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Lauryn - Jade.

Daniel Wild - R.I.P, Sleep Tight Soldier. x

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About Me

I'm Not Gunna Live Forever;Baby It's Now Or Never.
Me, Myself, and I
- Lauryn-Jade.
18 Years Old.
5ft - Yes I Am Tiny
Baby Got Back ;)
Taken - D'S - 24/08/09
I Can't Tell The Time.
I have a beautiful daughter; Skyla-Jai
I Have Two Important Stars In The Sky - My Dad & Aiden Taylor
They Light The Path To My Future. Everything I Do Is For Them. They Are My Inspiration. I Love You Angels x

† Aiden Taylor - (28/08/06)
† My Dad - (22/12/95)
† My Nan - (10/04/95)
† Sophie - ( 24/03/08 )
† Charlie. - (10/11/07)
† The Twins- Molly&Liam. - ( 22/06/08..29/07/08 )
† Buddy. - (09/01/09)
† Mark Dicken - ( 25/09/08 )
† Ken Leonard Pepperell - (06/02/09)
† Bailey Jayden - (29/04/09)
† Daniel Wild - (13/08/09)
The Other Half Of Me
Dan . Smith

Dan . Smith

I Love You Mr Smith :) (L) x

Dan Smith.
For So Long I'd Been Lost & Didn't Know Who I Was. But That All Changed The Day I Met Dan. He Found Me. & You Know What.. I've Never Been So Happy; Ever. I Know That He's Different From The Others & I Trust Him 100%. We've Already Planned Our Future :) . I Didn't Really Know The Meaning Of Love Until I Met Him. I Wouldn't Change You For Anything Daniel :) Even If You Are Ginge ;) I Love You Face :) x
Aiden John Taylor.
Stolen At Just 13. You Touched The Hearts Of So Many People. Your Cheeky Smile Shone Through My Life. I'll Never Forget You. Such A Remarkable Friend And An Irreplaceable Person. I Love You Angel, Sleep Tight.
Patrick Joseph Breslan.
Sleep Tight Angel. I Know Your Looking Down On Me And Guiding Me Through. I Will Never Stop Missing && Loving You. I Wish You Were Still Here. Forever In My Heart, I'll Always Be Your Little Girl && Your Boo-Boo (L)
The People Who Matter Most :D x
Christopher Adam; Who Is This Kid? 12 Years Of Friendship You Don't Get People Like Him No More. Abbie Rowe; The Devil On My Shoulder;) Love This BITCH;) x Joe Parker; To Me He Is Honestly Irreplacable. Means Alot To Me. Star In The Making, Watch This Space ;) x
People Who Matter Most;
Alice Taylor, Steph Keiller, Danielle Gidley, Kirsty Blackler- Hinks, Tara Lambell, Heidi Bearne, Sophie French, Tom Edwards, Rob Palmer, Ben Lander&& Alex Augusti. (L) x
Emma Carrott.
My Best Mate. What More Can I Say? x

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  • Life :)

    Well Atm Life's Just Peachy. Blatantly It Still Has It's Fair Share Of Problems, But Nothing I Can't Deal With. I Have The Best People In My Life. And They All Mean The World To Me :D . So Life's Not Been The Kindst To Me, But I've Pulled Through Every Single Thing It's Ever Thrown At Me, There's Things I Can Forget And Things I Can't. People Who Were There And Some People Who Weren't. Some People Taken From Me And Some Just Slipped Straight Through My Fingers. Two People In My Life I Miss The Most Are Aiden And My Dad. No Matter How Good Life Get's There Will Still Be A Part Of Me Missing Without Them. They've Been My Inspiration To Do Better For Myself In Life. I Be Determined And Never Give Up. Fight For What You Believe In No Matter What The Consequences Because As I've Learnt Lifes To Short To Keep Things Inside And To Be Anyone But Yourself.

    Things In Life Won't Come To You, You've Gotta Search For Them.. Whether It Takes A Second And Hour Or A Decade, Search For Happyness. Bad Things Will Always Happen But You Have To Make The Happiness To Balance Life Out. I'm One Of Those People Who Believes In Fate And Karma, I Believe That What Happens To You Was Meant To Happen For A Reason. Wheather Those Reasons Are Known Or Unknown To You. And I Believe That If You Hurt Someone Or Do Something Bad To Someone Then Something Twice As Bad Will Happen To You. It's Just The Way Life Is :)

    And To Anyone Who Is Scared To Say What They Feel Is Only Wasting Oppourtunites. You Should Always Say What You Feel. Opinions Are Made To Express. You Should Never Lock Them Up Inside. And For Anyone Who IS Scared To Tell The Person They Love How They Feel About Them Is Purely Stupid. If You Weren't MEant To Tell Them How You Feel Then You Wouldn't Love Them. You Never Know What They Will Say. Wheather They Don't Love You Back Or Not. Love's Always Going To Hurt In Some Way. But Everythings Got It's Pro's And Con's. Just Deal With It.

    Anyway Enough Of My Phliosophy I'm Off Down Tesco ;) x

    1 Comment 251 weeks

  • Been Thinking.

    So Lately I've Been Thinking. Thinking About People I've Lost In One Way Or Another. In The Dictionary The Definition Of The Word Missing Is : Lost, Or Not In It's Proper Place. And If You Think About It Thats A Fucking Good Definition.

    Missing Some One Isn’t About How Long It’s Been Since You’ve Seen Them Last Or The Amount Of Time Since You’ve Talked. It’s About That Very Moment When Your Doing Something And You Wish. You Wish They Were Right There With You. And In My Life There's Been Alot Of Those "Moments" Lately. In My Life I've Had People Taken From Me, People Pulled Away From Me And Let People Go.

    It's Scary Looking Back An Seeing How Much Things Have Changed. Seeing Who's Gone From Your Life. & Seeing How Much Of That's Your Fault.

    But Some Things Just Can't Be Helped. Like People Passing Away.

    Two People Who've Been Taken Away, And Who In Particular Have Made A Massive Dent In My Life. Are Patrick Breslan, My Dad, And Aiden Taylor. Both Taken Away Unexpectidedly And Suddenly. I Didn't Get Chance To Know My Dad, Which Makes Things Harder Because Missing Someone You Don't Remember And Didn't Really Know Doesn't Make Much Sense. But Like I Said Before Missing Someone Is About Wanting Them To Be There At One Particular Moment. And With My Dad He Missed Out On So Much, I Missed Him When I Started All Three Schools, When I Left Two Of Them, Every Class Assembly, Every Drama Preformance, Every Exam Or Text Result, Every Night, Every Morning, Every Parents Evening, Every Birthday, Every Christmas, Every Fathers Day, Every Day Out, Every Time I Fell Down, Every Time I Was Alone And So Much More. I Just Think Who's Going To Give Me Away On My Wedding Day. Who's Going To Be A Grandfather To My Children?.. It Affects Me More Than People Realise And I Just Wish I Had Him Here.

    Aiden Taylor, A Close Friend Of Mine. Who's Death I Did Not Take Well At All. And Triggered Off A Series Of Serious On Going Problems In My Life. He Meant Alot To Me More Than People Reaslise. Not Many People Knew That Me And Aiden Were Quite Good Friends, I Spent Nearly Every Wednesday Night With Him From The Age Of 9 - 11, And Every Thursday Night From The Age Of 11 Onwards. He Could Always Put a Smile On My Face With His Cheeky Chops :) . Always Causing Trouble This Kid Was But Yet He Was An Angel :D . This boy HAd A Heart Of Gold. He's Very Much Missed, Things At School And Kyc Just Aren't The Same Without This Lad.

    Alot Of People In My Life Have Passed Away, I Don't Miss Any Of Them More Or Less Than Any Others, None Are More Or Less Important To Me. Some Just Impacted Me More Than Others.

    A Few Of My Best Friends Moved Away Or Moved School Don't Keep In Touch With Them As Much As I'd Like And I Should. I Miss Them Especially Alice And Annie-Mae. Amazing Friends.

    Some People I've Let Go. Because I've Been To Stubborn Or To Stupid To Realise Things. They're Still In My Life But Just Not As Much As I'd Like Due To Complications. I Miss Them. :( . . x

    0 Comments 261 weeks

  • Life.

    Well As Everyone Is Attempting To Sum Up There Life Atm On Their Blog I Thought I'd Join In.

    So My Life. Pretty Much A Huge Fuck Up To Be Perfectly Blunt. I've Let Alot Of People Down And Been Let Down. I've Fucked Around With Peoples Feelings And Messed Them Up. I Don't Talk To People. I Can't Explain To Other People What I Feel. I Like Keeping Things To Myself. I Don't Care If It's Bad For Me. At Least That Way Things I Say Can't Get To The Wrong People. I Used to Trust The Wrong People.. I Used To Trust Any One And Everyone. Not Anymore. I Trust A Few People And That Took Alot Of Time. Not Many People Trust Me Either If I'm Honest. People Like To Make Shit Up About Me To Ruin The Relationships I Have. Theres Alot Of things In My Life That Have Happened And I'd Rather Forget. I Find It HArd To Forgive People. I Hold Grudges.. Not that People Know.. But Secretly I Do. I've Lost Alot Of Good Friends Along The Way.. But Who Hasn't ?.. People Change. People Clash.. They Fall Out And Fall Apart. Thats Just Growing Up. Sometimes you've Just Gotta Accept The Things You Don't Want to. People Go Of There Own Accord And Some Get Taken Away. I Take Alot Of Things For Granted And I Know I Shouldnt. I Used To Be A Very Paranoid And Jealous Person.. I've Got Better but Not Completly. I'm Sorry To The People That I've Fucked Around And Hurt. They Know Who They Are. I Have Few Close Friends Now. I Used To Be A Very Depressive Person Constanly.. But A Few People In Particular Have Turned That Right Around. :) .. They Know Who They Are To.

    I've Changed recently.. And This IS the First Time That I've Properly Admitted that. I'm Not Sure If It's For The Better Or Worse.. But I'm Finding Out. I'm Finding My Feet. I've Never Forgotten Any One . Times I Spent With Past Friends Will Never be Forgotten.

    I Don't Need Certain People In My Life Any More. They Drag Me Down And Cause Me More Pain Than Theyre Worth.

    So To Anyone Who's Ever MAde Up Any Shit About Me. Thank You BABES. But Just Goes To Show That It's Gunna Take More Than Your Lies To Break Me.. :)

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Always, Always There For Me. Would Fall Apart Without Her. She's A Little Large, But I Love It. Soooo Many Funny Times. Kirsten: "Come In The Sea" Lauryn: "Come In My Sea " I Love You Girlyyyyy x


Couldn't Function Without My Barbie Doll Been Friends Since We Could Do Our ABC's So Many Memories And Ten Million More To Come. I Love You Darlin x


8 Years, Life Wouldn't Be Complete Without Her. Makes My Day, Everyday. My Life's Empty Without Her! Makes Me Piss Myself. I Love You, Love Chubbs x


She's The Only Person I Can Rely On to Be A Sket With Me She Rips My Body To Shreds Because She's A PSYCHO BITCH. She Should Really Have An ASBO. I Only Stick Around Coz I Love Her. Keep The Good Times Coming. Breslan And Balmer Against The World x


Would Be Nothing Without This Kid. He's So Poor He Can't Even Afford A Middle Name! He Has Mental Problems. We're Little And Large. My Best Friend. x


Well Where To Even Start With Steve. He Sends Me Such Nice Texts that Always Make Me Smile. He's Always Around When I Need Him. Been Best Friends Since Primary He Talks With a Lisp And He Likes Boys Dayumm I Love Him, Best Mates Always x

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    Lauryn and Skyla I love you both :) Thought I'd update good old bebo ;) xxxx

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    hai thk u h r u? where u from?/:)) nice to see yu:)

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  • Lauren Grace Fox

    - I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH, AND MISS YOU LIKE FUCK. I Think I Shoudl Get Sex With You On Thursday ;) Cant Wait, It Will Be Better Then Adams Sex ;) I'm Better Then Dan, Sorry Dan Dont Bullly Me Again :) I LOVE MY LAURYN XXXXX

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    luv Myma'Jayne.

    ben & jerrys ? ;) yess pleasseeeee.

  • Chloe Roberts
    Chloe Roberts

    Oh that sucks, (n) :L furrking hell lauryn thats loads? Niceee one ;) good luck with your results darling (yn) i miss youu & i lovee you.. :DD x

    8/27/09 via Mobile
  • Myma'Jayne.

    good good baby, im okay thankyou. thankyou for the chat on msn gorgeousss! love youu alottt :)) xxx