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Bebo Is Shiteee !!

8/20/09 | me too! | Reply

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Adz Kendall

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  • du it! XxX

    ღωнσ αяє уσυ؟.......
    ღαяє ωє fяιєи∂ѕ؟........
    ღωнєи αи∂ нσω ∂ι∂ ωє мєєт؟........
    ღ∂σ уσυ нαν α ¢яυѕн σи мє؟.........
    ღωυ∂ уα єνєя кιѕѕ мє؟.........
    ღнανє уσυ єνєя ωαитє∂ тσ ρυи¢н мє؟......
    ღgινє мє α иιкиαмє αи∂ єχρℓαιи ωну؟........
    ღ∂єѕ¢яιвє мє ιи 1 ωσя∂........
    ღωнαт ωαѕ υя fιяѕт ιмρяєѕѕισи σν мє؟.......
    ღ∂σ υ ѕтιℓℓ fιик тнє ѕαмє؟......
    ღωнαт яємιи∂ѕ υ σf мє؟.....
    ღιf уσυ ¢συℓ∂ gιν мє αиутнιиg ωнαт ωσυℓ∂ ιт вє......
    ღнσω ωєℓℓ ∂σ υ иσ мє؟....
    ღωнєиѕ тнє ℓαѕт тιмє υ ѕαω мє؟.....
    ღєνα ωαитє∂ 2 тєℓℓ мє ѕυмтнιиg υ ¢συℓ∂ит؟......
    ღαяє уσυ gσιи 2 ρυт ∂ιѕ σи υя вℓσg αи∂ ¢ ωσт ι ѕαу αвσυт υ؟...

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  • luv Ihaveachode

    HERE LOVE how its going wanna hook up ;) maybe i can see those tits ;)

  • Cruz

    ello how r u n wuu2

  • JennyBaybee X
    luv JennyBaybee X

    :( I miss you more than anything!! Mann Friday nite was brillant ! I will tell you on hotmail too many eyes on ere!! :L hahaha yh mann, facebook is sooo good i love it! I know yeah bloody hell i aint even been on a computer for ages...whats wrong with mee!! lol Loves You Moree Babe x x x

  • Jessica
    luv Jessica

    suppp. have some love=] love x x

  • Laura Anderson
    luv Laura Anderson

    hi sweetie pie sori it has been so long but i ay got ya number no more! i rote u a dead long msg the other day cum 2 send n ya number woznt there :( lol well just fort i wud say hi n hope u am gettin on well in ya new flat i av been told its gawjus!!! n i wanted 2 say happy bday as well cuz i love ya n i am sooo very nice!!! lmao.hope u av a lovely day! as soon as i can get the money n calv as got some time off we will cum n c ya i promise! love u gawjus c ya soon fingers crossed!!! x x x x x x x

  • JennyBaybee X
    luv JennyBaybee X

    Hello !!x I put the pictures of us on ur bebo! :D i really wish we had stayed longer!! So are you definatly cumin up ere or dont you know yet?? Love You x x

  • Jessica
    luv Jessica

    hey darr. yeah good ta. birthday in 3 days :) ill text you about it all tomorrow or something. not sure when the actual parties guna be though, still dunno where were having it! :( not good :L ! loveya xxxx

  • Jessica
    luv Jessica

    Ahh im recovering from last night :L badddddd! yeah we aint! will happen soon sunshine you wait lol its like 5 days till my bday now : | ha. Loveya xxx

  • JennyBaybee X
    luv JennyBaybee X

    Herloo Darlin'!:) Mann I would already be there now :( At least im gonna see you tho, and i cant wait to! God Kendall is gonna see me cry, cuz i will wen i leave you know. How Embarasing!! :L iloveyou x x

  • Jessica
    luv Jessica

    Hey darlinn. you ok? wanna meet up soon? my body needs to recover from this weekend :L but we gotta get wrecked soon yash! loveya xxx

  • JennyBaybee X
    luv JennyBaybee X

    Man Its nearly time!! I cant wait to see you, man im soo exited :D Luci your hair is bloody beautiful You Look Gawjus!!!! Miss You x iloveyou x x

  • Siineead .Ox
    luv Siineead .Ox

    Heyyy! orite lol.. yeah ill give you a text in the week if thats alrite :) !! youu okay then babe?? you work down padstow now..its shit init :L loveyou xxxxxxxx

  • JennyBaybee X
    luv JennyBaybee X

    Hello Chickadeee :D I know im so annoчed!! I can't belive it i reallч wanted it to be just us i know it's selfish but also True!! I am so mad, mum sed she might not be going and if she don't then....I wont beable to! She Promised me aswell!! Im so frigged off!! I wanted to see чour hair too :( . Luci don't saч ive told told чou tho cuz she sed not too!! I love You x x P.s the heart is but not capitals ;) x x x x x x x x

  • JennyBaybee X
    luv JennyBaybee X

    Hello Darlin' x x :) LMFAO ;) !... I know woooo! Cant wait :D :D Okaчч I will well i would! Mum wouldn't let me :( lol Mann чou lil Barbie :L :L , Take A Pic I wanna see! Only Jokin i bet чou look Gawjus (as usual)! Erm.... Not this Wed the next, Cant friggin wait for that either lol I Love You x x x And have a little Red Heart From me x x

  • Bri Cloke

    thanks! xxx

  • Jessica
    luv Jessica

    hey yeah im ok thank you. you ok? ahh really? im miles away when my ipods on lol. aww ok well i finish happy days this week and a few more days at college. but yeah definatly. bri passed her driving test today so we should deffo all do more in the summer. beach for suure :D ! loveya xx

  • JennyBaybee X
    JennyBaybee X

    Herloo x Na i miss you more! :( :( Ooooo i cant flippin wait mann! lol Making crumplets lol! Blesh ur little cotton socks :L :L Yea well not too soon hopefully i will get a day or two off scwl :L iloveyou x x

  • .Leanne.
    luv .Leanne.

    I did have a number for you but wasnt the right 1 lol but got your number now so i'll send a text sometime have to meet up soon aswell!! Im workin on heritage day, you goin down?? Love u xxxxx

  • luv Janna.

    Hiyaa. na havent been anywhere rele lol its shit yeah were all good thanksss, hows you and kendall? love you xx

  • JennyBaybee X
    luv JennyBaybee X

    Herloo Darlin' :) Awww Luci :( :( Phaaaa half hairч :L :L ...Blesh чa! Aww Luci i miss чou too, and чou wouldn't belive how much!! :( :( :( :( I reallч cant wait 2 see чou!! Yea i am,Boring!! z z z z lol... What чou doin this wknd? Love чou more x x