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Good girls like rude boys nd rude boys like good girls.

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  • Male, 22, Luv 80
  • from givin it larg in Dunmow
  • I am It's Complicated
  • Profile views: 1,997
  • Last active: Feb 7
  • www.bebo.com/littlesaint113
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Jackorious Lee- well thas me, lol Age-17 Living-Gt Dunmow Find me- Thaxted Hobbies-Fishing Shooting and any type of car Racing

Cimmy Lou
Well what can i say i love dis girl and only known her bout a yer but love her to bit And you no im right:)

Sammy Girl D
Talk about a girl mate she's quality love you dixie:D

Katie P
This girl means alot to me, we been through some shit lol you no what i mean lol over that now:) Love you.

Scotty Boi
Look its simple This boy is born ledgend iv known him about a year to but id do anything for this kid.

Jada Kiss Karnya
What a girl i could go on and on about her but i aint going to she got her own bit lol.

Well there is somthing about this kid i dont quite get lol.Well funny tho.:L

Jimma Jamma Yimma Yamma
This is my ledgendary cuz he is a bit out there if you know what i mean lol Fishing agen:D
My Name
Jack Lee Nick Name Jackorious

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  • do this 2

    Wud you hug me?
    Wud you kiss me?
    Wud you shag me?
    Wud you go out clubbin wiv me?
    Wud you be my friend?
    Wud you go out wiv me if I asked you?
    Wud you take a shower wiv me?
    Wud you let me take a bath wiv you?
    Do you like dance?
    Are we friends?
    Am i a flirt?:
    Am I sweet?:
    Am I crazy?:
    Am I loveable?:
    Am I funny?:
    Am I annoying?:
    Am I phsyco?:
    Am I daring?:
    Am I a good person?:
    Am I a good dancer?:
    Am I a fun person to be around?:
    Am I a good friend?:
    Am I always looking for a good time?:
    Am I always looking for an adrenalin rush?
    Am I horrible?
    Are you going to put this on ut blog to see what i say about you?
    Ne thing to say b4 You Go?

    1 Comment 269 weeks

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Crazy Town - Butterfly (come my lady)

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    Sharilyn Laycock

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  • Millsyboi

    Yo jack facebook is Gary 'millsy' mills

    12/8/09 via Mobile
  • Millsyboi

    yea i do mate

  • Cimone
    luv Cimone

    i no thats becuz i always run out off credit or free texts sorry jack jack !!! i was out in thxted yesterday for liek the first time in 8 months !

  • AnnieLouu.

    Goood! :) Yep I am.. But not for Friday night or Saturday morning? love. xx

  • AnnieLouu.
    luv AnnieLouu.

    Yep yep. Yourself? Ermm.. next weekend. (Y) Love!! xxx

  • Cimone
    luv Cimone

    jacktoroius !!!!!!!!!!! weeee neeed to catch up biig time .. i no iv been sayin this foor aaages but we do :( give me a text ! like u always used tooo (whats happend ! :( and ill cum see you !!!!! luv cim

  • AnnieLouu.

    Hahaa! Ermm.. probably not I have like noooo money :( But we'll have to see when it comes to it lol :P xx

  • AnnieLouu.

    Hello!! I am good ta yourself? Yeahdefoo mann. Sounds pretty good (Y) xxx

  • Thaa' Dumb One.
    Thaa' Dumb One.

    Yah i'm good thanks babe,, You? x

  • AnnieLouu.

    Hahaa.. :P Well I shall speak to you about it when I next see you! Yeah I know but you might be able to come to a party with me on The friday. Because I have like millions of parties onthe Saturday :( love! x

  • AnnieLouu.

    Yeahh mann defoo.. But like when you rang me up on Saturday. We decided to do something on the friday, so it's not like actually the weekend lol. But I will give you a text or something because I don't know what to do but I think you can come to a party with me :D :D An well noit just you lol.. You could bring a couple (Y) Hahaa... Nooo Jack! :L Hah! Love. xx

  • ELr' Ox
    ELr' Ox

    Ahah, you badman! x

    2/10/09 via Mobile