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JaY.Key Baby Pweti.Youngthangz

DONT give UP - JUST WAIT!!!!

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  • Male, 23, Luv 218
  • from <{TaUrAgS}> NoW <{GolD CoAST}>
  • I am Engaged
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  • Last active: 9/23/11
  • www.bebo.com/jakeedwards352
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About Me

Jake Arbis
Me, Myself, and I
HEy.. PeoPlez Mah Namez Jake, If U dOnt AlrEady KnoW My BeAuTIfuL Lylf, I am FilO-SpaNisH Kid Dat Was RaisED In NZ, N Now LiveS Up at BeautIFul GolD CoaST...
u know me just anatha P.Y.T
if u wana chat add me kk jakeedwards352@hotmail.com


R.I.P Papa Jo : Mahal Kita
hip hop N RnB but getting into other genres...
My Woman
TO my dearest. my life has gap thats needing to be filled by my beautiful fiancee... till the day we can become one again... we gon' have to just pull thru but u know i'm here for u... just gaze at the moon n i'll be pointin at it too. If not mars is always there n thats the planet i stop too stare.. ur da real n i love u still..
love u my woman xox
Da boiz from Vale... i rep it 2 da max sxc'z... P.Y.T
so Get familiar 2 it...
Jor my bro from another hoe... ur my nigga-nutz till da end bro, n fuk wat people think we gon' be laughn at dem when dey b asking for change... we gon' make it fukn big g, Jor Produktions on lock down ryte now, n nufn gonna stop us coz we young, dumb, full of cum and fully hung...
Just hol' da bud 4 me nigga n we gon' smoke it out
just coz we can
so fuk u PIGs u know hu i am
and yes i do smoke weed...
but guess
wat ur gay so suk my dick bahaha
______NZN_________ _______NZNZ________ ________NZNZNZ__NZ _________NZNZNZNZ_ ________NZNZNZNZ__ _________NZNZNZN___ __________NZNZN____ ___________________ _________NZNZN_____ ________NZNZN______ ________NZNZ_______ _______NZNZNZ______ ______NZNZN________ ______NZNZ_________ ___________________ _______NZ__________ TAURANGA, BAY OF PLENTY, NEW ZEALAND

[{DA BoIZ}]
2 my best bro El-Train aka NicoTrain aka Logan aka Edge aka Anyotha fukn name u wanna cum up wit, i miss u hard bro and will never forget u g, To my Twin NIgga DJ aka Daniel Joseph, u know hu u at cat, my boi, my brother, another similar mother fucker, 2 da jagster, we aint finished our legacy my bro we gon' kill it wen u come 2 aus my nigga... love ur bro

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  • FLyPSidE 4Lyf

    FiLiPiiNO FACT`S

    Our Capital City is tha 12th Largest in the World with 86,241,697 to stand down 2...(sheiiit))

    Our Race looks like Asians, write and speak like Americans, Worship like Spaniards, filipinos outlook is international

    The Philippine Basketball Association is Asia's premier and the world's second oldest professional league! (BBAL TYM!)

    Philippine Airlines took to the skies on March 15, 1941, using a Beech Model 18 aircraft amid the specter of a global war. It became ASIAS FIRST AIRLINE

    Philippines is the world's 3rd largest English-speaking nation, next to the USA and the UK.

    SM MALL OF ASIA in Pasay City, Manila is the LARGEST shopping mall in the world to date! (iis sm shOe mart?)

    OPENS: DEC 2005

    Roses are red
    FILOz are brown
    thats my race
    so don't put it down!!

    My FILOpride
    I will not hide
    My FILO race
    I will not disgrace
    My FILO blood
    flows hot & true
    My FILO peeps
    I will stand by you
    thru thick & thin
    till the day we die
    Our FILO Flag
    Always stands high
    I yell this poem
    Louder than all the rest.
    cuz every 1 knows

    FILO Pride in my mind
    FILO blood is my kind
    So step aside and let me through
    Cuz its all about tha FILO crew

    FILIPINOS αяeи'т gøød, шe αяe тнe вesт
    FILIPINOS αяeи'т cυтe, шe αяe søøøøø fυcĸiи вαиgiи!!!
    FILIPINOS døи'т jυsт ĸiss, шe мαĸe υp
    FILIPINOS døи'т plαy, шe fυcĸ sнiт υp
    FILIPINOS døи'т яelαx, шe cнill
    FILIPINOS døи'т dαиce, шe gяiиd
    FILIPINOS døит тαlĸ вαd, шe тαlĸ diятy
    FILIPINOS lips αяeи'т jυsт нøт, тнey'яe lips υ шisн υ cøυld ĸiss
    FILIPINOS døит jυsт dø iт, шe dø iт вesт
    FILIPINOS αяe тнe peøple yøυ cøυld αlшαys тяυsт
    FILIPINOS αяeи'т иice, шe αяe sшeeт
    FILIPINOS αяeи'т jυsт fяieиds, шe αяe løveяs
    FILIPINOS αяeи'т cøøl, шe αяe αшesøмe
    FILIPINOS αяe sexy
    FILIPINOS шe'яe вlessed шнeи шe'яe вøяи αиd шeяe pяøυd тø тell eveяyвødy тнαт шe αяe 100%filipiиøs
    FILIPINOS αяeтнeяe αяe иøт eиøυgн шøяds тнαт cøυld explαiи нøш шe filipiиøs αяe.

    peøple eиvy υs cυs тнey ĸиø шe я вeттeя!!!
    иø иαтiøиαliтy is мøяe вαиgiи тнeи filipiиøs!!!
    и eveяyвødy løves υs cυz шeяe υиiqυe и dα вesт тнeяe cøυld вe!!!
    !!!!! шe αяe FILIPINOS и sø fυcĸiи pяøυd øf iт !!!





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  • Westkoastbaby

    howz et baby how lyf goiin mii yo iis mum wiit u yet r u n aussie stiil ow u bahk hme n nz yo wel newaii hope u gud n f u knt b gud tk et ezii love u mii yo !!!

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    luv .LiiL B.

    me to

  • luv KAnglocsta Nukkaa

    love u bro

  • Westkoastbaby

    CHURR Mii BRO wurr yo bn eh haha hurd u work dwn cultrz nw churr phukn neat ayt jus fowt id holla at u newaii bby tc hannahbaby...

  • - Mz.Triina
    - Mz.Triina

    Jake! U egg! U dont reply bak! Lol :P >:(

    3/30/10 via Mobile
  • luv KAnglocsta Nukkaa

    have some love ma bro

    3/21/10 via Mobile
  • - Mz.Triina
    - Mz.Triina

    JakE! miSsiN yOu ayyE.. :( whErez my lol..hows ur rappiN gOin? :D

    3/13/10 via Mobile
  • Teriina Chevielia
    Teriina Chevielia

    heeyy bubbey howz u an life u algoodz chur chur cya around ghee

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    - Mz.Triina

    hEyy jakE!! h0ws w0rk & gOldii?? givE sOme luV bRo.. havEnt sEen y0u loNg timE brO! sEe y0u r0und aEe.. xoxo..

    2/23/10 via Mobile
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    luv C.R.B

    lOl finaly (: thanx heaz 1back..

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