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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

NEW MSN jordanstanleysmith@hotmail.co

- Hi. im jordan stanley - smith ... facebook me :D

- Add me .. ecspecially if you can sing. i love people singing to me

- 15

- Single :(

- Merrill College

- Year 10

- Shelton Lock (:
you're beautiful jordan, because lisaa says so, and what lisaa pizza says, goes (:
welll ill start with saying how amazingly cooool i think you are + dont you know it (;
you describe yourself as hyper? i agree, ahaaa.
i dont know much about you and i havent even known you for that long but what i do know is that your loverly babe.
i like how spontanious you are, you know like walking us to the train station and wanting to get on it without a tickettt :L you totally live life on the edge jordan lmao.
you have an amazing personality + i love the texts you send me :)
welll ill leave it at that now as im stuck at what too puttt.

"j'adore beaucoup" :) x

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    .Ryan Fitspatrick
    2. Lauren Capewell
    3. Scott Soudon
    4. Hannah Bradbury
    5. Matt Manning
    6.Rajveer Bual
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    1.How did you meet 1?
    Merril Collage

    2. What would you do if you had never met 3?
    well tehn public services would be boring wouldnt it ;L

    3. What would you do if you dated 18?

    4. Have you ever seen 8 cry?
    Don;t think so ^o)

    5. Would 3 and 13 make a good couple?
    i actuall think they would .. i no for a fact he wouldnt mind lol

    6. Describe 9.
    one sick individual

    7. Do you like number 17 as a friend?
    course i do :D

    8. Do you think 5 is attractive?
    hmm as a boy i would say he is

    9. When was the last time you talked to 19?
    Yesterday .. she was blates singinf for me on the way back from university :D

    10. Would you ever date number 2?
    who would'nt

    11. Where does 15 live?
    opposite the bakery on upper moore road :D

    12. What is the best thing about 21?
    he makes me laugh untill i cant actuallt breath

    13. What would you like to tell 18 right now?
    i have 66 toes

    14. What is the worst thing about 17?
    seh actually bullies me :O

    15. Would you date 13?
    i wish ;)

    16. What’s the best memory you have of 16?
    only just met really .. ant got many

    17. When is the next time you’re gonna see 12?
    most proberley at school on monday :D

    18. Is 20 pretty?

    19. What was your first impression of 4?
    OMG shes gorgeous :P

    20. Is 13 your best friend?
    there all my bestfriend :D

    21. Have you seen 16 in the last month?
    yesterday lol

    22. When was the last time you saw 14?
    yesterday :D

    23. Have you been to 21's house?
    been to his dads lol

    24. When is the next time you’ll see 10?
    Hopefully never lol . if not then sometime soon

    25. Are you really close to 21?
    like my brother

    26. Would you give 22 a hug?
    corse i would .

    27. What do you think of 2?
    her dog is racist.

    28. Do you know a secret about 6?
    yer. he seceretley fantisises over turtels

    29. Describe the relationship between 14 and 19?
    I dnt actually think they talk

    30. What’s your friendship like with 7?
    its preety goood i think

    31. Have you ever danced with 18?
    no :L
    32. How well do you know 3?
    preety well i think

    33. Does 1 have a bf/gf?
    yes. Ellie Caroline Foster

    34. Have you ever wanted to punch 4 in the face?
    yes . alot :L

    35. Has 11 met your mother?
    ermm i dont actually no :L

    36. Have you traveled anywhere with 15?
    shop and back :l

    37. If you gave 7 £100, what would they spend it on?
    Alcohol :L

    38. What is your best memory of 1?
    i have lots of memories wiv this dude.. most of them are a 10/10...... barbie girl init ryan :L

    39. What is the one thing you most want 5 to know?
    he has a massive crush on Lauren Capewell

    40. What was the last thing you did with 17?
    huggg herrr

    41. When did you meet 20?
    ermm year 7.. we only just started speaking really

    42. What do you like most about 6?
    not alot really :L

    43. How did you meet 9?
    she randomley started speaking to me .. nah .. when you have someone as cool as her .. you have to speak to them

    44. Have you ever seen 4 cry?
    I think so ^o) ):

    45. Would 11 and 7 make a good couple?

    46. Are you good friends with 18?
    Ermmmmmmmmmmmm we're alright lol

    47. Do you think 2 is cute?
    yerrr ;)

    49. How did you meet 8?
    Shelton Junior School

    50. What's 7's favorite color?
    No idea

    51. What would you do if 6 just confessed that they liked you?
    commit siucide

    52. Fact about 8?
    he loves his hats :L

    53. What does 1 do for a liviing?
    lie in bed

    54. Would you ever live with 9?
    i acctually would

    55. Is 17 sing

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    dare you...
    to tell me the truth..

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    Three of my best features

    Two words that describe me

    One question for me (ii will answa.. so make it a gurd one )

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