinky promise okay..... *thinkin* il just av 2 get piera 2 agreee.... u no wat convince her on msn!!! :D

  • Lyn

    lol sure y not!! we'll put the webcam on sat nd we'll strip off just 4 u 2!!! :P :P :P

  • Lyn

    :L :L well il try it out wid piera.... lets c if i go crazy on her......i mite go nd run aroun naked wid piera! :L :L xx

  • Lyn

    LMAO!! :L :L :L im not tha bad......i dont think...:P

  • Aidan
    luv Aidan

    me & alex told me to pass this love onto you, and so...