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  • Choose Mayo !!

    Mayo GAA

    Choose Mayo

    Choose pain, heartache, depression...choose to place
    your faith in false gods adorned with tight shorts,
    false tans and braids...chose whether or not to wear
    your county colours for fear of ridicule should you be
    at the wrong end of another hammering...choose false
    hope at the start of each FBD Cup campaign.

    Choose Galway as the enemy, Roscommon as an annoyance,
    Sligo as soccer heads, Leitrim as your favourite
    underdogs...choose to wish Padraig Joyce was born our
    side of the border...choose McHale Park as mecca, Tuam
    as a hay shed, Hyde as a hell-hole...choose to park in
    the old bacon factory, stand under the score board,
    watch the girls go by with fake tan dripping from the
    night before.

    Choose whether to travel up to Croker the day before
    or the morning of the big match...choose whether or
    not to take home that Tipp girl you met in
    Roddys...choose a big mighty fry before the match in
    your sisters place...choose too many pints before the
    match...choose the Big Tree after the match...choose
    to go on the pi$s even though we lost again.

    Choose to hope that Maughan finally gets it right,
    O’Mahony hangs around if Maughan doesn’t...choose to
    forget Holmes but thank him for the league
    title...choose to dream about what it would have been
    like if we had won in 1996, choose to forget about
    1997 and 2004.

    Choose to be a Garda, Civil Servant, plasterer,
    carpenter, plumber, electrician, teacher,
    nurse...choose a flat in Drumcondra, Phibsboro,
    Rathmines...choose to buy a house in Ballycullen,
    Carpenterstown, Lucan...choose Rody Bolands, the
    Portobello, Flannerys, Coppers, McGowans...choose the
    Manhattan, Giggs Place for eating.

    Choose to leave your place of birth at the tender age
    of 17...choose to go to college in Galway, Sligo, UL,
    UCD or get the start with the big brother in
    Dublin...choose only to return home for Christmas,
    Easter, the local town festival, Connacht Championship
    fixtures...choose whether or not to apply for a job in
    the one local factory and accept half your current
    wage in the hope that life will be better than the rat
    race in the big smoke.

    Choose Cox’s, Rockys, Mantra, Long Necks to
    drink...choose Baxter, Volex, Coca Cola to
    work...choose Breaffy House, Castlecourt Hotel, Hotel
    Westport, Pontoon Bridge, Downhill Hotel to get
    married...choose Enniscrone for holidays...choose the
    Westhern, The Cannacht Telegraph, the Mayo News, Mis
    Whest Radio.

    Choose long summer days in the bog, driving a tractor
    at 12, going to the local mart as a big day
    out...choose your first car a souped up Jap import, on
    your mothers insurance, don’t tax it until you are
    caught...choose the site your father leaves you and to
    build a unimaginatively designed mansion on it.

    Choose the two teacher school for primary education,
    the big school in town for secondary...choose to go
    down town for lunch, play pool in the pub, hope the
    convent girls notice you...choose getting a pint in
    the local at 16, seeing your father in the local
    disco, thinking you scored because you kissed a
    girl...choose to stand outside the church at Sunday

    Choose Mayo.

    1 Comment 360 weeks

  • Soccer V. Football

    Soccer is Shite!!
    25 reasons GAA is better than Soccer

    1) The GAA player who played in front of 80,000 at the weekend will be teaching your children, selling you meat or fixing your drains on Monday morning. The soccer player who plays in front of 80,000 will be moaning about playing too many games and will be trying to sell you his personalised brand of leisure wear

    2) GAA nicknames are better (The Bull, The Bomber, etc.) . Soccer players just add a Y to their surnames

    3) Laois v Offaly is a real derby. What does Utd. Vs City mean to Ronaldo or Sibierski

    4) How many soccer players does it take to screw in a light bulb? Answer eleven. One to stick it in and ten to surround and kiss him after he does it

    5) Soccer players go to the papers after a game. GAA players go to the pub

    6) John Terry would run a mile if he came up against Francie Bellew

    7) GAA teams are numbered 1-15. A soccer team reads like the lottery results

    8) All soccer players wear shin pads. Some hurlers wear helmets

    9) Television runs soccer. Schoolteachers run the GAA

    10) The GAA is about where you're from. Soccer is about who you like

    11) No segregation at GAA games

    12) No soccer team has a nickname quite as lovely as the Fighting Cocks of Carlow

    13) Bubble perms never made it to Croke Park

    14) A scoreless draw in the GAA would be quite a novelty

    15) The GAA may not appreciate its women as much as it should but at least we all know who Cora Stanunton is. The most famous woman in English soccer is Posh Spice

    16) Under age players get to be part of the biggest days in hurling and football at half-time in the All-Ireland.

    17) Micheal O'Murchearaigh.

    18) If a GAA player ever jumped at a spectator like Eric Cantona did the rest of his team would join in. So would the rest of the crowd.

    19)Vinnie Jones grabbed Gascoignes testicles. Paudie O'Se decked Joe McNally during the National Anthem. McNally learnt his lesson. Gascoigne just got worse.

    20) The GAA season always leaves you wanting more. The soccer season leaves soccer people demanding less. "Fewer games please"

    21) Old soccer players get testimonials, Old GAA players just slip down to junior.

    22) Rural villages = A Church, A Post-office, a Pub and a GAA pitch.

    23) Pints after the match with the lad you knocked seven lumps of shite out of in the game.

    24)Croke park on a Summer's Day.

    25)Roman Abramovich can buy the League. You can't buy Liam or Sam!!

    2 Comments 360 weeks

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  • Ann Summers
    luv Ann Summers

    ann summers parties are fun and full of giggles book one today and ul see wats all the 'buzz' is about

  • Shona McNulty
    Shona McNulty

    MAYO 4 SAM 2010!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dj Shane
    Dj Shane

    Best of luck sunday.im a cork man but iv great admiration for mayo.i look foward to meeting ye sunday.best of luck lads.

    4/23/10 via Mobile
  • Nicole G
    Nicole G

    come on lads the leauge is OURS

  • Gaelic Direct
    luv Gaelic Direct

    Mayo supporters packs now on sale, get ready for the season ahead. FREE postage to Ireland and Uk.... no really! www.GaelicDirect.com

  • Cork GAA 2012
    Cork GAA 2012

    best of luck sunday lads

  • Aisling Xo
    Aisling Xo

    Come On The Kingdom:DD Kerry For Sam 2010

    3/7/10 via Mobile
  • NathanG

    Fuk yhu John O!!!!! Mayo will neva win an all ireland wit ou Mc D.

  • Nicole G
    luv Nicole G

    COME ON MAYO was at the match today MAYO ARE THE FBD LEAUGE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!! Andy Moran man of the match by FAR!!!!!

  • Darren Mcloughlin
    Darren Mcloughlin

    up mayo! mayo for sam 2010!!

    1/17/10 via Mobile
  • Scott K
    Scott K

    ya fuck you dave clarke ya dublin gippo.. go bak ta ur caravan!!>:( :L :L ohh ya.. mayo 4 sam 2010!!!:DD

  • Sarah.

    go on mayo, ya dublin bowsey bastard (dave clarke) fuck the jack'ines!!! MAYO! MAYO! MAYO! MAYO! MAYO! MAYO! MAYO! MAYO! MAYO! MAYO! MAYO! MAYO! MAYO! MAYO! MAYO!!!

  • 1/3/10
  • Dave Clarke
    Dave Clarke

    up d dubs mayo r scum 4 life!

  • luv Niamh O' Mahony

    COME ON MAYO NOW .. new year, new championship, new time for mayo to win .. MAYO,MAYO,MAYO!

  • luv Mia Dooley

    WAHOO ! ! UP MAYO ! Mayo will win . . . .and we will defeat Kerry . . . :))

  • Ciarán Ó Duifinn

    here yiz go dat cheatin bastard plays 4 u's :L :L :L :L

  • Ellen

    Come on the Royals:)

  • Sharon
    luv Sharon

    hey any one know when mayo is playing next??????????????????????

  • Elverys Sports
    luv Elverys Sports

    Hi Everone Add ME as a freind please. Thanks